The Man At Target

To start off, Target has been a go to place for me for as long as I can remember. My mother and I would be in there at least four to five times a week, we were there so often that employees would remember us and greet us by name whenever they seen us. However, it never occurred to me just how dangerous a shopping center could be, until one night changed my life forever.

I live in a small town in southern West Virgina, there are no more than 5,000 people who reside in my area. Most of them being elderly and harmless, and the occasional young punk who will do anything for a buck.  But all in all it is a fairly nice and safe area, or atleast I thought.

One night after school my mother asked me if I would like to go to Target with her pick up a couple groceries and of course I agreed and we went on our way.  Usually we went to target during the evening time or the early morning but this time it was around 11 PM,  so of course there were no cars in the parking lot but maybe one or two.  We were greeted by familiar faces and smiles as we made our way down each aisle.  Being only eight or nine years old at the time  I remember how excited I was when we approached the candy aisle and I begged my mom to buy me some candy and of course she said no. As I continued walking with her upset we noticed someone following us, and it wasn’t in a way that a normal person would just be going up and down the isles looking for something it was pretty obvious that they were following us.

My mother being protective as she always was, quietly told me to stay by her side and to not wander off.  As we quickly turned the corner and went down the next aisle we stopped hearing footsteps so my mother began to calm down.  But just as she breathed a sigh of relief a man poked his head out of the aisle that we were just in and when my mother locked eyes with him he quickly went back around the corner.  At this point my mother had had enough and decided to confront the man, she had me by the hand and we both slowly walked around the corner of the  isle and to both of our surprise nobody was there.

Thinking that maybe this person was looking for someone and it was a big misunderstanding we went about our shopping.  Just as we were finished and about to get to the checkout lanes my mother spotted the strange man once again staring at us with a sinister stare that only she could describe as hatred.  Fed up my mother marched over to him and asked him what his problem was and why he kept staring at us all he simply said was “why didn’t you buy her candy, she’s a pretty little thing, she deserves it.”  At that point my mother was so red in the face that I knew she was about to go off on this man.  But before she could say anything he started to reach for me and he almost grabbed my arm before she tackled him to the ground and called for help.

One of the regular employees who knew us immediately called the police and said that they would be here within 10 minutes.  Once the police got there it turns out he had been wanted for several counts of child pornography and molestation.  As my mother was giving her statement to the police officer I’ll never forget that face, that evil grin, and the words, “I’ll be back for you pretty girl” he muttered as the police were walking him out the door.  That encounter gave me nightmares for weeks and since then I have honestly never returned to Target nor do I ever want to.  It just comes to show how crazy people are nowadays, and how protective parents need to be of their children because you never know who is lurking in your town wanting to take your baby and do who knows what.

Mothman story

This story is a weird one, not like others but, During summer 2016, My mom and big brother decided to go on a walk down a long, 30 minute walk down a road way and back. About 5 days later we went to a fast food place, once we were done it was night time. They decided to still go on the walk. I decided to go with them.

When we went out of our house and we were heading there on the sidewalk and my mom said, “I thought I just saw like a giant bat in the sky.” My brother started to get freaked out. “Can we please go back inside?” He said. My mom didn’t want to go back inside so she just told him, “I was joking, don’t get worried about it.” she said. after about a minute later I questioned,

“Was it really a joke?”

“No,” she said. “I just didn’t want him scared.”

I got a bit worried, but I’m pretty young, and I’ve watched SO many horror movies, so I was cool about it. When we were coming back up the road way, I saw the Mothman as well. I didn’t tell my brother, but I told my mom. “Can we please hurry?” I asked. “Why?” My brother asked. “Im just cold.” I answered.

When we got home, my mom told my brother she wasn’t joking. We kept thinking, Are we one of the first Canadians to spot Mothman? Still to this day, I can’t believe I saw that in my life.

The Man Across the River

Here is a little backstory, I’m 15 years old, and I was at my little brothers baseball game.It was at a more isolated area where there were only a few lights, I’ll give a short description of the place, there is a little stream which leads of into a river, one stone bridge that goes over the stream, batting cage type of thing, and there was a forest across from the river, it was a extremely dense forest and the only light I had was my phone, and the moon light, even then It was still hard to make out something.

So here is where it begins. I was the only older kid there and there was just a bunch of little kids running around the bleachers, so of course I was bored, and I just walked around playing on my phone for most of the time. I walked over to the batting cages and I began to climb it, I then get to the top of the cages and just sitting there watching the forest, I heard a branch snap, but I brushed it of not even thinking twice of it, around an hour went by of doing nothing hearing nothing, and seeing nothing.

I decided to go head to the stream just to chuck some pine cones into it and watch them slowly float away, I then turned around to begin heading back, but something moved in my peripheral vision, and I quickly turned to see what it was. I saw him, or it standing there looking straight into my soul, I then reached into my pocket to grab my phone to turn on my flashlight. The silhouette then moved back into the woods, I thought it could just be a late night hiker just wanting to see the game, I brushed it off and continued to do my own thing. I then saw a flash of light coming from the forest I looked towards it to see that there was nothing, I thought it was my mind just playing tricks on me, but I saw it again the same looking flash from the same area, this time I only used my eyes to look, and I saw the flash again, coming from a bush, I then had a thought, I pulled out my phone and pretended to start talking on it, I walked to the edge of the river, and sat there looking slightly up to the river, I stopped talking to see a dim light from the bush, and as I saw that I heard a bunch of rustling in the bushes.

I then saw the same person or what I believe to be the same person, get up out of the bush, my heart then sank as I realized what he or she was doing, They were taking photos of the game, or me. I sincerely hope this person was put behind bars, and I hope no one has to go through something like this, I’ve never gone to that field again, and this is the first time I’ve shared this story.

East Kentucky Goatman

I’m a 14 year old boy living in eastern KY. Now I’m not gonna say the county I live in but it’s basically no mans land we have no towns, restruants or anything, just mountains so naturally we play in the mountains. Now this happened when I was 9 years old. Me and 3 other friends were gathering sticks, logs, and twine to build a fort with.

About 2 and a half hours later we had it done. Nothing speacil but not small. So we ran back to our house to get cap guns, since we were gonna play war, we gathered 7 cap pistols and 11 cap rifles. But when we got back to our fort it was torn down. We rebuilt it and played until sundown. But the next day is when it gets to the point of this story.

We were walking up the trail to the fort and when we finally got there we were terrified by what we found. Our fort was still in tact but we saw this thing, it had the body of a human up to the belly button then from there on up it was just goat. It was sitting on its knees, and there was something in front of it. We stood there for at least 2 minutes frozen in place by fear. Until one of us made a noise like a whimper and the thing turned around, its head was that of a goat just like I said and it preceded to stand up. Maybe it’s because we were short then, but it seemed at least 6 feet tall.

Pit began walking toward us, and being the kids we were started firing our cap guns (the caps we were using are extremely loud) in the air and apparently it didn’t like the loud piercing noice and it ran away into the mountains. And turns out the thing was eating a freshly killed buck. It’s guts were torn out, but what really freaked us out was it’s look. It’s face had this frozen look of terror, like its eyes were WIDE and its mouth was open like it was screaming. But we didn’t stay we ran back to the house and played there. I’ve never told anyone mainly because they’ll just laugh at me. I did some research a couple years after that and found out it was proubly the goat man since it’s been spotted around here a lot, all I want to say is I hope I never see it again. (We still play up there but when we do, we don’t just have cap guns we have a 30-06 Springfield and a 58 caliber Springfield muzzleloader)


The End

My Airport Story

Hello, my name is Tarik but if you’d like you can call me T . The summer of 2016 me, my brother, and my mother decided to take a break from everything, usually we aren’t those type of people who go out on five star vacations or anything, plus we cant really afford that .

Anyway, my dad drove all three of us to the Toronto airport, it was a Sunday i believe, and i felt..quite sad leaving my dad alone in back at home, but he told us he had a lot to do . Eventually after a lazy, tiring 5 hour trip to the airport, i ended up being car sick, i threw up twice and wanted to a lot more but i kept it in because of the public and people around us, we said our goodbyes to my dad and went threw the front gate, we waited for about 2 hours, until i felt sick to my stomach once more . I told my mother i had to go to the washroom, i couldn’t hold it in anymore, my brother being the idiot he is just smirked and gave a little chuckle.

I jogged over to the nearest restroom and ended up finding myself..not sick anymore, i couldn’t throw up, it gave me a little confused type of expression, i tried forcing it out but it just wouldn’t happen . I sat there for about 5 minutes, until i knew it wasn’t any good, before i could get up and wash my hands and actually leave this place i realized..the whole time i wash in that bathroom stall, someone was in the other one right next to mine, i didn’t really care, as i just brushed it off with a sigh .

But what happened next was, in fact just plain fucking weird and got a lot more worse later on . The moment i opened up the bathroom sink and started washing my hands, this man, or whoever it really was, spoke…he said something, i didn’t catch what it was over the sound of water splashing against my hand . I closed the sink, and stood there, droplets of water hitting the sides of the sink, and i was just waiting, till he said something . After a good solid 12 seconds, i asked… ” Uh..Excuse me?..are you talking to me? ” He replied with..a manly yet extremely soft giggle…like he was drunk or on some shit.

At that point i figured my mom and brother are probably worried about me, so i decided that was enough to make me leave the restroom almost as quick as i entered . I took three solid steps towards the exit, and..what happened next, felt almost like it was straight out of a horror movie .

I know it sounds like a joke, but i swear..this is all real . He said ” Leaving me already..Tarik? ”

My heart fucking sank into my own stomach, felt like i just forgot to grab my balls from my moms purse, because i felt weak, i couldn’t say anything, just knowing that this…stranger, knows my real name just put me into shock . I slowly whispered ” What the fuck? ” and opened the bathroom door, almost bursting out of there, some people sitting down near their gates looked at me like i just came out of a robbery or something..Anyway, I went over to my mom, and brother which is 20, telling them that someone was in the washroom with me, and he knew my name, and that he asked me why i was leaving him .

My mom gave me a sarcastic yet serious, smile telling me to stop screwing around . But i was serious, i gave no expression but fear towards my mom and brother, my mom quickly came to the fact that i was being dead, fucking, serious . And her smile almost instantly turned into nothing, she looked at me and asked me if i was being honest, my brother already stood up, walking towards the washroom like the ” Hero ” he is .

I followed.

My mom on the other hand went over to a nearby traffic police and told him what i saw . My brother which i was following almost ended up smashing the bathroom door open, and yelling who was in that stall . My brother took a slight look under the stall opening, and saw the shoes i saw, he banged on the door, asking the man to come out and show himself, i felt like a god damn superhero, i just couldn’t wait to beat this fucker to death . my brother eventually went to the stall i was in and hopped on top of the toilet, looking over to the other stall where the ‘ Man ‘ was .

But there was nothing…the shoes were still there, but nobody . Nobody, was sitting in the stall anymore .

My brother had a haunting expression on his face, it got me to wipe my dirty smile off my face, and turn it into fear once more . My brother hopped over to the locked stall the man was in, and unlocked it for me..what we saw, that day, prevented us from actually taking this vacation . In that very single stall, the man was in, there were carvings on the steel metal stall walls, of my own name ‘ Tarik ‘ Carved into the metal . My heart sank..i thought to myself  ” Am i being stalked? i going to die by whoever this was?… ”

The weirdest part was when i saw blood, on one of the carvings of my name, it was smeared all over my name . The cops took a blood run with that ‘ Mans ‘ Blood that was on the wall . They ended up telling us that the person doesn’t even exist..they died nearly 9 years ago . I personally believe in the paranormal guys…but something like this..just brings the thought, that it actually might be, demonic . After this’s been a year if i’m not wrong, and i haven’t seen or had another problem like this, my dad keeps his .44 In my front dresser, to ‘ keep me safe ‘ . this just brings me to my conclusion that..whatever that thing was, wanted my life, and was waiting, till the perfect time, to do it .

I have never gotten the chance to actually take a picture of the situation i was in nor did i take any pictures when i was in the airport . but a used one from google should show people what airport i am talking about . Please do take this seriously, because nobody should ever go through a supposedly true haunting/stalking .