Basements are scarier than attics

I was 13 at the time of writing this, and still suffer from this.

It all started on my 12th birthday when I decided that my old room, which was a converted office, was too cramped and offered no privacy [as the doors were made of glass and there were more windows than walls].

I wanted to move into my houses basement spare bedroom. Which, surprisingly for a “basement” bedroom, is one of the nicest in the house, and the only one [aside from the master bedroom] to have a television.

Without permission, I set out to move. Which worked! But I soon realized that the spiders had to go. After that, nothing much ever happened for about a year. By this time, I was fully accustomed to this room.

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I used to live in a haunted house

The story I’m about to tell happened in a small village, on the Russian border. I was about 7 or 8 years old when my family moved to a house that was built by the previous owners. By the time we moved in, the house was about 70 years old or so. The house had a main floor, an attic and a basement, where the sauna was. I always hated going in the basement alone and didn’t enjoy going to the attic either.

I will start with my mom’s experience. I was 16 and we had already moved out of the old house when she told me about this. She said that she never felt welcome in the house, and she was slightly afraid every time she was inside alone.

One day, when she went to get something from the attic, she heard a box fall off onto the floor on its own. This obviously scared her, especially since she knew she was alone in the attic. The attic had 2 windows and only one light bulb, leaving a greater half of it completely dark at night and during the winter. Due to the darkness she couldn’t see which box fell down, or why it did that. I’m kind of happy she didn’t tell me this before we moved out, even though I was super interested in paranormal things as a child, and still am.

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My haunted childhood home

What I am about to share with you are a few paranormal occurrences that happened to me growing up in my childhood home.

I have told very few people about this, but it has been weighing on me for years.

I am 27 years old now, and these things had happened to me from the ages of 5 to 18, 18 being the age when I moved out of my mother’s house and into my first apartment.

Let me start off by saying that I am a very rational person. I work as an internal auditor for a major corporation in my area, and am a mother of an 8 year old boy and two dogs, so my personality is more serious than fanciful, but I have NEVER denied the existence of the paranormal.

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Gadsden Poltergeist

I don’t claim to be a great writer so bare with me. The year was 2015, my wife and I had just moved into a new house, well, it was new to us. It was a 3 bedroom, we stayed locked in the bedroom next to the kitchen, it was cold and we only had a small electric heater, the very reason we stayed in one room all the time.

We were laying in bed one night watching t.v, out of nowhere it sounded like everything in the house was been thrown around. I’m thinking what the hell, after I mustard up some nerve I decided to check it out.

I open my door, slowly step out and proceed to creep down the hallway. Halfway down the hall it suddenly stops. I check every room and everything appears normal. Okay, guess we both are going crazy i thought to myself.

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The Lady in Pink

This story isn’t creepy, per se, but it did happen in the middle of the day, in a brightly lit shop, right on a main road. So, it’s odd more than anything.

I work for a small business in a little suburb in Sydney, Australia. We’re pretty friendly with all our customer and I can recognise a lot of them by face, if not name.

Just to give you a quick layout: when you walk in, there’s an open area where we set up small displays. On the the immediate left, tucked into a sort of alcove, is a floor to ceiling display, with products stacked on shelves, and then a back to front L-shaped counter, with the bottom of the L making up one ‘wall’ of the alcove. There’s four aisles, and a smoothie/juice bar tucked up the back, which has a view of the counter and the front of the shop.

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Did You Hear That?

Growing up as a child to whom  lost her father to a car accident when she was only a baby, I have always been interested in the paranormal.

Because of this fact, I used to be scared of my shadow and a bit afraid of the dark.  I grew up timid and afraid of things that go bump in the night and always had unexplained things happen. As a child I had things happen to me that no child should have to endure. That is another story altogether though. I will jump ahead to my third marriage, and the house we currently live in.

When my husband and I moved into this house, my oldest daughter was 19 years old. She kept telling us that she was hearing noises, things were moving, and her radio would change stations by itself.

To give a bit of the background after my original mentality of being afraid of the dark, in 2001, I went to the police academy and became one of the very few police officers that were female on my force.

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