My New Creepy Friend

Just for reference I am a sixteen year old girl. I’m 5’2, a little chubby. brown hair, blue eyes. I’m nothing special in any way, shape, or form.

Last November, my parents decided that we’d go on a cruise instead of staying at home with family. They wanted a break and I could understand that and what they meant by it so it wasn’t a big deal to me. The only concern I had about the entire ordeal was that I can’t swim and I was afraid of a repeat of the Titanic.

We went though, going with my dad’s friend and his family too. Now, I hardly knew this man and his kids but they were the only people I knew on the entire boat and it’s a little hard for me to quickly make friends so I stuck with the son who was around my age, we’ll call him John. Also, my dad and John’s dad bought multiple walkie-talkies for all of us to have and contact each other since phones wouldn’t work. This will be important later.

John and I were not similar at all. He was quiet all of the time and I loved to joke around with people I knew so it was quite awkward. This wasn’t a problem for too long though as there were age based clubs all over the ship and we were both put into the club for teens, or about fourteen to seventeen.

On the first day, I awkwardly sat by John and we occasionally talked to another guy who happened to sit beside us at first. This didn’t work for long and soon John moved and was accepted into another group of people and I was on my own.

I wasn’t able to sit by myself of course, being alone is apparently not allowed. Our counselor, his name was Josh, noticed and introduced me into a group of girls and within five minutes three of them became my friends.

A few days later I met a guy who reminded me of another guy back in my home state. Turns out this guy was also from there. Small world, huh? We got along rather well and eventually I was hanging out with him a lot.

One night we were just walking around the ship and went to the top deck and sat on the balcony area up there. We had a clear view of the back of the ship and all of the stars in the sky. At the time it was very beautiful but now looking back, it’s creepy.

We got onto the topic of foreign languages and for some reason he was trying to teach me things in Spanish since I said I knew just a bit. He said something in Spanish, I don’t remember the exact line but I assumed the translation.

“Your eyes shine brighter than all of the stars in the sky tonight.”

He said the English version slowly and it was a bit creepy but I didn’t think nothing of it at the time really. I kinda wish I had.

Let it be known that I had indeed told him I have a boyfriend back home.

Eventually we left and were on our way back to my room when he dragged me the opposite way, towards the casino and what I would learn was a karaoke bar. His family was there and he started introducing me to everyone there. I’m not exactly sure why, he did it in English and in Spanish and I didn’t understand everything that was said but it creeped me out even more and I was tired so I wanted to go home.

At this point, he’s still talking to his mom so I waited for a break in their conversation to tell him I was going back to my room. It eventually came and he all but walked away from his mom to join me on my walk back. He was just too excited.

I told him that I’ll be fine walking back on my own, I know the way,this didn’t matter though and he was insisting on taking me back. I reluctantly let him. It’s a huge boat, he couldn’t do anything right? Too many people all around us.

It was kind of late and people were either smashed, getting smashed, or knocked out in their rooms so we were pretty much alone. This is when things began to go down even more.

Despite the weather being in the 90’s or above, I still wore a jacket. A very large jacket I had gotten from my boyfriend that went down to mid-thigh. It was from a very popular T.V. series and I had gotten many compliments from other passengers. This guy didn’t think so.

He tugged at the end of my jacket, brushing my butt in the process. “I bed you’d look really good without this troublesome jacket. You must be hot right? Why don’t you take it off, show some skin.”

This freaked me out as I had only known the guy for a little while, not even three days.

I told him that no, I wasn’t hot and I was just fine with my jacket on. He practically scoffed at that and told me I should lighten up a bit and just go with it.┬áNow, this guy was a bit taller than me, maybe 5’6 at the most. He definitely had at least one hundred pounds on me and could easily overpower me, which is what I keep thinking about as he commented on how he bet my butt would look good in a tight bathing suit and how my skin must be so soft and flawless.

We were on the hallway my room was on now and I was regretting agreeing to him walking me back. My radio went off and my dad was asking where I was, as he was going back to the room with everyone else. I quickly yanked the walkie-talkie out of my pocket and told him how close I was to our room. I included the fact that a male friend was walking me back to the room and my dd, being him, replied telling me that my male friend better be gone really fast.

I turned to this creepy guy and told him what I knew he had just heard and bolted to my room, almost slamming the door behind me. I would have loved for this to end here and for everything to have stopped so I could enjoy the rest of the cruise but no, it doesn’t work like that.

I got sick soon, I’m not really good with sudden heat change like what had just happened from chilly November to practically July. I was stuck in bed often and one night my parents wanted to go eat dinner at the fancy restaurant on the cruise. I didn’t care but my eight year old brother did not want to go so he stayed with me.

We spent a good bit of our time just watching Scooby Doo reruns until he told me he was hungry. I got out of bed and ordered room service meals for the both of us. At the time I definitely was not hungry but I got food anyway. My brother could have it if I didn’t eat it.

I used the walkie-talkie and updated my dad that we were about to eat. He didn’t reply so I assumed he didn’t hear or was eating himself so I went back to our cartoons.

Maybe five minutes later, there was a knock on our door. I thought it was way too early for our food but I grabbed a few dollars and went to open the door.


Lo and behold, it was the creepy dude from earlier in the cruise. He was smiling and holding up a walkie-talkie of his own. He told me everyone else in the age club missed me and wanted to know if I’d come back for the end of the cruise festivities the cruise did.

I never got to reply since my brother came to the door and interrupted our conversation. My blessing of a little brother bombarded him with so many questions and distracted him long enough that I could close the door. He was a little upset about that but I got him to drop it somehow, I think I bribed him with toys.

Eventually our actual food came and I was not hungry at all after that. The rest of the vacation went well, I did miss the festivities due to being really sick after that encounter but I enjoyed the beaches we visited.

I didn’t see this creepy guy until the very end. Everyone was waiting in the serve yourself place of the dining area, waiting to get off of the ship to go home. I had gone to get juice and a piece of toast when i felt someone tugging on my jacket again.

“You’d look really good without this, too bad I never got to see you show off some skin.”

The creepy dude was standing behind me, grinning from ear to ear. I was so shocked that I couldn’t say anything as he walked away, waving. I stumbled back to my table where my parents and brother were. When I sat down, my dad asked if that was one of my friends and all I could say is no.

It never occurred to me that he had that walkie-talkie because he tapped into our frequency, as there were plenty that were used and we used ours often and had one or two people accidentally stumble onto ours. Or maybe I was over thinking it and his family had their own set.

I’d like to say that I told him off, that I felt some sort of well, anything. I felt barely any red flags, ay anxiety about this person and he creeped on me and was so inappropriate that it made my skin crawl. I’m sure I’ve left out quite a few details for this story, it may not even sound creepy to anyone else, but it was super creepy for me. I probably let him get away with so much but I’m NOT a confrontational person. I wish I did tell someone though.