The Dusk Man

This story happened to me a little over 2 years ago. First let me give you some background. Almost every summer me and my Grandparents go to Missouri to visit my Aunt and Uncle, who live in the middle of nowhere in the woods. Also the nearest neighbor is a little over 6-5 miles away. Now that you know some background let me continue the story.

It was the Summer of 2015 and the time came to visit family in Nebraska and Missouri. I was 13 then and loved to see my family, even if it meant spending 2 days in a car. Nebraska was nice and I had a lot of fun with my cousins, so after staying there a few days we left for Missouri. Now for those of you who don’t know, Missouri is very very hot in the Summer, so picture a 13 year old with a book and a dead phone, with the AC of a Van trying to keep the car cool and on top of that having not eaten lunch yet. It wasn’t very pleasant.

Finally we pulled up in the driveway of my Aunt’s and Uncle’s house. They had a 2-story house if you count the basement. I loved their house because I love going out into the woods and just plan having fun, so their house was perfect. Me and my Grandparents started unloading the car while my Aunt and Uncle came out of the house to see us. They gave me a big hug and told me that I would be sleeping in the Living Room on an Air-Matrass.

Once I put my stuff on the Air-Matrass I asked my Aunt and Uncle if I could go outside to play, since my Grandparents wanted to catch them and to my relief they said yes. Thus I began my adventure through the woods close to the house. Now and again I would leave a trail marker so I wouldn’t get lost because I did have a tendency to get lost. I had left my 5th trail marker when I had remembered that I had a sandwich and a water bottle in the backpack I had on. After walking a few steps to a log, I sat down and ate. While I ate I got this feeling like I was being watch, but told myself that it was just the animals watching me eat.

But the feeling wouldn’t go away, even after I got done eating and just sat on the log doing nothing. Then I got a new feeling, more of a thought more or less, to look over to my left. I wished I never did. To my left was a huge tree structure. There was one large tree in the middle, with 2 slightly smaller trees crossing the one in the middle.

“The heck is that?” I asked myself as I walked over to it, looking it up and down. Now I’m not a small girl, as back then I was 5″7, but this structure towered over me. As I stood in front of it I got the feeling of being watched again, but it was way stronger and I was starting to get goose bumps. That’s when I heard it, its breathing to be more accurate. Then I did something really stupid and looked behind me.

Standing there, towering over me, was a 7 foot tall, brown furred, human looking monster not even 5 feet away from me. I froze with my mouth hanging open, while this thing looked at me. Then it reached out for me and my arms and legs came to life. I never ran so fast in my life, trying to get away from that beast that could easily out run me. I did yet again a stupid move.

I looked behind me, which while running as fast as you can while not looking where your going is a recipe for disaster. I ran straight into a Holly Brush, which really hurt. The creature stopped in front of me

The Unexpected

My friends and family call me MJ. For spring break I went to Ocala, Florida. It took me, my sister, and my mom 5 hours to get their.

Ocala is in the country so there’s a lot of tree’s and and animal’s. As we where pulling up to my Nana’s house, I saw a black shadowy figure run into the woods, I didn’t pay much mind to it because I had woke up from a deep sleep.

Late that night everyone was asleep except me and my cousin, Antwon. We were in the living room watching TV until we heard a scratch at the door. We didn’t answer because we thought it was a stray cat. but then 5 minutes later we heard a loud beat at the door. So, Antwon turned off the TV and I turned off the lights. He and I were home alone because everyone else went to a gathering at Church.

The beat kept getting louder and louder. So I decided to yell who’s there and then the beat stopped. Me and Antwon decided to go to sleep in the living room because it was in the back of the house.

Morning came and we told everyone what happened but they laughed and said it was our minds playing tricks on us because we were tired.

Antwon and I knew it wasn’t true because the door still had scratches on it but my mom kept saying it was from a stray cat.

Antwon and I decided to go to the park around 5:00 because the weather was nice and cool. The park was about a mile away, so we walked. We got to the park around 5:30 and played basketball and football with some kids who where up there playing. It was 6:27 so he and I decided to leave.

The fastest way to get home was through the woods. We both knew that we should have stayed on the main road but we went through the woods. We where about half way home and the time now was 6:50 and it was dark. I pulled out my phone and used the flashlight app. Then we heard a loud yell, so we stopped and ducked down. I turned my phone flashlight off.

We saw a shadowy figure coming our way, but we stayed quiet. We where about 19 feet away from whatever was there, then all of a sudden the thing said MJ. I was shocked that it said my name.

Thoughts where rapidly going through my mind. I looked to my left and Antwon was gone. He must have made a run for it when I was thinking. I got up and ran but as soon as I did the creature was right in front of me. The creature was a deer standing on it’s hind legs and had human eyes. We both stood their staring into each other’s eyes. Then I realized, it was a Skin Walker. I closed my eyes thinking I was gonna die but then when I opened my eyes the Skin Walker was gone.

I ran home and on the way I met up with Antwon who was waiting for me up ahead. I stopped and told him what happened but then there were a pair of head lights coming from the top of the road. They where coming fast so we ducked down but the car stopped where we were.

The door opened and it was my mom. We rushed into the car and said drive. The ride home was quiet.

When we got home I told everyone what all happened. They told us to stay in the house for the rest of the week. When It was time for me to go, I packed the car up with our belongings. We pulled off after saying our good bye’s. We were about 10 minutes away from my Nana’s house when my mom stopped the car.

The same deer was in the middle of the road just starting at me. My mom honked the horn and then the deer ran off. I will never forget this day. I’m still haunted by the thought about it. I’m just happy that it’s all over and I’m back in the city safe and sound.