Scary Experience with a Toy Rattlesnake

A few years ago, my family took a short holiday to a city we’d never visited before in Asia.

I have two sisters, and the youngest one has always been a little distant and timid. At the time of this story, she was about 7 years old. On the first day of our holiday, we visited several shops selling handcrafted souvenirs including small toys, keychains and jewellery, which had been made by the local indigenous people. I wasn’t feeling very well, so I stayed outside at most of the shops we visited.

At one of the last shops we visited, my youngest sister exited after a long time spent browsing inside, and told my parents she’d seen something she wanted very badly. She described it to be a ‘cute’ snake toy that was made out of wood.

My dad doesn’t like spending money on unnecessary items, so he dragged her away from the shop after much persuasion and a weak promise that he’d buy it for her before we went home. For the rest of the week-long holiday, my sister would not stop talking about this wooden snake toy. Day and night, she reminded us of how ‘cute’ it looked and how my dad had said he’d buy it for her. It drove us crazy and my parents finally gave in and agreed to purchase it, thinking that it was just one of those little kid whims.

On the last day, we went back to the shop and my dad went in alone to buy this toy. He came out carrying a cheap pink plastic bag that had an ominous mass inside it. He tossed the bag to my sister who was sitting in the back seat of our rented car next to me and my other sister, and we watched as she reached into the bag and pulled out this horrible wooden thing. It was very long, carved skillfully out of glossy light brown wood and its body was separated into many small ‘sections’ sort of like a centipede, so it appeared to be able to curl and pose realistically.

Right away I felt repulsed and my eyes followed the snake body from the tail up to it’s head. I couldn’t see its’ face but I could see the top of its body was like that of a king cobra, and there was a large red dot painted right on the part that spreads out like a cape near its head. At that moment the only thing I could think about was how terrifyingly realistic it looked. My mother turned to see what this snake toy was and she screamed. She begin yelling at my dad asking him why he would ever buy something like that. She exclaimed that she had no idea it looked so real and that it looked horrible.

My other sister and I were suddenly gripped with fear and begin yelling too, and it felt like a dark and malevolent presence was now suddenly in the car with us. Meanwhile, my youngest sister was still holding the snake, seemingly mesmerized by it and oblivious to the commotion around her. Now, we were actually due to head to the airport for our flight home in a few hours, but my mom ordered my dad to take us straight to the airport.

Once we were there, she grabbed the snake forcefully from my sister’s hands despite her angry protests and stuffed it back into the plastic bag it had come in. She ran over to one of the empty luggage trolleys and I remember how she threw it into the trolley’s metal basket with such force and hatred that a chill ran through me. We all argued with each other the entire way home, my mom blaming my dad for buying that ‘thing’. For the next few months, there was a significant change in my youngest sister’s behavior.

She began acting very strange and would keep blinking her eyes hard and repeatedly, staring into space and was generally unresponsive to everyone, even to the people closest to her.

She looked traumatized. When she eventually came out of it, my mother told me that she thought that the snake had a negative entity attached to it, because she is able to sense spirits and has had many experiences with the ‘other’ world. I believed her. My youngest sister is sweet and innocent, and I think that ordinarily, she would never want something like that toy snake, even if it was given to her. Whatever was in it, it must have attached itself to her when she saw it because she was so shy and withdrawn, and in my culture, we believe that spirits are most attracted to people like that because they tend to be more vulnerable to negative energy.

I just remembered this true incident today, and a chill ran through me when I remembered how oppressed and scared I felt when I saw that snake and the strange spell it had on my sister.

Something Tried to Possess My Mother

(Steele is pronounced as steel)

The Wisconsin autumn day was coming to a close, the sun starting to set as Grandma Steele drove my mom, Aunt Katie, and myself home from a day at my Uncle Roy’s in Shoto.  This had been one of the more peaceful moments with my family, in fact I remember laughing as my mom and Grandma Steele told stories from when they were young.

The story topic had eventually turned to the paranormal, from the tale of the ghost hitchhiker to the ghostly bride that I had encountered myself a couple years prior.  Everything was fine until after we passed this old cemetery, that was when something that scares me to this day happened.

My mom looked out the window at the passing trees for a bit, then turned to us and said, “Damn that sun is bright.”  Those were the last words she spoke before suddenly going limp.  In a panic, grandma pulled over and put on the emergency lights of the van and unbuckled her seatbelt.  At first she and my aunt thought it was something with my mom’s blood sugar; maybe it had tanked or something like that since she was struggling with her diabetes at the time.  I wish that had been the case; I really do since that I could deal with.

Grandma Steele, having medical experience from her years as a nurse unbuckled my mom carefully to try to prevent injury to her neck since her head had slumped over.  My aunt was trying to get Mom to speak to us, but the reaction she got instead is what scared us all.

My mom’s head turned and sort of flopped as she looked at my aunt, a look of terror formed on Aunt Katie’s face as she looked at my grandma and myself.  Whenever someone spoke to her, this would be the response from my mom.  A more jerky motion if touched while been spoken to, a blank look in her green eyes as her mouth was agape in some sort of silent wail.

At this point I had 911 dialed on my cell, ready to push it if we couldn’t get my mom out of whatever this was.

Grandma Steele looked to the sky and exclaimed “Ross this would be a good time to help!”  Whilst my aunt was telling whatever it was she thought had gotten into my mom to get out and leave her alone.  At this point I was panicking, crying and blurted out, “Grandma Kyser help Mom!”

Shortly after all this, my mom came too so to speak.  Whatever it was was gone and Mom didn’t know what had happened as she was hugged by the three of us.  Grandma Steele thanked Ross and everyone else in the family who had passed away while we all just cried.

The next day we went to the doctor to find out if what had happened was a medical thing, something that we could explain with science.  Yet all tests came up with nothing, it baffled neurologists we went to and nobody could come up with what could’ve caused this sudden seizure-like phenomena to occur.  They still put mom on a seizure medication until we moved to Indiana and got a second opinion.

To this day, nobody really knows what happened there and my mom only knows what she was told by us three witnesses.  What we do know is that whenever we drive passed a cemetery, we never talk about our encounters with the paranormal anymore.

Paramedic’s Tale of Demonic possession

Let me start out by giving you a little back story to this particular situation. It was a humid summer night in June of 08′ or 09′ around 2 am, I am a paramedic in a very, very rural area. We have a population of about 22,000 and 500 square miles, the service I work for covered all 911 calls during this time. I had been a paramedic for about two years, prior to that I had been an EMT for three. The majority of the calls we received were either shortness of breath, due to 50% of the community being retired coal mine workers with some form of COPD or emphysema to coal dust and the rest being drug seeking individuals with the occasional shooting/stabbing/car accident.

That particular night I was dispatched to a call of a female patient who was hearing voices and seeing things that was not there according to her spouse. Around this time is when bath salts and all of the synthetic medications exploded and people were overdosing quite frequently.  In my mind I knew this was what was going on before I even left my station, looking back now I honestly wished it was that. When I was given the address I was kinda shocked, it wasn’t in the usual slums that we pick up overdoses. It was in a part of the county that was know to have very nice homes of working class people. Upon arriving to the persons home it reassured my thought, it was a well kept two story brick home. When I knocked on the door and announced my usually greeting “EMS (Emergency Medical Services), did someone call for an ambulance?” I was met by a 40ish year old man, I did not need to ask where the patient was. From across the room sat a female around the same age just starring at us with an empty stare. It sent chills down my both my partner and my spine. The type of stare I have never witnessed again, just empty. I introduced myself and my partner, and asked her name. Her eyes moved from my partner and looked me dead in the eyes and with a voice that should not of came from a 130lb female said “you are too late Joshua, they are already here.” I asked her who was here, she was still starring me directly in the eyes and had not blinked and said “can’t you feel us around you?”

At this time I had already decided I wanted the hell out of this home, all I could feel was heaviness that made me very uneasy. She had no medical history or took any medications according to her husband and was a very healthy looking individual. I refrained from asking any questions and just walked her outside as quickly as possible towards my ambulance, during this time she is muttering to herself and whipping her head from side to side as if someone were speaking into her ears. I’m not a religious person at all but this made me wonder if I was the right person to be taking care of this patient and not a priest. I loaded her into my ambulance, and began my normal assessment, she hadn’t looked at me but was just shifting her eyes left and right never looking at anything for more than two seconds. I took her vital signs, applied a cardiac monitor and told her I intended on starting an I.V. on her, she suddenly starred at me once again and smiled with a malicious grin and said “do what you please, boy.” I’ve never in my life felt so weirded out by a 130lb female, it was like looking into the eyes of evil. After starting my IV I sat behind her and began the ten minute transport to the hospital, all while I couldn’t wait to get this thing out of my ambulance. All of a sudden five minutes into transport she began chuckling in a low, deep voice that turned my blood cold. I moved back over in front of her and asked if everything was okay, I was met with the same malicious grin and silence. She wouldn’t speak, and didn’t for the remainder of thr trip. About two minutes out I called the local ER and informed them I was coming with a very unique patient.

I personally knew all the nurses and physicians from working years along side them. They laughed me off until they saw her with their own two eyes. She wouldn’t speak, just grin and stare. They placed her on the same equipment I had put her on and returned to the nurses station and I began to explain what had happened. They all got a good laugh at my expense as they could tell I was visually shaken. I just stated, “if you don’t believe in evil, she will change your mind.” At this time the monitor they placed on her that can be seen at the nursing station alarmed. Her respirations were 40 times a minute, her nurse who was a very good friend of mine walked into the doorway of her room and just gasped and placed her hand over her mouth and just froze. Curiosity got the best of me and I went over to examine myself, how I wish I would of just dropped her off to them and ran back to the station.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, she was only touching the bed with the tips of her toes and the back of her head. Her entire body was in an arch, arms laid flat beside of her and her eyes souly locked on us two. She was panting in a way that sounded like a growl, we ordered the doctor into the room and he just said “Oh my God.” He ordered her a very powerful sedative called Versed, which is what they give you right before you have surgery. 2mg is plenty enough to put a decent sized man to sleep for a while. She remained in this position for at least five minutes, it seemed a lot longer. Her eyes were dark and empty, her voice was otherworldly, my blood turned to ice. She didn’t fight at all in administering the medication, twenty seconds later she was asleep or so we thought.

The Dr ordered a full head CT and blood work, I was pulled into her room by the nurses just incase she became violent or worse. I reached for her arm to place a tourniquet to help draw lab work, as soon as I touched her skin her eyes opened. She starred at me with this same empty eyes as the nurse went to get another dose of Versed. Two more MGs and she was still starring into my soul, I broke eye contact in hopes she would go to sleep. It never happened, this amount of medication could tranquilize anyone. We drew labs without an incident, all while hoping she would test positive for something. Her lab work came back as well as her CT, all was negative. Nothing was out of the ordinary in the slightest way, she hadn’t even taken a Tylenol. While we were discussing with the Dr what would they do next the silence of this small town ER was broken by a blood curdling scream, followed by words in a deep, raspy voice that I will never forget “I am Legion.” Then silence, at this time I had enough of this and returned to the station. I called the ER back about an hour later to see if anything else had happened, she was transferred to a psychiatric unit about two hours away. I never cared the check up on her and have no desire to this day. I pass that same home from time to time and it sends chills down my spine everytime.

This has become somewhat of a legend around the hospital, no one truly believes everything that happened. For the seven people who did witness what happened that night there is no doubt something otherworldly was there. Just writing and recalling that night put chills on me, it is one night I will never forget. That was the only time I looked at pure evil and I hope it is the last. I am 29 years old now and still work as a paramedic, everytime I get a call of someone hearing voices I can’t help but think about her.

My Best Friend Might be Possessed

So this story takes place about 2 years ago during spring break. Me and my best friend Nicki went to her parents condo in Florida for spring break. It probably wasn’t the safest thing to begin with considering we were two 18 year old pretty girls hundreds of miles from home all by ourselves, but being young you consider yourself invincible.

Our first night we just got settled in and got used to the place so nothing unusual happened then. The next night though we went to the resort hot tub at around 11 and met some people our age and invited them over to have a small party (bad idea). Anyway the party goes by with the usual college student debauchery and I decide I’m ready to go to bed and leave Nicki to get everyone out. Well at around 6am I wake up to her standing over my bed staring at me.

And it was the kind of staring that was more “watching you sleep” than “trying to wake you up” I started saying her name trying to wake her up or jar her out of whatever trance she was in to no avail. It wasn’t till after what felt like hours but was probably just a minute that she turned and slowly walked out of my room across the hall to hers. After I fell back asleep and woke up to daylight I walked outside and assessed the damage only to find the ouija board that I had brought as a joke out on the coffee table and everyone else was gone.

When nicki woke up she had no recollection of the event aside from the fact that the boys found the board and insisted they play. I never saw those boys again even though they were supposedly there for the whole week. I never woke up to nicki watching me either but I started locking my door because the next morning it was open even though I was sure I closed it.

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