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My name is Mandy,and I am a former life guard.Since this story might cause damage to my job,i will not give the pool name or address.

On a warm day in june,my boss called and told me we would have a full house in the morning,and prepare for a early start at the pool.I understood since it was for his Son’s Birthday.

Scary School Experience

So when I was in Middle School we had this weird experience. So this story involves my 2 bestfriends we’ll call Gracie and Penelope. My boyfriend we’ll call Xavier and my Brother we’ll call Jayden. So Gracie and Jayden were in the same homeroom and Penelope, Jayden and I were in the other homeroom across the hall.

Ealier one morning a couple days before the incident when our bus arrived there was this commotion going on. A kid started screaming at a teacher to give his phone back. But those things can’t be used till after school at our school. The kid screamed that he will kill himself or someone else if he doesn’t give it back. The teacher never gave it back.

The Man At Target

To start off, Target has been a go to place for me for as long as I can remember. My mother and I would be in there at least four to five times a week, we were there so often that employees would remember us and greet us by name whenever they seen us. However, it never occurred to me just how dangerous a shopping center could be, until one night changed my life forever.

I live in a small town in southern West Virgina, there are no more than 5,000 people who reside in my area. Most of them being elderly and harmless, and the occasional young punk who will do anything for a buck.  But all in all it is a fairly nice and safe area, or atleast I thought.

Mothman story

This story is a weird one, not like others but, During summer 2016, My mom and big brother decided to go on a walk down a long, 30 minute walk down a road way and back. About 5 days later we went to a fast food place, once we were done it was night time. They decided to still go on the walk. I decided to go with them.

When we went out of our house and we were heading there on the sidewalk and my mom said, “I thought I just saw like a giant bat in the sky.” My brother started to get freaked out. “Can we please go back inside?” He said. My mom didn’t want to go back inside so she just told him, “I was joking, don’t get worried about it.” she said. after about a minute later I questioned,

The Man Across the River

Here is a little backstory, I’m 15 years old, and I was at my little brothers baseball game.It was at a more isolated area where there were only a few lights, I’ll give a short description of the place, there is a little stream which leads of into a river, one stone bridge that goes over the stream, batting cage type of thing, and there was a forest across from the river, it was a extremely dense forest and the only light I had was my phone, and the moon light, even then It was still hard to make out something.

So here is where it begins. I was the only older kid there and there was just a bunch of little kids running around the bleachers, so of course I was bored, and I just walked around playing on my phone for most of the time. I walked over to the batting cages and I began to climb it, I then get to the top of the cages and just sitting there watching the forest, I heard a branch snap, but I brushed it of not even thinking twice of it, around an hour went by of doing nothing hearing nothing, and seeing nothing.

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