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Stranger at the ballfield

This story happened two years ago, Me and a few of my friends had plans to go to the baseball field at night to sit on the bleachers and have a chat. We live in a town called Stephenville Crossing, in Newfoundland, Canada.

Me and my friends had texted each other to get ready, I was at Caitlin’s house, she is my cousin, and our friend Rae-ann was also with us. We texted our friends to meet up at the local canteen, Karl’s canteen, where many of us would buy candy and food.

Always Uneasy When I Visit

I was born 22 years ago in a small Colorado town an hour’s drive from both Farmington and Durango, just below Mesa Verde and a few miles from Ute Mountain. This was where I spent the first five years of my life before moving to Oklahoma. We still go back every year around summer for about a week or so to see family.

Now, the town being where it was, there was a heavy Native American population there and a reservation about ten miles away. Mostly Ute but a fair amount of Navajo as well. The culture was and still is very entwined into the town’s architecture and local art.

Sketchy Under Cover Police Men

one night, my friend invited me to a sleepover with another one of our friends. there are 3 boys in this story, me, Jacob, the host of the sleepover Nico, and our friend Mateo. we were 13 years old at the time and Nico wanted to go see a movie. we ended up going to see Jon Wick 1 at 12:00AM at night. the movie ended roughly at 2:30AM and we got back at 3AM. we were bored and had a lot of adrenaline from the movie so we decided to take off our shirts, (mind you it was the middle of Febuary and we live in Canada).

and we longboarded up and down the street that Nico lived on. once we did that 2 or 3 times we finally decided to go in and probably watch a movie, just to stay up all night. as we were about 15 second walk from the driveway of Nico’s house, Mateo stopped us and said “hey, look a car.. I think we should pick up the pase nobody usually drives at this time” so we started running this car was black, tinted wondows and blue headlights, the headlights were off until we started running, the head lights turned on but no sirens went off and he was atleast going 60km/h on a 10km/h block,

Sleepover scare

This story begins with a sleepover.  My sister had always  thought our room gave her a weird vibe. Once she said that when I was sleeping I sat straight up in bed with my hair in my face and stared into the pitch black closet behind her. The next morning she asked if I felt possessed or felt weird last night. I said nothing happened but she moved out of that room after that.

Years after nothing happened but that was before my sleepover. My 2 best friends were over and we were having a good time. When every body was asleep I randomly woke up, and through my half closed eyes I saw a shadowed figure at the edge of my bed standing right in front of me. I thought it could have been my friend Hope but this figure had no face, they looked like nothing but a shadow. I turned around slowly as if I were still asleep. I was starting to get really freaked out, even angry. I turned around towards where the figure had been but there was nothing there.

I’m not normal

Okay. So this is a bit long and might get boring as I’m a writer, so I add too much detail, buy trust me, it’s worth it. My name is Naja, the German pronunciation is how my name sounds, and I will be typing this up on a mobile device, so sorry for any spelling, grammar, whatever mistakes, as autocorrect is a real bitch.

Anyways, I should mention that these are not all my experiences, and not all of them were dangerous, but still pretty underwear ruining when you’re in the situation. The first experience I’ll talk about was one of my most recent, and it happened just this January.

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