The man at the road

So this story happened only 8 months ago and I have moved since then but the story never leaves my nightmares.

At my old house we had lots of crazy people that lived around our house so we didn’t visit people often unless they were family. Now I was and still am a tall kid for my age at a hight of 5’7 and also I don’t look strong but I use that to my advantage.

It was just a normal day with me thinking that when I get home I’m going to watch my “Top Gear” and sleep the rest of the night. When I got on the bus things started on a down hill slope, the kids at my school regularly picked on me for my long hair so I was used to that but I kinda got pissed off when someone poured his water bottle over my head. We got to my stop and I got off the bus to head home but I realized there was a random car in the road I’ve never seen before but I brushed it off as someone visiting my neighbor.

I kept walking on too my house which was half a mile away but I stopped when I heard the car door open. There was a man that looked to be in his early 40s stepping out of the car. He looked at me and smiled which is when red flags and sirens started blaring in my head.

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