Scary Experience with a Toy Rattlesnake

A few years ago, my family took a short holiday to a city we’d never visited before in Asia.

I have two sisters, and the youngest one has always been a little distant and timid. At the time of this story, she was about 7 years old. On the first day of our holiday, we visited several shops selling handcrafted souvenirs including small toys, keychains and jewellery, which had been made by the local indigenous people. I wasn’t feeling very well, so I stayed outside at most of the shops we visited.

At one of the last shops we visited, my youngest sister exited after a long time spent browsing inside, and told my parents she’d seen something she wanted very badly. She described it to be a ‘cute’ snake toy that was made out of wood.

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Something Tried to Possess My Mother

(Steele is pronounced as steel)

The Wisconsin autumn day was coming to a close, the sun starting to set as Grandma Steele drove my mom, Aunt Katie, and myself home from a day at my Uncle Roy’s in Shoto.  This had been one of the more peaceful moments with my family, in fact I remember laughing as my mom and Grandma Steele told stories from when they were young.

The story topic had eventually turned to the paranormal, from the tale of the ghost hitchhiker to the ghostly bride that I had encountered myself a couple years prior.  Everything was fine until after we passed this old cemetery, that was when something that scares me to this day happened.

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Paramedic’s Tale of Demonic possession

Let me start out by giving you a little back story to this particular situation. It was a humid summer night in June of 08′ or 09′ around 2 am, I am a paramedic in a very, very rural area. We have a population of about 22,000 and 500 square miles, the service I work for covered all 911 calls during this time. I had been a paramedic for about two years, prior to that I had been an EMT for three. The majority of the calls we received were either shortness of breath, due to 50% of the community being retired coal mine workers with some form of COPD or emphysema to coal dust and the rest being drug seeking individuals with the occasional shooting/stabbing/car accident.

That particular night I was dispatched to a call of a female patient who was hearing voices and seeing things that was not there according to her spouse. Around this time is when bath salts and all of the synthetic medications exploded and people were overdosing quite frequently.  In my mind I knew this was what was going on before I even left my station, looking back now I honestly wished it was that. When I was given the address I was kinda shocked, it wasn’t in the usual slums that we pick up overdoses. It was in a part of the county that was know to have very nice homes of working class people. Upon arriving to the persons home it reassured my thought, it was a well kept two story brick home. When I knocked on the door and announced my usually greeting “EMS (Emergency Medical Services), did someone call for an ambulance?” I was met by a 40ish year old man, I did not need to ask where the patient was. From across the room sat a female around the same age just starring at us with an empty stare. It sent chills down my both my partner and my spine. The type of stare I have never witnessed again, just empty. I introduced myself and my partner, and asked her name. Her eyes moved from my partner and looked me dead in the eyes and with a voice that should not of came from a 130lb female said “you are too late Joshua, they are already here.” I asked her who was here, she was still starring me directly in the eyes and had not blinked and said “can’t you feel us around you?”

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My Best Friend Might be Possessed

So this story takes place about 2 years ago during spring break. Me and my best friend Nicki went to her parents condo in Florida for spring break. It probably wasn’t the safest thing to begin with considering we were two 18 year old pretty girls hundreds of miles from home all by ourselves, but being young you consider yourself invincible.

Our first night we just got settled in and got used to the place so nothing unusual happened then. The next night though we went to the resort hot tub at around 11 and met some people our age and invited them over to have a small party (bad idea). Anyway the party goes by with the usual college student debauchery and I decide I’m ready to go to bed and leave Nicki to get everyone out. Well at around 6am I wake up to her standing over my bed staring at me.

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6 Real OUIJA Horror Stories

Ouija Boards – A game of REAL demon possession.

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