The Girl in the Apartment

Alright. So this is a story about from when I was around 14 or 15, I’d say 9th grade or so.

I was moving into a new city at the time, in this old apartment; this was before I moved to California which is where I live now.

As we were walking in the lobby of this new building something didn’t feel right. I tried to ignore the feeling and continued on to the elevator once my parents got finished reserving our room.

My mother pressed the elevator button and the elevator arrived to where we were, I stepped in and so did the rest of my family.

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Noises in the corn field

When I was in the 7th grade I began to try out new things. I wasn’t the type to do it by myself though, a friend usually drags me into things. So one day before school started, one of my friends decided it would be a good idea for me to try out for the Cross Country team. I’m not a very fit person, but running a few miles isn’t all that hard for me so I agreed to join. Practice was always after school and was usually really fun and I got to meet a bunch of new people, some of which are still my friends today. But usually after practice my mom would let me have an hour of break time then I would have to run another mile. Before I begin to tell you about my run I need to explain the layout of my usual route. We live in a rural area with a lot of farming ground but close neighbors. I have to say that our closet neighbor is only a half a mile away. Behind our house is one of our corn fields, this also stretches only a half a mile long and a half a mile in width. I would run up the gravel road beside the our corn field up to our neighbors house then I would turn around. I would to this everyday after practice and even during the weekends but I never heard anything odd. When i did hear something it was during a cloudy day and I went home from practice. During my hour break it began to rain and I thought I was in the clear from my run, but mom wouldn’t have it and made me run anyways. It was during august so the corn was tall and almost ready to harvest so something about 6 ft tall or less could easily hide in the corn. About half ways into my run I began to hear something following me, it wasn’t too loud so I just thought my dog was following me. I didn’t think to turn and look in the corn since it wasn’t a big deal that she was following me, but I did call out to her. Since she was following me I decided to say  “Go home.” But a few minutes later I heard a voice softly say “Go Home.” back to me. I have a sister that likes to bother me and she sometimes mimicks me to make me mad. So I stopped and yelled “get out of the corn field or dads gonna be mad you walked over some.” I heard nothing for a minute so I jut thought she was playing a prank on me. Until I heard the voice again only slightly closer “Go Home.” I was a little confused and decided to turn back and run home, as I did I could hear something sort of limping behind me. It didn’t have a pattern like most animals do, it was random and all over the place. I was right at the end of the corn field when I decided to looke behind me. All I saw was a long black arm come out of the corn field and flew back in. It had pretty long claws and actual fingers! They were long a boney almost like an elderly persons hand when they’re 100 years old. I ran back into the house and never spoke a word about I to anybody after that, not even my sister. That year I delt with mild insomnia and only a few bad dreams. The only problem is I can never remember my dreams so I am unable to tell you any of them. A few months later during our Christmas break my dad called all of us to a window that shows the whole backyard, you could see the barren snow land that was once the corn field, but something was running across it very fast. It was black and slender, it was only there for a few seconds before it ran out of view. I stood there in shock and dad said that it was just a big black bear, but I knew it was the creature I saw that day and I wish to never run into it again. Now that I’m in the 10th grade, a new year has started and my sister and I have both joined the sport. This means I have to run down that road everyday after practice, I only hope it doesn’t show us more of itself.

Scariest moment ever

So im a 17 uear old female and get alot of attention.At the time of this i was 12 and remember it vividly.I was going to go out with my friends to a movie and somr lazer tag, but we couldnt do that because there were to many of us. So we judt decided to sleep over at my friend Elizabeth’s house. At the time we hated one specific girl, but we all got along fine.Her name is Rylee.Once we all got done packing for the sleepover we went to her house. Once we got there, Elizabeth’s dad was drinking and so was her stepmom, and they both had drank about 3 bottles of some kind of beer. Her dad was really weird that night , besides the fact how he was pretty much drunk. He was flirting with me and a few of my other friends.Now this is where it gets creepy.Rylee and I were catching up, and then all of the sudden he bursts in the room and starts touching us innapropriately.She ran and grabbed my hand and called our moms .Thrn he ran after us with his shirt off and saying,” who want’s daddy first?” We knew what he meant by that, So we shut the hell up and hid in a tree.While Rylee was tring to get up kn the tree she fell down.I got down and helped her, but then he was with us.He was right behind me feeling me.It was thr most disquesting feeling of my life. Then One of the other girls had ran out saying,”Guys I just woke up ,Where are you?!” We just started scrambling as he followed us until I tripped and fell on a pile of leaves.He went right on top of me trying to kiss me and then taking some of my clothes off.Then Rylee came back and realizer what he was doing , she grabbed me by the arm and pulled me away from the hideous creture.We ran in the housr called 911 ,and then told them what is going on ,then hid in their basement in a puddle of darkness.Until he came down trying to find us, he was very clise to the light and us. Then he turned tge kight on then off.We tip-toed as fast as we could away from him and out the door to my house. My house is fifteen minuted froM Elizabeth’s .We made it back until he called our house and thrn we locked the doors and windows. He was here screaming for us.We alerted my oarents and they told us to hide in the attic.He came into the room we had the attuc steps in and luckily the police came in right at the time he was liftine the door. If it wasnt for Rylee or the police we wouldnt have been raped or worse.

Creepy Best Friend

This story takes place in 2011, when i was in my second year of middle school. For a little backround, back then i was part of the ’emo crowd’ which, currently, i really regret.

The person who got me into the scene, was a girl who i’ll call Blondie. Blondie was, at the time, my best friend. We had sleepovers all the time, we explored the woods, and listened to music. I was so caught up in having a best friend for once, that i didn’t notice everything wrong with her.

Maybe if i had, it would have saved me from a lot of problems. The first notible instance i can remember her being bad news, is when we were in school, at lunch.

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Possible Ghost In The Basement

Now, this experience happened to me about 5 to 6 years ago, so some of the details might not be there, anyways, here it goes. I had just recently moved about 6 months ago. I now live in a development fairly close to my old home and it was on a corner of a fairly busy street.

I moved for reasons unrelated to this story. I’m a 15-yo male and this happened to me when I was about 9 or 10.

My brother 8, my cousin 12 and I were all in my small, musty cluttered basement just playing around with the toys because we were bored. And literally out of nowhere we heard a toy fall from the other end of the room.

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A Weird Night

So I was about 6 years old when this happened. My mother and I were playing “Store” Since I just got a huge bag of clothing. All of a sudden, we heard a huge bang. We didn’t know what it was or who it was, and then all of a sudden we heard my brother screaming.

My brother never screamed, so we knew something was up. (Also, the house was a cabin-like house with 3 bedrooms and a basement, my brother was in the living room playing on his computer.) All of a sudden, we saw a huge shadow in the hall, wearing a suit and a fedora. A few years prior a man committed suicide and slit his throat on the green rug in our front yard, which we didn’t know until we looked it up.

We’ve had a lot more paranormal sightings since then, even after we’ve moved from that place. I don’t mind if you don’t believe this, but it happened and it was terrifying.

The crib shadow

I was babysitting my niece once in a while. My friend that owned the baby set up a camera so I could watch the baby. I was studying for a test that I had the next day. I start to doze off to sleep until I heard whispering. I was coming from the monitor! I thought it was feedback or something.

I looked at the TV and saw a very dark shadow near the crib.

The shadow was clearly never there before! I went to the babies room and saw nothing. I took the baby out of the crib and took her back to the room I was in. I went back to the TV and the shadow was completely gone.

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The girl in the woods

I was only in elementary so what happened to me was truely terrifying.I was hanging out with some of my friends during reccess and after a while of talking decided to go swing. I sat at the first swing and faced the way of the woods because of the sun light, I closed my eyes at one point and when I opened my eyes I swear I saw a little girl in the woods staring at me! She just stood there staring at me!I closed my eyes and when I opened them she was gone this happened any time I sat at that swing, I never told any one except my friend who I will call Jessie, I asked jessie to sit in the swing and close her eyes then open them, she did. She said she didn’t see any thing and that scared me a bit . Of course I thought maybe it was a kid being wierd, but she looked almost invisible, and she was like 4 years old at least. this story makes my heart beat feel like it’s going around 10 miles an hour,and scares me to this day.

Crazy lady at kfc

I’m Jaelynn note that I’m 15 but I’m pretty tall and I don’t look like a 15 year old while reading this anyways for the last 9 months my dad has been gone munch mom and my dad were together for 16 years so now that he’s gone I go to see him every weekend. This situation has happened to me 3 different times. Anyways the first time it happened to me was about a month and a half ago we were at a kfc drive through and a women comes up to the passenger front seat and it’s just staring in looking at me while I’m waiting so I start laughing and I poke munch dad and nod my head over to the window so he’ll look and then she knocks on the window.

Not gonna lie I was pretty hesitant to even be that close to her but I just rolled down the window now let me add she’s standing right up against the car and she’s a blond women wearing really dirty clothing. As I’m rolling the window down she asks for money and says “hi do you have any gas money I could use like 4 or 5 dollars my dad died 3 hours ago at a hospital about an hour away and I don’t have any gas money to get to the hospital” being the loving person I am I open my wallet and give her 5 dollars and I tell my dad to put his away and then she walks away and all is good.

Then about 3 weeks ago I’m at the drive Thru with my dad and my sister and it is about 11 and pitch black outside so no one is around and they told us to pull up and wait about 10 minutes for our food. Someone suddenly comes up to my window and starts tapping and says hello now I didn’t see who it was but it sounded like a women and she said she needed help so I roll down my window a little bit and she says “I have no money and I need to get to the hospital my dad just died at 3 hours ago can you please spare some money” and I realized it was the same women so politely I checked my wallet and my dad checked his and we said we didn’t have the money to give her anything and she said “thank you” but sounded really upset about it. Now let’s shoot back to Thursday. My dad came to pick me up from a school event that I spoke at around 8-[8:30] and took me out to eat. I picked kfc again because you know the food there is finger lickin good. this is where I decide to get bold we’re pulling in waiting to order and this women the same women from the last 2 times came up to the car window again and asks for the same thing I was so fed up I didn’t even realize it was said until I said it “oh so you have 3 dads that all died 3 hours ago at the same hospital a hour away?” And her face goes from fake crying to holding so much anger and then she backs away from the car about 3 feet away.
and starts screaming at the top of her lungs and it screaming non stop she starts running up the the window and starts slamming her hands on it and then starts slamming her body on it soon I go into an anxiety attack and I start yelling at my dad to pull up and tell them what’s going on so that’s what he does we pull up and he starts talking and I noticed the yelling stopped And I look around to the back and she’s not there I breath a sigh of relief. I was so glad that she was gone. But god she gave me a scare so the crazy women from kfc let’s be never meet again.