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My haunted childhood home

What I am about to share with you are a few paranormal occurrences that happened to me growing up in my childhood home.

I have told very few people about this, but it has been weighing on me for years.

Gadsden Poltergeist

I don’t claim to be a great writer so bare with me. The year was 2015, my wife and I had just moved into a new house, well, it was new to us. It was a 3 bedroom, we stayed locked in the bedroom next to the kitchen, it was cold and we only had a small electric heater, the very reason we stayed in one room all the time.

We were laying in bed one night watching t.v, out of nowhere it sounded like everything in the house was been thrown around. I’m thinking what the hell, after I mustard up some nerve I decided to check it out.

The Lady in Pink

This story isn’t creepy, per se, but it did happen in the middle of the day, in a brightly lit shop, right on a main road. So, it’s odd more than anything.

I work for a small business in a little suburb in Sydney, Australia. We’re pretty friendly with all our customer and I can recognise a lot of them by face, if not name.

Did You Hear That?

Growing up as a child to whom  lost her father to a car accident when she was only a baby, I have always been interested in the paranormal.

Because of this fact, I used to be scared of my shadow and a bit afraid of the dark.  I grew up timid and afraid of things that go bump in the night and always had unexplained things happen. As a child I had things happen to me that no child should have to endure. That is another story altogether though. I will jump ahead to my third marriage, and the house we currently live in.

6 SUPERNATURAL Poltergeist Ghost Stories and REAL Paranormal Activity

The Poltergeist are already here. Are you ready for some supernatural and paranormal activity?

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