Tall Tales

I used to work at the Goodwill. As you can guess, I met a lot of… interesting… people there. Honestly it felt like I was gathering new weird stories by the day, and soon things just stopped fazing me. Here are a few of my favorite stories off the top of my head.

I had just started working at the goodwill, had been there maybe a week, when a young man drove up to the donation center. I didn’t pay much mind to him until a co worker- who if you ask me, was a little off her rockers- came running up to me shouting complete nonsense. I tell her to slow down and tell me what was going on. Apparently, the young man in the truck was a guy I went to high school with who had just been charged with raping a sixteen year old girl in a park. It sent chills down my spine because that was when i realized that horrible people like that aren’t just people you read about in the news, they’re people you go to school with, people you encounter in your everyday lives, even working at goodwill. To make matters worse, my coworker ran out the donation doors and began shouting obscenities at him like “go to hell you rapist pig” until he drove off.

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