Scary police experience

My dad was working for the Minot police for 24 years until he retired after this event.

My dad and his co-worker were called to a red house on the corner of a 4th avenue, earlier a young woman in her late 20s called reporting a woman screaming bloody hell.

Before I continue, my dad told me this house hasn’t had a resident living there for 25 years so they marked this house abandon, my dad and his co-worker we will call him j walked up to the house and proceeded to open the door when the loudest blood curdling my dad has ever heard came from upstairs, my dad and j almost shitted themselves after hearing this, so they pulled there guns and proceeded to open the door, my dad discribed the house to have one staircase leading to upstairs and one basement, so my dad told j to go upstairs and he would search on the main level, j said he isn’t going upstairs without him, note both of these men were 6 foot and weighed close to 200 pounds, my dad agreed to go with j, as they started to walk up the narrow staircase they started to here scratching noises coming from upstairs, when they got to the last step again the scream came except this time it sounded like a goat getting its head nailed to a post, there was two rooms upstairs one was open and one was shut, my dad grew a pair so he proceeded to open the door, when he flung the door open there was no one in there, but he noticed that there was this red stuff pouring out of the closet, j and my dad where about to open the door when they heard laughter coming from the other room, they turned there backs to the closest when the scream came inches away from them, they ran out of the door and were down the stairs faster than lightning but the scariest part was my dad looked at the open room and there was a man in his late 50s chewing on a human arm, my dad said that it wasn’t fake because of the dead lady right next to him.

my dad and j called for the swat team to come and get this man, when they arrived they went in and got this man, when the man walked out he has one eye and he had human flesh hanging from his mouth.

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My Fathers friend

This is a story from my dad’s friend. I’ll call him Dominic for the sake of his identity. This will be in his perspective.

I’m 42 year-old police officer of 5 years. It was 2000 when this happened. I was on patrol near the outskirts of my town. There is history of crack heads and meth addicts there, but this was different. I drove around in my cruiser and surveyed the area. That’s when I saw it.

I saw a girl about 15 years of age crying and bleeding profusely from her head.

I immediately got out and ran to her. She sobbed out words that I couldn’t comprehend. I called for an ambulance and sat her in the back of my cruiser and used my jacket to try to stop the bleeding. After the ambulance and detectives arrived and the girl calmed down, she told us something.

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Arrest From Hell

Hello I would like to start off by saying I am still a police officer and the Louisiana state so much of the information given about identities and locations may be changed due to safety reasons and job specification.

I’ve been a police officer now for six and a half years it’s around the Lafayette area in Louisiana and this story my name will be DJ. now I’ve listened to your channel for a while now and though some stories are good not many of them are real, my story might not have skinwalkers or red men Chasing After You but it does have the scariest monster of all when a human goes mad.

My Story begins about 2 years ago it was mid October and I got a call about a naked man running down the street disturbing the peace and indecent exposure. when I show up to the scene I noticed a heavy set naked man running from house to house banging on each door waiting for someone to open now at this time I was training a young Deputy that just got out of the academy and this story his name will be Jared.

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Something in the School

(This happened a couple of weeks ago) It was 9:30 P.M and I was just getting home from hanging  out with a friend. When I entered my house I noticed that my Aunt Jackie was visiting with my cousin Alec, I said “Hello” smiled and waved at them as I walked through the living straight to my room. I was tired and wanted to shower. After my shower I was on my laptop at my desk when I got a knock at the door. It was my brother, he asked if I would go out and throw a football or a frisbee around with him and Alec.

It was late and they would only be allowed to go out if I went with them.

I fought my tiredness and agreed to go with them, at this point it was around 10:40P.M. Keep in mind my brother is nine and my cousin is 14 and I am 19, I know it’s a big age gap between my brother and I, but thats how it’s always been. Anyways, back to us throwing the ball around at the park. After a few rounds of tossing the ball back and forth I got bored and I could tell my brother and Alec were too.

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Scary Night Patrol

I only recently asked him to tell it to me again. My uncle used to be a cop when I was younger, every so often he’d come over and tell my brother

something along the lines of “Hey guys, another baddie busted” or something like that. One Halloween my brother and I asked him if he had any “scary experiences as a cop” he looked at us with a kind of pale face and said “Yes, if you’d like to hear it I’ll tell you two, but promise you won’t tell your mum” we excitingly nodded and sat down near our fireplace.

One night (About 10PM) when I was rostered to work, I got a text from my boss saying my partner was very sick and would be off work for a while.

Until I could be assigned a temporary partner I would have to work alone, I didn’t mind this as it gave me some time to think, I got to work, clocked on, grabbed my gun and car keys and went out to the lot to hop into the patrol car. I noticed that the fuel gauge was pretty low so I just called my boss and said I’d fill it up later and asked to be reimbursed (This was pretty normal).

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Night Shift Cop Story

well to start off, it’s my uncle David’s​ story, but my family has always had encounters with the paranormal.  David is 40, served in the military until he married, then took a civilian job as a cop. 

When David started working as a cop in Montana he was given the grave yard shifts. A lot of his job is driving along long roads surrounded by open land. He admits to it being extremely boring at times.

David and his partner where on the night shift when they got a call from someone complaining about a creepy man standing on a hill. It was the middle of winter and with such a low crime rate, my uncle figured it was just a homeless trying to find Shelter from the snow. So in the middle of the night in the freezing cold my uncle and his partner went out to find the homeless man and offer help.

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Deomon in the Walmart Parking Lot

A short preface; at the time of these events, I was around 8, female and my mother had died a year before. I had been picked to shop at a WalMart with a police officer for christmas presents for myself or my family.

Around 8 or so I was driven to some building where a bunch of police officers and children gathered for the event. I was alone, my parents having dropped me off. I stayed near a window, a cripplingly antisocial young girl st the time. I stared through the glass, eyes tracing the line of trees across a large field. I saw something moving in the trees, making them shake and the birds fly out of them and land above me on the building’s roof. A big, black thing had been there. But when I was sbout to get up and go tell someone, my given officer found me and ee had to go.

After eating together, the officer and I headed out to his police cruiser. I gawked at all the machinery, loving the flickering lights. He laughed, and we started going. I forgot the black monster in my awe, but I would remember soon.

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The Call

For background to the story, my brother and I are involved with law enforcement in our local police department. Im a field training officer for the the law enforcement explorer program and my brother is a community service officer for the department. We love what we do, don’t get me wrong, there’s ups and down but what happened on a particular day, we will never forget.

It was a quiet Thursday morning when my brother and I were patroling around the neighborhood in the squad car, Unit 20.  We were in the middle of having conversation about me leaving to join the Marine Corps, and him possibly going to to police academy, when we hear an officer being dispatched to a call.

  • “707 respond to a 10-15 (civic disturbance) at 2234 Columbus Avenue.  A realtor was showing a  house to a couple, and when they looked in the closet, they found a woman with black hair, and a white night gown, crying in the corner”

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The Hills Have Eyes

In college, I was a criminal justice major, but this incident  made me change my major and quit my job as a probation officer. I worked for the Juvenile Justice Department as a Probation Officer in one of the southern states of the United States. As a Probation Officer for juveniles, you have to make frequent field visits- to schools, to homes, to places of business. Most of the time, the visits were uneventful, but any time I went on a field visit, it was always a little unnerving, especially the home visits.

As a Juvenile Probation Officer, you are not allowed to carry a weapon, and quite often, you could get into some sticky situations, so we used a group text system to check in, and to let our fellow officers know if we were in danger or needing assistance. Once you checked in, there was another check in every 30 minutes-40 minutes. If you needed help you used the name Aunt Mae (as in May Day).

The last home visit that I went on was in a very rural area. It was a hot, summer day and it was about noonish. The area was an economically depressed area, and many of the homes were either boarded up and vacant or in a dilapidated state. I arrived at the house- probably one of the better looking houses in the area, sent a check-in text to my office, and knocked on the door, announcing that I was from the Juvenile Justice Department and flashing my badge so that if someone looked through the window or door, they could see I was really a police/probation officer. Even though the kid on probation was supposed to be at home, no one answered the door at first, so, I walked back towards my car. As I get back to my car, I see the front door open and an enormous man, at least 6’9″ (my uncle is 6’6″ and this guy easily would’ve towered over him) comes out onto the porch and calls out to me. He was unkempt and dirty looking, and gaunt, but muscular at the same time. My first thought was that this guy looked like a meth head.

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Gruesome Police Encounter

I was 17 years old when this happened and I live in the Philippines.

It was 2 a.m. when I received a call from my aunt. She said that my grandmother was rushed to the hospital and I need to come quick. I rushed to get my motorcycle. When I was speeding down the highway I saw blue and red lights flashing in the distance so I immediately made a turn. But when I am passing this dark portion of this highway, a flashing light and a laser was blurring my vision so I quickly pulled the brakes.

Then I saw a police officer in the dark flashing his light in my face while his rifle was pointing towards my head. I am literally shaking by this time when he said “get on the ground!”. He didn’t ask for my licence and registration. He grabbed my head and forcefully brought me to the ground. I pleaded that I have my licence and I have my motorcycle registration and I have a complete riding gear but he cuffed me instead. I asked what I did wrong and he didn’t respond. My mind and heart was running wild on what will he do to me. He dragged me into an unmarked vehicle that looks very old and shabby.

While I was siting in the van thinking what might happen to me I heard a police car pull up and I heard the radio chatter. They were needed to respond a call just a few blocks from where I am. It is so close to where we are that we can hear someone crying and begging for help. The man came to the officers begging for help. The officers tried to calm him down but he had a breakdown so the officers called an ambulance.

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