I Knew a School Shooter

So let me start this off with a bit of context I am a student of Hug High School in Reno Nevada. I am a freshman and at this time have grown to know about what happens at this school.

The area I live in is very ghetto and race oriented, I am of German decent and am very light skinned. The people at my school are mostly colored and kids such as myself are seen… Differently. Now a lot of false things are being spread and I want you all to heed my every work of what happened whole heartily, this is from the perspective of a student, not of the media or the county. Now let me start from the beginning of the events.

I was C house which is down stairs from the library and I was chilling with my friends. I saw this kid Logan walk up from I.A. up the stairs towards the library alone which was odd but I showed my friend and he said he was probably meeting up with his homies.

Now let me tell you about this kid, I used to be seated next to him in PE during rolecall and let me tell you, he’s not a sweet kid. He’s very cocky and is the type that would threaten you if you laughed when he missed a shot in basketball.
He had an older twin aswell, his name was Devin and he was much older than Logan.
Devin had problems with one of my friends who was a junior and they had fought before.
My friend won the fight and obviously him and his brother didn’t take to kindly to whoever hung around the guy that messed up his brother. Logan started intensively staring at my other friend that we knew a couple of times and when he asked a mutual friend why he simply said he didn’t like how my friend looked back at him and wanted to fight. My friend had no problem with this but knew his brother would come after all of us if that happened so he held back.

Anyways the bell rings and it is around 11:25 and I walked into B house, said my goodbyes the kids I was hanging with and me and my friend start making our way to across the halls (where our class was).

About halfway to our door I hear a people running outside and think nothing of it as the kids in our school are a wild bunch. The next thing I know my second math teacher is screaming at kids to get in our room and she is throwing kids in as if we were going to get shoot up right then and there or something. Now she gathers about 30 kids in and she is yelling at us sit down down in the corner of the room and try not to be loud.

A common term among us was “Code Red” and “School Shooting” and I do not have a phone at the time or anything so I actually thought there was an armed kid out for blood walking among’st our school ground. Me and my friend were shooting the shit and messing around quietly trying to make light in any way possible.

Now we were in a dark corner for not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 FUCKING HOURS. Kids started piecing things together by what they were seeing on Snapchat and on Facebook, no help to the school.

My teacher said the county had finally made an official statement and she started passing around her tablet with the email that Washoe County was putting out to the teachers all the while frantically texting and emailing other teachers for an update. To this day I don’t understand why we are in a Code Red lockdown for so long with no solid updates.

All the School was saying was “an incident happened at Hug High School and is still under a Code Red lockdown”.

After about 3 hours or so we start hearing commotion outside our classroom, yelling and running footsteps. keep in mind this whole time I was sweating in my ROTC uniform as I was making up the inspection I had missed the day before. Suddenly the door handle jiggle and a key being slammed into the lock.

A very loud yell comes right before the door is kicked open and 3 men with weapons point their guns at me as I was the closest to the door.

They screamed “Get your hands up NOW” as they enter and are pleased to see that we were students. An officer with a handgun, another with a shotgun, and a younger looking guy with a rifle with a bullet proof jacket on that read FBI. Everyone yet out a yelp as they made there way in as most of the kids in there with me sold drugs and wasn’t a fan of the law.

But everyone was relieved as we all realized that we could go home soon. But actually it took 1-2 more hours after this til we got to leave. Later I found out that there was a supposed second accomplice that was seen armed.

As we walked out we saw about 20 armed cops all around the building we were in and about 10 FBI agents were inside. We left the building and saw hundreds and hundreds of worried parents swarmed at the gates held back by cops and a swat team.

Apparently one kid was stabbed and I couldn’t help to think that his mom or dad was waiting there for a kid that wouldn’t turn up as he was presumably taken to the hospital.

That day Logan walked to the library, set down his stuff, and pulled out 2 7 inch knives and started chasing people with them. An officer told him to drop the weapons and he refused and well…

They shot him in the stomach. I do not blame the officer as everyone seems to be as he didn’t know do about this crazy kid with knives. A lot of my friends were watching this event and gave very horrifying details about the kid in his frenzy. They said it was like a shark that tasted blood and wanted more no matter the cost.

There is a video of this event but I must warn you that it is graphic as you can see Logan writhing on the ground after being shot. It has been 6 months since the incident and my condolences go out to the kids affected on the one stabbed by this crazed maniac of a student.

The father was aware that his son brought knives to school and just said “he said he was going to get jumped and needed to protect himself” but little did he know that he pulled them out next to 3 school police posts and in the most open part of the school. He was not being bullied, he was a bully. I knew the kids he pulled the knives on at first and they didn’t even know him prior to this. He was going to get jumped my ass.