That’s not a coyote

One night when I went to visit my parents in Sacramento something that will haunt me forever happened. My parents live in the middle of the forest with two neighbors, I had visited them and was driving along the trail to the main road with my sister when my car broke down. We called a tow truck and our dad to come pick us up, the trail takes about 10 minutes to drive along and we had about seven minutes to go.

We were talking when all of a sudden we went over a bump in the road, like we had hit an animal or something, My sister,dad and I got out of the car to see a coyote or something when all of a sudden it gets up, that was NOT a coyote it’s legs were about 5’0 long, we got into that car and started to drive obviously terrified, my sister who was in the backseat  suddenly shouts at my dad “D-dad D-d-drive FAST” I looked into the rear view mirror to see the thing was walking on its hind legs into the trees.

We turned back to go to the house where my mom and little brother were sleeping and didn’t leave for two days, when we told our little brother (he’s ten by the way) he said “Is that not normal I thought all simes did that” I have never been so scared in my life

The Rain Monster

I wouldn’t have thought something with the fictional-sounding name of “the Rain Monster” could actually exist within the local woods.

I was wrong.

Hi, my name is Xander Despenas. I’m 16 years old and live in Mason City, Iowa. My best friend, Hunter Tyler, is 14 (going on 15 on November 4, 2017), and he is the one that discovered the Rain Monster.

You see, the Rain Monster is a paranormal entity that appears normally when it is raining or overcast (hence the name), but does make brief appearances under other circumstances. The strange thing is, we have no idea as to what this thing’s origins are. Perhaps an angry spirit? Or something conjured through a Ouija board? We weren’t too sure then, but now we’re pretty confident that the Rain Monster is something much more demonic, something from the depths of Hell itself. We’ve done multiple investigations regarding this entity, and much to our surprise, a lot of evidence supporting the idea of this thing’s existence has come up in almost all of our documentations.

October 30th, 2015

This is probably the most controversial piece of evidence we have.

According to North Iowa Today, an unnamed 47-year-old man from Fairfax, Iowa (which is roughly a two and a half hour drive from here) was found dead in his car in front of the woods the Rain Monster is located in. Medical examiners had claimed his passing on was due to self harm. (Read the story here:

Now, it’s weird enough that a man would drive almost three hours from home to kill himself, but this is where it gets weird. You see, throughout our investigations, we had come across some interesting and disturbing things in those woods, including a shredded couch, a shovel, and a rope tied to a tree. We’d always thought somebody had committed suicide out there, but one question always came up: if someone hanged themselves out in the woods, who buried them? What was the shovel for? It was such a roadblock for us that we could never get by. But after we heard of the suicide in front of the woods, a new question came to mind: was it the Rain Monster that caused it?

There is an outline of small trees and tall grass just before you enter the woods. This is what we’ve called the “Border to Hell,” because we have discovered that the Rain Monster cannot (or at least will not) go past the border. But what about the suicide? And that, ladies and gentlemen, is where the theories get even more believable.

I’ve recently been thinking about this whole thing, and I’ve finally thought of a good question: what if the man didn’t commit suicide, and instead the Rain Monster got to him? But that would mean the Border to Hell would have finally been broken, and the Rain Monster would be able to expand his territory heavily. This is where the problems are starting.

I will update you on any new encounters with the Rain Monster or any updates on its whereabouts.

Caladh na Cu Sith ( kala-na ku shee)

Caladh na cu sith: “harbourer of the abyss”

This happened to me only last summer.  I live in a small fishing town on the East coast of Scotland. I was fifteen when this happened, but I am sixteen now.

In Scotland, there are many celtic myths surrounding waterways, such as the sea, rivers and of course, the ubiquitous Loch.

Such myths include Sirens, Banshees or Ban-sith as it is known in Gaelic, The Blue men of Mich, which hide in the waters between the mainland and the island of Orkney, looking for sailors to drown, Kelpies, which are supernatural water- dwelling horses, Knifehead, which has inspired many films such as pacific rim, which is a man who has the head of a swordfish and comes ashore to murder fishermen.

But then there is something far worse – Caladh Na Cu Sith.

This monster is a sort of boogeyman type thing – traditionally used as a story to keep children away from harbours and the seas so they aren’t lost to a watery grave. Even I remember being told the story as a boy.

As the story goes, the Caladh Na Cu Sith, which is translated to “Harbourer of the abyss” is a half-man half- eel that lies in shallow waters and waits for small children to approach it, thinking it is a stick or driftwood.

when the child gets too close, the Caladh weill snatch the child and drag them to sea, where it will feast on its flesh.

This used to terrify me and many other children when I was small, but now we all seem to pass it off as a joke and used to it scare our younger siblings. this was how I perceived it, until about a year ago;

My town was small, but i had a good ring of friends from my school just down the road. We had all grown up with each other and enjoyed each others company.

In the summer, when we were off school after our exams, we used to head “oot on the toon” which more or less means to go drinking with your friends in the evening. In our little group was me, my best mate Jamie and two girls, Morag and Una. I fancied Morag really badly and I tried to impress her the whole time, in that cringey way that horny, testosterone – filled boys do.

The sun was setting but it was still warm. a slight haar was pulling in over the harbour and the tide was receding. We went and got some chips from the local shop, whilst jamie and i smuggled in some cans of cider. Jamie and I had decided that tonight was going to be the night that were going to get some “action”.

we met the girls  at the docks and made our way down to the shore.

The way the Harbour was set up meant that you walked down a small red-brick road to the main harbour, which housed most of the fishing boats.

then you turned left up onto a stone bridge that brought you across to an abandoned lighthouse. if you went beyond the lighthouse, there was a small, rickety wooden dock that had not been used since the 1880s and was in a severe state of disrepair and was out of bounds to the public.

We walked up to the lighthouse and sat on the rocks at the bottom whilst we ate our chips. we laughed and joked and there was a fair bit o’ flirting and touchy-feely, if you know what i mean.

But just as we were getting down to business, a stench of dead, rotting, putrid fish sank through the air.

we had smelt it enough times before, but this time it was a lot more…menacing. It didnt seem to go away. It was strange to be smelling dead fish at this time in the evening  – usually the boats leave at about dawn on monday and don’t come back until midnight on a thursday, and today was tuesday.

Una, the girl hanging off of jamie’s arm, said that she felt sick and wanted to go home. royally pissed about the whole situation, Jamie wanted to go too and asked if she needed accompanying.

the two left Morag and I in an awkward silence. she then went on the say that she was glad they had gone, because now we could have some more time together – alone.

We went up the Lighthouse and looked out at the last slivers of sunset as we finished our cider. We were just casually chatting about rather personal things when a splash of water caught my attention.

Morag heard it too, so i wasn’t imagining things.  We went to look out at the pier, but saw nothing.

Thinking that it might be someone who was stuck in the water, we went down to investigate. Silently i was hoping it was, so i could show off my heroics to Morag. But it wasn’t.

The haar had thickened now, and you couldn’t see anything more than five metres in front of you. We were about to leave, when the splashing continued. I walked over to the pier. the smell of rank fish returned.

I looked out onto the pier and my heart sank.

I am about 6″3, which is quite tall here, but this thing was at least eight feet tall. It was standing on the end of the pier, salt water dripping off of its multiple extremities.

it’s skin was scaly and brown and most of it was covered in sea bladders. its eyes were sunken and lifeless and it had a gaping, crack whole where its mouth would have been.

the  haar surrounded most of it and i could only see its head, arms and shoulders. it made a horrific clicking noise interrupted by hissing. steam rose from its face, if you could call it that. I ran back from the pier. Morag was clearly distressed – she had heard it too.  we ran until we got to the centre of town.

We never told anyone and it still remains a secret. i have no doubt that what i saw was indeed the Caladh Na Cu Sith. Morag and i don’t really see each other anymore and jamie moved away. this experience will forever haunt me.

The Vampire Of Hughes County

It was 8:00 clock at night in Holdenville, Oklahoma In Hughes County so i noticed my dog was acting strange so i wondered if he wanted outside so i got up and was heading to the door then i what i saw next truly terrified me. It was this thing that was 5 to 6ft tall pale, ugly thing that had claws and a mouth and looked like a human and it had clothes.

I got scared like hell so i went and got my gun and i went to go look again and it was gone but what i saw that day was a thing i will never forget for the rest of my life.

Mom’s Ghost Story

My mom used to work in an office bulding as a janitor along with several other employees. On this night she agreed to work the late shift and cover for a friend. She usually worked in the mornings and was almost always done by mid day. She was assigned the job of cleaning the top floor after which she would work her way down until about halfway.

Before my mom had taken the job some of her co workers, who had been there way before she had, told her that the 8th floor of the bulding was haunted by a ghost that cries horribly at around 12:00 a.m. Startled but not to phased by it my mom just thought it was her new co workers trying to scare her. After all she was new and had only been there for a couple weeks.

She had also told me that each floor had a dial that controlled the lights and you had to set it to a certain time after which it would reset and all the lights would turn of one by one.  She usually took about an hour on each floor after which she would continue on to the next.  Once she had finished up on the 9th floor she made her way down to the 8th floor. There she set the timer for an hour and started cleaning.

About fifty five minutes in she told me that all of a sudden she heard one of the most horiffic spine chilling screams she had ever heard in her life coming from outside the hallways from one of the offices she was cleaning. Out of fear she paniced and dropped all of her things and ran for the elevator. From behind her she could hear loud crying from a women, something you would only imagine you would hear in a horror movie.

Desperately trying to reach the elevator the lights she had set for an hour started to one by one switch off  leaving a trace of darkness from behind.When she finally made it out she made a phone call and quit the next day.