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East Kentucky Goatman

I’m a 14 year old boy living in eastern KY. Now I’m not gonna say the county I live in but it’s basically no mans land we have no towns, restruants or anything, just mountains so naturally we play in the mountains. Now this happened when I was 9 years old. Me and 3 other friends were gathering sticks, logs, and twine to build a fort with.

About 2 and a half hours later we had it done. Nothing speacil but not small. So we ran back to our house to get cap guns, since we were gonna play war, we gathered 7 cap pistols and 11 cap rifles. But when we got back to our fort it was torn down. We rebuilt it and played until sundown. But the next day is when it gets to the point of this story.

My Airport Story

Hello, my name is Tarik but if you’d like you can call me T . The summer of 2016 me, my brother, and my mother decided to take a break from everything, usually we aren’t those type of people who go out on five star vacations or anything, plus we cant really afford that .

Anyway, my dad drove all three of us to the Toronto airport, it was a Sunday i believe, and i felt..quite sad leaving my dad alone in back at home, but he told us he had a lot to do . Eventually after a lazy, tiring 5 hour trip to the airport, i ended up being car sick, i threw up twice and wanted to a lot more but i kept it in because of the public and people around us, we said our goodbyes to my dad and went threw the front gate, we waited for about 2 hours, until i felt sick to my stomach once more . I told my mother i had to go to the washroom, i couldn’t hold it in anymore, my brother being the idiot he is just smirked and gave a little chuckle.

The Man Across the River

Here is a little backstory, I’m 15 years old, and I was at my little brothers baseball game.It was at a more isolated area where there were only a few lights, I’ll give a short description of the place, there is a little stream which leads of into a river, one stone bridge that goes over the stream, batting cage type of thing, and there was a forest across from the river, it was a extremely dense forest and the only light I had was my phone, and the moon light, even then It was still hard to make out something.

So here is where it begins. I was the only older kid there and there was just a bunch of little kids running around the bleachers, so of course I was bored, and I just walked around playing on my phone for most of the time. I walked over to the batting cages and I began to climb it, I then get to the top of the cages and just sitting there watching the forest, I heard a branch snap, but I brushed it of not even thinking twice of it, around an hour went by of doing nothing hearing nothing, and seeing nothing.


Let me start with a little backstory. I’m a fourteen, almost fifteen year old girl. I look quite a bit older than my age. Most people assume I’m 18 or 19. I’m in my last year of high school and I’m already taking classes in college for medical school.

I’m from an incredibly wealthy family. My parents own an incredibly successful company and both sets of my grandparents are old money. My parents are always gone on business trips. I’ll see them three times a month if I’m lucky. I do sports, website design, coding, and I help my aunt out with her bookstore and coffee shop in the afternoons, so I’m quite busy most of the time.

Near Summer Disaster

This is a story about my terrifying summer break experience.

This story happened around then time when I was 11 years old.

It was the beginning of summer break, and me and my best friend Natalie were having a sleepover. Nothing was out of the ordinary, as me and her would tend to have many sleepovers since we both lived a little far away from each other.

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