During My Night Shift

This happened during my night shift back in my former job, I was working late because I still have a lot of paper works to finish that evening. It was around 6:00 PM and I was alone inside the office, I was facing my computer when all of a sudden I hear a sound in the other side of the office, so I stood up and checked it out. There was no one there, Nothing fell. So I brushed it off and think of nothing, then a few minutes later another sound but that time it sounded like someone is also filing some papers and it is coming from the stock room just a few steps behind me, I didn’t bother to check it out and I just continue finishing up my paper works and then next thing was the whole area where I was at became colder but the air condition was already off for an hour and then it felt like someone was standing behind me. I kept on pretending like I didn’t sense it at all then I heard the computer wires behind me was being pulled, I hurried up on my loads and I quicky turn off my computer then on the computer screen was a dark shadow form looking behind me. I grab my bag and I bolted out the office, A few months since that incident happen I request for a transfer in a different office because ever since I keep on hearing whispers and random creepy footsteps whenever I am alone in that office and it even follows me to the rest room or to the lobby it’s creepy and scary.

Mothlike creature

Moth-like Creature

My name is Juan and this happened only 4 years ago.. I had a busy day at work and was just happy to get home, at this time I was 25.

As I was driving home I spotted a figure on the side of the road, I didn’t really think much of it as I just thought I was really tired from working to hard. As I kept on driving I notice the same creature spotted on my rear view mirror and I panicked.

Not knowing what to do I sped up, hoping whatever it was, was gone.. 10 minutes had gone by and I was almost home, I decided to check my mirrors but as I looked up, I saw it.. The creature above me, I let out a scream and drove so fast hoping it would fall off. Eventually, it did and I turned my car around to see if it was still there, but when I got to the spot, it was gone. Read more “Mothlike creature”