Scary Stranger in Wal-Mart

This is a story from a couple weeks ago detailing my encounter with a really strange and scary individual.

Okay so some backstory. I’m a 20 year old male, relatively scrawny build, and moderately timid. I am an overnight stocker for Wal-Mart in a town in Missouri. I’ll leave the city name out for safety reasons. Okay, now for the story. So one night I’m working electronics, an area I might add that I absolutely hate working because we always get the crazier people back there at night, and I’m being bombarded with tons of shady customers and tons of people looking like they’re gonna steal merchandise (I should mention this is relatively normal during these hours).

Well the night proceeds like normal and nobody manages to steal anything that I know of and nobody causes a ruckus.

Well around I wanna say 11:15pm, I spot this one older guy (I wanna say in his mid to late 40s) in the aisle with the computer keyboards and he is doing these zombie-like movements and moving his jaw in weird ways and just doing a slow sway-like movement. I decide to ignore him because he looked like he was doing okay on his own (not to mention I was A bit put off by the way he looked and moved). A few minutes later I heard him banging a keeper box (a hard plastic case we put the more important electronics in) on the shelf, so I look into the aisle.

He stops, and hasn’t even noticed I was there. I couldn’t help but notice he kept sipping from a beat up monster energy can, which I could only assume was filled with booze or something given he was moving like he was drunk-well that or he was tweaking hard. Again I decide to ignore him and continue working.

Roughly 15 more minutes pass and he walks over to me and stares at me with his lifeless semi-bloodshot eyes fpr whay seemed like a few minutes but was probably only a few seconds and all he randomly says is “you got dat pornhub premium yah oh yah? Its good stuff” Which makes me feel uneasy and perturbed as hell, then he proceeds to try hacking into the Wal-Mart display computers by typing in Walmart as the password multiple times (I watched from behind another counter to make sure he didn’t actually get into the laptops hence me knowing what he typed). This continues for like 25 minutes until I go to break. I warn the person relieving me to keep an eye on him.

So I then rush to my break. I don’t know what he was on, or what was wrong with him, and I was told he was seen doing more crazy things around the store, but he never came back to electronics. Man did he give me the creeps.

Side Note: If you’re wondering why I didn’t contact my manager, I have tried alerting him to security issues and potential threats and the manager just ignores them each time. So the most I could hope for was the guy left. Which he did, and I am so glad nothing worse happened to me or the store.

A Haunting in the Country

To start, I have been a strong believer in the paranormal since I was a young child.  I have childhood stories that I’d like to share at a later time. But for now, I’d like to talk about what happened to me about 10 years ago. I’ve never been more afraid of the other side than that time. I’ve never submitted a story before, but felt that I needed to share about this experience. To share it with people who maybe have experienced some of the same things. It’s a little long, but nonetheless scary.

It was the summer of 2007. My husband, daughter and I had to move from where we were living to a trailer in a very rural community away from my hometown where I grew up. To give you an idea of the area, forest surrounded everything. Our trailer was right next to the only main road. Behind us was a cow field, then 4 other trailers in a line about a half mile away from us. It was a very nice location, and the inside was just what we needed with a 7 year old. But I always had a strange feeling, like something lurking behind my shoulder. I just shrugged it off as being stress from moving away from my hometown to a brand new area.

The activity was very slow and small to start. I would hear small bangs and knocks on the walls and the front door glass, but we had 3 cats, so I thought it could be them. Sometimes I would think the trailer was just “settling”. Then at times I thought it was my daughter, Max, making some of the noises. But she always said she wasn’t. I did believe in the paranormal, but ghosts hadn’t came to my mind. Yet. Then, one night, everything changed.

My husband, Charlie, worked evenings at a restaurant 60 miles away and didn’t get off until late, anywhere from 2 to 4am.  I had a futon in our living room where I was sitting watching a movie. My daughter was asleep in her room, and all 3 of our cats were asleep in various spots around the living room. It was about 2am, as I was waiting on Charlie to come home. I had the lights off because I was watching a horror movie, as I’ve always loved watching them in the dark.

First, I got a chill of cold around me, which I just thought was our air conditioner in the kitchen. But I then realized I had turned it off several hours ago, because I’m a naturally cold person. Before I could shrug it off, it felt like 3 fingers run through the left side of my hair above my ear. I immediately got goosebumps all over my body, and I sat straight up and shook my hair out, thinking maybe a spider, but I left denial behind. I KNEW those were fingers running through my hair. I shuddered and barely slept at all that night.

The next day, I called a few of my friends to tell them what I had experienced. My friend J said she could come over and we could do an EVP, or electronic voice phenomena, experient. She thought that by making contact with me, maybe they wanted to communicate. So, her and my friend M came over armed with a digital recorder and a ouija board. Charlie went to work as usual, and about 9pm I put Max to bed. We sat around talking girl talk for a bit, and I had told the girls about the small occurrences, like the knocking on the walls and windows, especially on the front door.

So, around 3am, we decided to get started. We turned out the lights, lit 3 candles, and placed our fingers on the planchette. Then, we turned on the recorder. The house was very quiet, so, starting with J, we started asking questions. J asked “Is anyone here?”. The planchette moved slowly to yes. Just a note, I had used spirit boards before, so I knew the rules and how everything was supposed to work. We went around in a circle asking simple questions like “where are you” and “how did you pass?”. We kept getting answers spelled out like “here” and “the well”. (we had an in ground oil well behind our house at the time)

The board then spelled out “I like you”. M asked “who do you like?” The planchette sat still for a moment, then moved to where it was pointing at me. At that point, I started getting a bit queasy, and had chills up and down my body. I asked J and M if we could stop and maybe review the recorder. We said goodbye to the board, and then rewound the tape.

We all sat, eager to see if we had captured anything. There weren’t any responses to the first few questions. Then, we hear J ask “where are you?”. We hear a small, child like voice come through and say “outside”. The hairs on the back of my neck started to raise. Next, we hear M ask “how did you pass?” and we hear a faint voice of a woman who cries “so cold”.  At this point on the tape is where the board is spelling out I like you.  You hear M say “well, who do you like?”. Then, in a deep male voice, sounding as if almost slithering out of the speaker……”Nikki”. To this day, I still get chills of fear when I think of that voice.

At that exact moment when my name came out of the recorder, it felt as if a very strong force pushed down on my shoulders. Like hands pressing down, hard. I felt extremely sick, and stopped the tape immediately. J said a blessing, but it didn’t really relieve the pressure. Charlie ended up coming home, and the girls decided to go to sleep. Charlie and I laid down, and he fell right to sleep. But I had this extreme wave of fear. Every time I closed my eyes, I could feel someone watching me closely. I opened my eyes quickly, and to my horror, I saw a very dark, male shaped shadow on my ceiling directly above me.

I’ve never suffered from sleep paralysis, and as soon as I opened my eyes, it vanished. I sat straight up, my chest feeling heavy and tight to where I was having trouble breathing. I was shaking and trying to wake Charlie up to tell him what I saw. But he was too out of it. So, I sat there in my bed curled in a ball, until the dawn came. Then I could finally close my eyes and sleep.

From then on, everything was different. I was always cold, even though temperatures reached 80 degrees. The shower, other than the bed, was the scariest place in the house. I would go to take a shower, and always had my water pretty hot. But every time I’d undress and get in, I’d feel that familiar cold swirl around my body. I would get chills all over. At one point, I could even see my breath it was so cold in the shower. I went from showering once a day to once a week. I just couldn’t take it.

Every day was the same. I’d have enormous pressure on my shoulders, I’d have panic attacks out of nowhere, I’d have a lot of difficulty breathing, and that feeling at night. That damned feeling. Whatever was haunting me loved tormenting me. Always staying on the ceiling. Making sure I would see him just for a split second. I don’t know if it was because we opened up a doorway when we used the board that night, but I do feel that it still would have escalated, only slower without the board. I always think back and wished we had just left it alone.

About September of that year, I was able to move back to my home town. I was terrified that whatever had ahold of me in the country would follow me. When I got back home, I looked up some spells and rituals to cast away negative beings and spirits. I never felt that presence again. But, to this day, I will never forget that voice or what happened. It has strengthened me as a person. For anyone thinking of using a spirit board, just be careful. You could release something very devious that wants you, but needs a way to get to you.


*Thanks sooo much for reading my story. I love your channel, and it would mean so much if you could share this! Thanks again for reading <3





I was home alone at my house. my parents went to florida to visit my grandma. So i decided to download an instagram. I didn’t really know how it works. And the instagram was uploaded. So ones i sign up to instagram i got no followers. So i decided to follow 25 random person. A couple minutes ago a random person sent me a massage saying i will kill u. And i replyed back saying who is this do i know u. A couple of minutes ago. He or she. Sent me a massage saying what ur addrees. And i told him why! And i ask him are u a boy or a girl. She or he replyed back saying im a boy. And i relyed saying ok. So i ask y he want my addres and his said his gonna kill me. And i froze for a second. But i decided to block him. And i didn’t get any massages for an 1hour. But some random person followed  me he or she named kingofhell and i decided to follow back. And my phone  vibrates it says kingofhell sent u a massage. And she or he sent me a pic of my house. And i was like who is this and how do u know where i live. And i told him are u a boy a girl. And she or he told me his a boy. And he told me im the guy that text u earlyier. And he told me to open the door or he’ll   kill me. And i decided to open the door. I know its sound dumb but i dont want to die. And then is saw him with the chain saw and i told him i will call the cops and he said too late you’ll die. And i quickly close the door and i call the cops. And the cops is coming for like  5 min. and i heard a bang lucily i was on my parents room and trying to find a gun and thank god i found it and i sent him a massage saying i have a gun i will shoot the heck out of u then the cops came and i heard i gun shot  maybe the guy is dead. And i heard a voice saying hello im the cop your safe now. And the guy is not dead but he got arrested. DO NOT EVEN FOLLOW A PERSON U DO NOT KNOW AND KEEP YOUR INTAGRAM PRAVITE

The shadow

Back when I still lived in California I lived in a two story house. I loved that house and when I moved out I was pretty sad but hearing my family tell the paranormal experiences they had in that house doesn’t make me miss it as much.

All of their stories were creepy but my sisters was the one that I found the creepiest. It was Christmas and my parents were working but they were going to be home early since it was a holiday. My sister was home wrapping the gifts until she realized she ran out of tape.

She called her friend to see it she was available to go to Walmart with her for a little while.

She said that she could go but they would have to wait for her sister to come after they were done. They arrived at Walmart and bought whatever they needed then waited outside for her sister.It took a while because she had some things to do first. My sister got impatient so she said she would head home first so she hopped on her bike and rode home.

She finally reached our home and was about to put her bike in our backyard.

She opened the gate and was about to walk in until she saw something. We never have our backyard light on but our neighbors do so my sister was able to make out the shape of a man sitting down with his legs crossed looking forward. My sister looked back and fourth at the lightbulb to the shadow to see if there was something  making up the shadow.

Then the worst thing that could’ve happen, happened. The shadow turned its head in my sisters direction. My sister jumped at the sudden action and ran for it. The bike’s tire was stuck onto the gate so once she started running it opened the gate even more. My sister pounded on the door hoping that someone would open the door to save her from that horrible experience.

Eventually my grandma opened the door and let her in. My sister didn’t tell my parents because they would tell her that she’s saying random things so she kept it for herself. That night she couldn’t go into her room and sleep because her room was above the place where she saw the shadow so she slept in my brothers room. She slept on the floor but it was better than sleeping in her room.

We eventually moved out and realized that when people moved in they never stayed for long.

Night in Scaryvile

In my old home town, there are hundreds of legends and ghost stories. A haunted bar downtown, a witch in the park next to a school, a phantom jogger down one road, creatures, specters, you name it, this town had it all. I will admit that I’ve had my fair share of unexplained events living there when I was younger, but nothing can really top my visit to Scaryville.

Scaryville, of course, isn’t the actual name. It has always been called that since I could remember and no one really calls it by it’s real name. Even as children, it had it’s own nursery rhyme:

Scaryville, Scaryville

Spend a night in Scaryville

Meet the ghosts, pet the hounds

Sleep six feet underground

Scaryville, Scaryville…

The song would continue with more verses of how you would meet an untimely end or what’s waiting for you in the titular town. From first glance, you would never suspect a small village like this would be the subject of many children’s nightmares and countless teenager’s dares. It sits in the bottom of a valley, with only a scattering of buildings and houses surrounded by farmland. Almost like a Rockwell painting. But it’s the history that gets people frightened.

See, while my town only had urban legends, Scaryville actually delivered. A priest that killed children in a church across from the schoolhouse, a boy dying of hypothermia in that same schoolhouse over a winter break, a teenage girl drowning in the river trapped inside her truck on prom night, a scientist that experimented on dogs on that same river, it just gets crazier the more you look into it.

It’s because of this history that has made Scaryville quite the hotspot for teenagers and thrillseekers. On Halloween, teens would spend the night at a child’s graveyard, sometimes performing rituals of some kind. Break into the schoolhouse and church on a dare to stay there till morning. Others, like myself, were just genuinely interested in seeing something there and one fateful night, I did.

The events that happened that night had to be real because I brought my best friend and his younger sister. Us guys had known each other for years, since middle school. We were fresh out of high school and in the midst of finding jobs and figuring out our lives. One hot summer night, I approached my friend, let’s call him Carlisle, and suggested we go to Scaryville. He was initially hesitant to the idea, late at night, middle of the country, he kept saying he didn’t want to be out so late but I knew that he was scared. If it wasn’t for his younger sister, let’s call her Hailey, he might have just stayed home. But she persisted and next thing you know, we all piled into my car and drove into the night.

The drive to Scaryville is creepy enough, like I said: it’s in the middle of nowhere. And with a full moon behind the twisting and knotted trees, it couldn’t have been a more perfect night.

We arrived, driving in on the one road into the village. We saw behind some dead trees the schoolhouse and the church. Obviously our first stop. I pulled off to the side of the road and parked and we got out and looked around. We didn’t go inside either building, the doors were locked and the thought of breaking into haunted locations were more than enough to deter us. Hailey said she saw a light coming from the belfry in the church. Carlisle and I looked but didn’t see anything. Perhaps a reflection from the moonlight, we suggested. We got back into the car and drove to the site where the girl drowned.

It was even more secluded than the church and schoolhouse, the bridge where the truck ran off the road. It seemed the farther we looked into Scaryville, the darker and more ominous it became. I shook off my uneasiness and turned on the radio, to lighten the mood. The bridge wasn’t anything to write home about, but this was where the girl died and we got out and looked around again.

Our trip seemed fruitless until again Hailey piped up, “What’s that?” We turned to where she was looking and saw a pair of headlights on the far end of the road. It was the dead of night, anybody who would be anybody would be asleep by now and even if not, why were they just parked in the middle of the road? Not moving. Nothing that light could reflect off of, no houses nearby. Just headlights.

Carlisle, I could tell was getting weirded out, but my initial reaction was curiosity.

“Let’s take a look,” I said.

Carlisle asked for us to go home but I reminded him that I have the keys so what I say goes. We got in the car and advanced to the headlights, which were still beaming at us.

I drove slowly, almost as if I was afraid that I was gonna scare the headlights off. We all leaned closer to the front windshield, trying to decipher what was going on. We got about 50 feet in front of this car and then, the lights went out. Darkness surrounded us. Nothing was there. There was only the one road, no turn offs, we were all dumbfounded by this… thing.

Now that something was happening, I knew what our next stop had to be, the children’s graveyard just beyond the way. I accelerated, fueled by my own excitement and we drove into the night. About a minute passed and the headlights returned. Only now, they were behind us and flashing. On. Off. On. Off. On. Off.

They stayed off, nothing was behind us. I asked the two other people in my party if they saw that.

“How could we not, dude? They were right behind us!” Carlisle said in a shaky voice.

“Where’d they go?” Asked Hailey.

Before I could answer, I saw it. The graveyard. It was a small plot of land on the edge of a hill, it was old and time had taken over the graves. Most of the graves belonged to children, that was the creepiest part.

Thinking about how many children’s skeletons were under our feet, I hesitated to get out. But I did anyway, we were here to see something and the activity was just starting. Once again, we walked around, clearly closer than before. I had a bad vibe, something wasn’t right here.

We looked at a few of the graves, some of the kids were 5, 8, 14, one wasn’t even born or had a name. Just… Baby. God this was creepy. But not as creepy as what I heard next, a giggle. A child’s giggle. I stopped for a second to look at my friends who were staring back at me with large eyes. What the hell was happening? We stood there for a second until we heard movement in the nearby cornfield. I shifted my gaze and concentrated, I could see… kids running. Running around in the cornfield, as if playing a game. Giggles became more audible the longer we stood.

“Come play” I heard a voice say.

“No, hide, he’s coming” I heard another say.

“Run!” A final voice said.

We bolted into the car as I heard a low growl coming from behind me. I fumbled with the keys, trying to keep my composure, taking deep breaths. I turned the ignition and slammed the gear shift into reverse, without looking behind me. I turned my car back towards down the hill and put the car in drive and stepped on the gas, but nothing happened.

“Let’s go!” shouted Carlisle.

“I’m trying!” I shouted back, aggravated and scared.

The car was dead, it wouldn’t turn over. I tried again and again but it wouldn’t start.

“Guys…” Hailey squeaked out, we looked at her and saw her face streaming with tears as she looked out her side window. We looked and we saw it. A black… mass. It didn’t have a definitive shape but in the moonlight we saw it. Tall, black, and coming towards us. My urgency to start the car heightened as I kept my eyes on that thing. It wasn’t walking, more like… floating towards us almost mockingly slow. Like as if it knew it had us and was just taking it’s sweet time. It got so close to us that I thought I saw breath coming from it, my heart was racing harder than ever.

The car lurched forward and we started rolling down the hill, Hailey let out a short scream and within seconds, the car started and I gained control and hit the gas hard as we sped out of Scaryville.

I didn’t stop a second until we got back to their house, we were silent the whole way back. I parked outside their house and we just sat. A few seconds passed and we opened the doors and exited. Dust puffed and danced in the air that was plastered to the car, driving around in the country earned me a stop at the carwash. I’ll do it in the morning, where it’s safe. We didn’t know what to say to each other, or if we wanted to say something. To confirm what happened would only make things worse, I thought.

Carlisle gestured inside and I nodded, we started walking to his house when Hailey stopped and turned to the car.

“Forgot my bag” she said.

She took a few steps and then stopped and let out a short scream. Carlisle and myself turned to her and saw something that I will never get out of my head. On the back of the car was a bunch of tiny handprints. Child’s handprints. Almost as if they were behind the car pushing us.