It was at the summer of 2015. My relatives came from up north down here in San Diego, California during a Friday morning. I always loved when they come down here as we do everything we can before they leave on a Sunday night. My cousins and I always did stupid things when we hang out together.

Living in San Diego, one of the most cheapest luxuries we have is the coast, so it was reasonable for us to take our visiting relatives to the beach, like we always do. We head down to Coronado beach, set up camp, and my cousins and I couldn’t wait to get into the water. Due to privy settings, I’ll name my cousins Shawn, Jay, and my uncle, Josh.

We head running for the water, splashing around, doing whatever people do at the beach. My cousins Shawn and Jay, along with my uncle, Josh, were heading farther and farther out into the ocean. I wanted to join them and so I swam through the waves with ease… with too much ease.. We were all floating around, all calm… until the lifeguards started to announce on a speaker, “Get out of the water! You three out there, please get back to shore!”.

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