The old dirt road

I live near Darlington south Carolina and this story takes place a month ago.

I was driving down a dirt road with my cousin riding shotgun and we were just doing donuts in the sand pits on my grandparents land. 2 hours later we were heading to the mud pit and as we were driving we heard something screeching and I did something I would regret to this day I stopped and got out of the truck and looked around with my flashlight then I heard something behind me it sounded like a very low pitched growl, as I turned around my cousin started screaming saying “WHAT THE HELL IS THAT” as i looked at it well it smiled as it backed away I saw it in full detail, it had black eyes that looked like pits, it had white skin and cuts all over its body, sharp claws and it was seven feet tall.

As it leaped back into the bushes it said “see you soon” after that night I will never go on that dirt road again.

One Headlight

I often travel between cities in Southern California. My best friend lives 70 miles away from my hometown, but thanks to freeways, it’s usually only an hour drive. Since traffic is insane in the LA area, I fell into the habit of only making the commute in the middle of the night. At 3am, the only people on the road are usually truckers, and a sparse few cars. I don’t have to concentrate too hard, and I can catch up on podcasts. My parents were always uncomfortable with me driving such a distance alone in the wee hours of the morning, but I always shrugged it off as the usual parental paranoia, until one night.

I had told my parents I was going to be home by midnight that night. I had work in the morning, so I my fun-filled weekend with my best friend had to come to an end. But, I pushed it. 11, 12, 1 in the morning all passed me by as we shoveled chips into our faces and watched funny youtube videos together. When it was about 2:15 am, I finally decided it was time to head out. My parents were probably asleep anyways and didn’t even know I was coming home so late. My friend was getting really tired, and instead of walking me out to my car like she usually did, she decided to go to sleep. We said our goodbyes and I stepped out of the door onto the porch.

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It was a warm summer evening in mid July. I had just turned sixteen and gotten my  drivers license. We lived in the country and I loved going for drives through the woods. I thought it was relaxing, the silence, the solitude and the country music playing on the radio was all just a perfect way to spend an evening, in my opinion.

It had been a long day and so I decided to go for one of my drives. As I drove down an almost deserted road I noticed a disgusting smell, like wet dog but ten times worse. I figured it was just a dead raccoon on the side of the road or something, so I kept on my way. I came to a point where I decided to turn around and head back home to get some dinner and a cold coke. As I stopped to make a U turn I realized that disgusting smell was much stronger now than it was before and getting even stronger. So I figured I’d just floor it home to get away from the smell. But as I finished my U turn and started back I saw something odd.

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