Let me start with a little backstory. I’m a fourteen, almost fifteen year old girl. I look quite a bit older than my age. Most people assume I’m 18 or 19. I’m in my last year of high school and I’m already taking classes in college for medical school.

I’m from an incredibly wealthy family. My parents own an incredibly successful company and both sets of my grandparents are old money. My parents are always gone on business trips. I’ll see them three times a month if I’m lucky. I do sports, website design, coding, and I help my aunt out with her bookstore and coffee shop in the afternoons, so I’m quite busy most of the time.

I have several siblings, but my younger siblings are at boarding schools in Europe. I have an older brother who’s seventeen who lives with me, although he’s also in college so he’s always busy. We basically live alone, minus the security and the occasional bodyguard. My mom has always insisted on a bodyguard, but my older brother is a black belt in karate and works out regularly, I’m a brown belt, and I’ll be honest, I absolutely hate having security, much less a bodyguard, so I skip out on it as much as I can.

With a little backstory established, I can get started on this. This year when I started college classes at the high school, I got a seat next to this guy, probably twenty-five or so. He’s a little overweight, but he’s nice enough. I’m a very reserved, serious person, and I’ll admit I can be very cold if I feel like it, so of course I always greeted him with a “Hello” and then didn’t speak to him unless he spoke to me.

I found out his name was “Sean”. He was actually really nice, so I talked to him a bit. I told him my name. That’s about all. I’m a pretty private person, so I don’t really like to reveal much. The next time I was in class, out of the blue, he asked me if I wanted to go get coffee with him. Of course, I haven’t actually said my age, and maybe people think I’m a little young, maybe getting into college a year early, but definitely not fourteen.

I politely decline, saying I have work. I know I lied, but I was kind of surprised, so that’s what I thought of in two seconds. “Well, when are you free?” “Uhh, I’m usually pretty busy after classes.” “What are you busy with?” By this time, I’m really creeped out. “I have a lot of things going on.

A music recital, among other things.” My dad is French. My mom is half French, half Native American. I’ve had way too many guys, anywhere from 14 to 70 hit on me before. It disgusts me and I always coldly decline, so I’m used to things like this. I’m asexual, so I have no interest in anyone. “You have really pretty eyes.” This guy was hitting on me in class.

“Thank you.” I think he kind of took the hint, because he stopped talking to me for the rest of the class. After class, I walked into the parking lot so my security guard could pick me up.

I speak many, many different languages,and I usually prefer to speak to my guard in French if I’m feeling uncomfortable. I told him to keep an eye and make sure nobody follows us, just because I wasn’t sure what to think of the guy. I spoke to him in French. I got my ride home, and attend to life as usual.

The next time I attended classes, he wasn’t there, which makes me feel slightly relieved. Class finishes as usual, and I was walking down the hall, my book bag on my shoulder. I was looking down at my phone scrolling through tumblr. I run straight into someone and I look up. It’s Sean. “Hey, I didn’t think I’d see you here!” “How quaint.” “How have you been? Is track going well for you?” I feel my heart drop in my chest.

I never said anything about doing track to him. I’m a very logical person, so my first thought is maybe he found my Instagram or something? “It’s fine.” I try to walk past him, but he just moves in front of me. “I didn’t know you spoke French!” “I really have to run. My dad is picking me up.” This is a lie, but I feel safer saying that my dad is here and all that, even though my dad and I don’t get along well at all.

“Are you French?” “Yes.” I’m done with him at this point and shove him out of the way. I’m slender, but I do track, volleyball, swim team, and waterskiing, so I’m a lot stronger than I look.

He kinda looks at me with a shocked expression and I walk past him. I don’t mention anything to my guard when he picks me up, but I’m definitely unsettled. He doesn’t show up in class for the next few days, so I continue with life. One evening I’m at my aunt’s bookstore chilling with her. I’m running the cash and she’s reorganizing the displays while I’m ironically watching Darkness Prevails on my laptop.

It’s around eight, so it’s pretty slow business. Someone opens the door and my aunt greets them cheerfully. I look up from my computer and freeze as I realize it’s Sean. My aunt’s bookstore is very big, and the counter is kind of strange. It’s a big black counter with the square and cash drawer. Behind the counter, we have the bags, twine, wrapping paper, all that. There’s another counter behind that with a coffee bar, and that leads into the back and has a staircase upstairs to my aunt’s apartment.

I slide underneath the counter and pull out my phone to text my aunt. I hear someone shuffle over to the counter and I look up. It’s Sean, leaning over the counter. “Hi! I’m ready to check out!” He’s so cheerful, it’s insanely creepy. I sigh and stand up.

“What the hell do you want with me?” “What?” “You couldn’t have just come into this bookstore coincidentally.” “What are you talking about? I want to buy this biology handbook!” I give him a death glare as I check him out and bag his book. I hand it to him and continue glaring at him.

He just grins at me and leaves. My aunt dropped me off at my house later that evening, around ten. My house is giant. It has these tall bushes around the house, and a huge security gate. You’re required to have a fingerprint. There’s an intercom as well, so I’m not too worried about him trying to break in, not to mention our family’s security.

I was upstairs with my brother in the movie room, practicing Latin with him. We both get texts to come downstairs from the head of our security, so I follow my brother downstairs.

You guessed it. Sean had tried to break into my house. The house with a private security team and a huge security gate. One of the guards asked me if I knew him, because he claimed he knew me. “No, of course not.” I snap. I swear that guy started screaming at me about how I was leading him on,how he’d slit my wrists like my brother did, and how he’d murder my exotic, rich ass for this.

My oldest brother committed suicide a few years ago.

We’re pressing charges. I still don’t think he knows how old I am. I’m sure other people have had it worse, but this is the scariest experience I’ve ever had. I lived in Seoul until I was twelve and I’ve dealt with more than my fair share of creepers, but this is by far the scariest. I know I’m going to start having my bodyguard with me now.

Near Summer Disaster

This is a story about my terrifying summer break experience.

This story happened around then time when I was 11 years old.

It was the beginning of summer break, and me and my best friend Natalie were having a sleepover. Nothing was out of the ordinary, as me and her would tend to have many sleepovers since we both lived a little far away from each other.

The whole day, we would play in her backyard and swim in her pool. And eventually after we got tired, we, ironically enough, got to speaking of weird stories we had in our neighborhood. Since I lived in a pretty safe neighborhood, so I didn’t have any interesting stories to tell. So, Natalie was mainly telling the stories. Then, she started talking about how there was a man who lived down the street, who had just moved in, and according to her, he had gotten arrested once. And a warning from the police twice. Now, Natalie was the girl who always would stretch out the stories, so naturally, I didn’t believe her.

“I don’t believe you.” I said

“As long as my mom doesn’t know, then I could take you over!”

Now my stupid 11 year old mind somehow thought this was an amazing idea. So since Natalie didn’t want her mom to know, we decided to go at night.

Once night fell, Natalie and I quietly grabbed some flashlights from the kitchen, Natalie grabbed a spare key, and we snuck out.

When we finally reached the house, even though I was young, I could obviously tell something was wrong with the house. it didn’t look abandoned, but it did look unkept. After snooping around the gate that surrounded the house, Natalie said “hey Em, wanna explore it?” My 11 year old mind, I thought if I we went inside, I would be cool, so, I agreed.

Natalie jumped over the little fence of the house, and I quickly followed after. Natalie suggested I open the door first. I was still nervous, and I slowly reached my hand towards the doorknob, when suddenly, Natalie grabbed as hard as she could onto my shoulder. “Hey?! What the–” I said, but I was cut off by Natalie’s hand covering over my mouth, and pointing up to the keyhole, and saw an eye looking down at me.

i looked at Natalie, she looked at me, and just as I was about to back away from the door, it swung open, and a wrinkly old hand grabbed onto mine. i screamed bloody murder as Natalie managed to pull me away from the older man and ran away from the home. We were so scared that once we got back to Natalie’s home, we slammed the door behind us, and her mother came scrambling down the stairs, and asked Natalie why the hell we slammed the door so late at night. When suddenly she screamed.

I jumped and when I turned around, I still remember the look in the man’s eye. He was staring through the glass window, one of the man’s hands were over his eyebrows so he could see into the house better, and the other was.. down his pants.Natalie’s mother screamed as she grabbed a knife from the kitchen and swiped a phone from the kitchen and screamed at me and Natalie to go upstairs.

As me and Natalie ran up the stairs, I could hear Natalie’s mother screaming and banging and muffled screams coming From the man. Once the cops arrived, the man was arrested, the scariest thing that me and Natalie learned was what the man had been arrested for the first time.

Trying to buy a child sex slave.


What I Think, Could be the Death of my Girlfriend .

First off, i would like to say nobody should really lose a loved one, never..but what has happened to me, is still under investigation by the police, Anyway, I’ll explain what has happened so far .

On the 21st of March, which was four days ago from today, something horrific yet almost impossible to explain properly happened

My girlfriend Vanessa and i were eating breakfast on the morning of March 21st, we usually just talk about what we would want to do throughout the day, but for some reason, she was acting odd, and truly looked odd as well .

She told me that she wanted to go out hiking alone, not even me beside her, just alone . I-Accepted it, even though i felt quite concerned I didn’t want to make her feel any worse, so  i told her that was fine, but to be back home early as possible, she just shrugged, supposedly agreeing with me . So around 12:40 or so, she left the house and took her car . Mean while, while she was gone, I decided to maybe call my buddy over, to watch a movie or something .

Nearly 3 hours passed by, Me and my buddy, or Jackson I should say, were still dozed into our movie, and having quite some laughs with it..But I came to realize, that it’s been quite a long time, and my girlfriend hasn’t even called, nor texted me throughout the passed hours,

I started to get side tracked from the movie, Jackson realized I wasn’t looking at the TV anymore, so he asked me what was bothering me . I told him what was wrong with my girlfriend this morning and that she hasn’t texted me at all . My friend thought about it, and decided that maybe we should call her, so we did, almost not even a ring and her phone picked up, I confusingly said Hello,  and that if she was there, but the moment I said that, the phone just hung up .

My friends face went from a smirk, to nothing, just worry…like me . My friend didn’t even let me speak for a second, and told me that we should go look for her, or pick her up . I agreed, without any hesitation I grabbed my keys and jacket, and so did Jackson . We hopped into my Mustang, I re-checked if I got everything I needed and started up my car .

We eventually drove to the hiking spot where my girlfriend started from . It was a big walk up, but that wasn’t my concern at that point . Me and Jackson started hiking, with jeans on, which we knew was going to be a pain, while we got to about, nearly the middle of the hike, we saw what looked like, an elks horn? But much-..Much larger, and longer . My friend Jackson realized that there was actually dried up blood stains on the horn itself, being a huge horror fan and a Creepy Pasta fan, I had a lot of images of what this horn can be from in my mind .

I first thought of an actual non-human figure, but then I thought about a Skin-walker or a Wendigo, my friend Jackson thought the same too, because he has told me a story about his dad sighting one himself . I thought it was just complete bullshit, but knowing that a horn this huge, and long, with blood on it, gave me no other thoughts . Being the weirdo I am, I picked it up, holding it on the grips of my palm .

We carried on walking, and what I saw next, was completely, traumatizing, keep in mind that this happened four days before , what I saw…was the hand of my Girlfriend. I knew it was my Girlfriend, because the ring i gave her, was on that hand, and it was the same, ring . Seeing the hand, I almost passed out, but for some reason I didn’t, I just fell and burst out crying, sobbing and yelling out a bunch of mumbles, my friend Jackson tried picking me up and putting some comfort into me, but just by his face,

I knew how much fear he was hiding . I cried for what felt like hours, and hours . There was no body, just the hand, that I think is my girlfriends. Jackson ended up calling the cops, and paramedics were there almost instantly, the cops took the hand and took it in to investigate,

I was brought to many meetings by the police . 4 days later, I sit here, typing this disturbing yet fucked up story to whoever . I still am waiting for the appearance of my girlfriend, but by now, I just know…that hand…was hers. And that horn..has to relate to it 100% . To this day..I think, a Wendigo literally, killed my girlfriend, eating her to shreds . This world, is not just ours, there is so much more everyone still does not know about . What was out there, couldn’t have been a wolf, or just a wild animal, because this horn, was something far, from any animal .

I know this might sound like a total ‘ Fake ‘ Story, and complete bullshit just for attention, but I swear to everyone, or anyone who ends up reading was all real, if it wasn’t I wouldn’t be wasting my time typing up the supposed death of my girlfriend . With no excuse at all, NOBODY should go through something like this…because whatever was out there, might be after me now .


Assault at Mcdonalds

This is my story. For privacy reasons could you please not say my name.

My mom sent me to my grandparent’s house for the summer. On the drive there I saw a Mcdonalds close by. When I arrived at their house I hugged them and mentioned the Mcdonalds I saw nearby. A few hours later we got in the car and drove to the Mcdonalds. I ran out of the car into the restaurant.

The place was empty.Except for the Janitor and the one cashier. The janitor looked normal. But something about him was just off. I sat down at the table near the register and waited for my grandparents to come in.

The janitor just stared at me. I looked away but still felt his gaze locked on me. It was so awkward and so quiet. I stood up and was approaching the door to go check on my grandparents.When the Janitor grabbed my arm.I tried to let go but I couldn’t. I was so locked in fear I opened my mouth and nothing came out.

The man smiled at me flashing his yellow teeth.With is hand he reached for my butt and squeezed it. At the moment my body got a rush of adrenaline from fear and disgust and I booked it out of there.I jumped into my grandparent’s car and told them to drive.My grandfather hit the gas and we were home in less than 5 mins.

They asked what was wrong. I told them and they called the police.We have not heard anything since then. What is worse is that he still could be out there assaulting more girls. But they might not be so lucky. I have never gone back to my Grandparents house since. I should let it go it has been 2 years.But anyway be safe out there .Always wait for your parents whenever you go into a place you do not know.

The House

Hi My name is Asuna and this is my real life story

It was late December and it gets really cold where I live

I was home alone and I made some cookies. After they were done I put them on a plate and placed them down on the table in the living room. I sat down on the sofa with my blanket and I up my phone to kill some time while I waited.

Now in my house weird stuff always happens, that’s why none of my friends like to sleep over. I was going through my snap chat when I felt someone pull my ponytail. I turned around an no one was there. My parents are on vacation and my boyfriend isn’t here. So I shake it off an turn on the TV and start watching Orange Is The New Black.

I start to doze off when something pulls my ponytail again but harder. “Owww” I said, and I got up and I moved to the other side of the sofa. This time my dog comes through the doggy door and jumps on my lap. I smile and again I start to doze off. Once again, I wake up when my dog starts barking like crazy. I put him out side to go pee or whatever, then I go back inside to find all of the cookies I made on the floor. I tarted to flip out and I picked the cookies up threw them away and went into my room. I was face timing my boyfriend Max when all  of a sudden I hear is my dog crying. I run downstairs and see my dog bleeding. I didn’t know what to do so I called my parents. They didn’t pick up so I took my dog to the vet. I had to leave me dog there for the night.

I went home and I locked up the house and went back to face time my boyfriend. He didn’t pick up so I went to sleep.

I only slept for 2 hours to wake up to a weird noise in the attic. I grab the flashlight and went to look and there was nothing there just some boxes and dust. I started to look through the boxes and something ran across the attic. I screamed and hurried back down the ladder, and went back to my room.

I had nothing to do so I started my homework. I was on the floor doing homework and I had my earbuds in when I felt something pull my leg. I thought it was nothing and I went back to doing my homework. Then out of no where I feel something holding my neck. I was getting choked. I started to roll over the floor. I fainted and I woke up. I had a big red mark on my throat. I started crying and tryed calling my parents again but still they didn’t pick up.

I went to my parents room and grabbed their bible and I prayed and laid in their bed. I fell asleep with the bible in my hands.

I woke up the next day with marks all over my body. I didn’t know where they came from.

I cooked some breakfast and scarfed it down then went into the bathroom. Almost immediatelyI started to feel sick and I threw up and I started to feel dizzy and then I felt something push me towards the mirror. The mirror broke and I have a big cut on my back.My mom and dad came back from their  vacation that evening and while we were eating dinner I told them that the house was haunted and I was not gonna stay another night.

I live with my Grandama and I have scars all over my body and a big one on my back. I’m good now but I will never go back into that house again