This story is absolutely true and happened only a few months ago. Now I’ve encounted a lot of strange paranormal things in my life but nothing that terrified me like this thing.

It was a typical night, me and my family live in North West WA surrounded by national forests on highway 101 and at the moment we are saving up for a house and live in a huge 5th wheel.

Well as I was saying, it was a typical night, I had the kids to bed by 7pm and me and my husband had gone to bed at 10pm as usual. Well my youngest son had been waking up everynight at 3am for about two weeks and refusing to go back to bed so naturally I was tired.
This night was no different, he woke up and crawled into bed with us laughing and wide awake.
I got up put him back to bed with his brothers but no sooner had I laid down he was babbling and laughing again then began running around in the livingroom.

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skinwalker or rake sighting in illinois

I am a 20 year old guy from Illinois, i have been in the woods my entire life. In fact my dad brought me hunting for the first time when i was 4yr’s old, and no he didn’t give me a gun then he just let me sit in the stand with him.

since then i have been in love with all things outdoors, along with firearms and the like, i mainly bow hunt for everything from deer to squirrels, but will often take my .22 or .17hmr out for coon, or squirrel.

This event took place about a year ago when i was 19, and my friend who ill call R was 17.
R and i were at his house which sat on a 10 acre plot of land but was surrounded by hundreds if not thousands of acres that we had free reign over, so long as we didn’t tear apart his neighbors corn or beans on our dirt bikes.

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The Thing in DeBary Swamp

I’m a 15 year old guy, and I live in a remote part of Florida, Back when I was 13, I would always go hiking into the woods with my friends.

To Start this off, My name is Blake and the other person who witnessed this alongside me is Liam. We used to go hiking together into the woods on weekends to wind down and relax, or just to have air-soft wars in the drier parts of the woods.

So after a long day of fishing, we were unpacking our gear, as the sun was beginning to set. When Liam noticed something strange with the tackle box we had brought along with us. “Hey Blake, Come Check this out..” I came over, a little annoyed as I was still setting up the tent and it was a pain in the ass to pitch. “What is it -” I stopped as I now saw the long scratch-marks that were engraved in the top and side part of the now mangled tackle box. “What the hell happened here?” I asked still examining the scratches, still trying to figure out what animal had tried to get into our box. “I don’t know, but it was like this when we had come back to set up our tent.” I was now a little on edge, thinking that there could now be a bear in the area.

“Keep your knife close by when you go to sleep tonight.” I said, clutching my pocket knife I had brought along.

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Strange Creature In The Forests Of Mexico

I recently went camping in the forests of Mexico. I was with my cousin and little brother lets call them Kyle and Alexander I am not using their real names for privacy reasons. So we set up our tents and we just ate junk food like Cheetos as a snack. We we’re also telling some ghost stories for like 30 minutes or so to get the mood of camping on. So it was turning dark we decided to head out with a flashlight and try finding some wild life since my brother wanted to see a deer or basically anything really badly we always heard noises like sticks snapping around us. Until we got a eerie feeling so we went back to our tents and called it a night.

Then that’s when things went from exciting to horrifying we we’re awoken to hear a screeching noise at the middle of the night it was loud around half the noise of a lawnmower it sounded like a possessed bat mixed with a cat but, my cousin decided to check it out a few minutes later he freaked out and we heard him running to the tent he came back crying and scared of what he saw.

He said he saw a dog like creature with very pale skin, no hair and he said it had no tail or ears.  And it made the same noise we just heard but the thing he was most scared of is how the thing or creature whatever it was had a very skinny body and long bony fingers and how he said it just turned and stared at him dead straight in the eye. He wanted to get out fast but I really could tell he wasn’t lying the way he was acting did not seem like he was lying but part of me thought he was so we packed up

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Encounter with a Strange Creature

Hello. My name is Tyler. I live in a small town with my brother and grandparents in southern Virginia, about an hour away from Richmond, Virginia’s capitol. Living in a rural area, you are bound to see or experiance weird things, but this encounter happened to me while I was staying at my mom’s house.

My mom lives in a suburb in Richmond. Behind her house is about 30 or so acres of woods. I don’t know who or if anyone owns it. This was during summer break. My mom works as a nurse for an elderly lady so she has to spend the night at work Sunday through Wednesday. This happened on a Tuesday night. Everyone had gone to bed so i decided to smoke some maijuana. It was a warm summer night and I sat at the bottom of the back deck stairs and packed my pipe.

For what ever reason, I looked up towards the wooded area. Standing just behind the chainlink fence, I saw what appeared to be a figure hunched over. I couldn’t tell if it was facing towards or away from me. I paused for a moment. At first I thought surely it’s just an oddly shaped stump. But at that moment I saw the figure stand up. Bear in mind, I hadn’t smoked yet, as this figure inturupted me so I was sitting absolutely still holding my pipe looking at the figure. We both stood still for about two minutes.

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Hide and Seek Monster

My name is Taylor, I am a male and I was 11 years old when this happened. I live in North Carolina, in the country I live right next to a forest where my neighbors and I have loved to play games together since they moved here a couple of years ago. My neighbors are triplets, also boys, and they were 9 at the time.

One day, when the triplets had friends over, we were all in the woods playing, hide and seek like we loved to do. We were playing hide and seek, one of our favorite games. It was pitch black which is the best way to play because it makes it harder to be found and it makes the game a little scary. It was my and one of the triplets friends turn to be it, so we had the flash lights.

We looked everywhere for them and we were having a terrible time finding them, when we thought we saw one of them.There was some movement and a pale outline behind a bush so we quietly eased our way around, trying not to be heard. When we shined our light on the shape we froze at the sight of a creature hunched over. It was on all fours and it had pale skin. It’s eyes where wide and it was bony with long fingers and arms. It ran into the woods but not before growling at us. Me and my neighbors friend ran back to the house. We soon found all of them but when we told them what happened they didn’t believe us.

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