I am a 22 year old male who lives in the UK .This story took place when I was in high school on summer break.by the way, please forgive me for any spelling/grammar

I had recently got my drivers licence, and was tacking some of my friends to a party. To get there you need to go through a small dirt road surrounded by wood. Anyway back to  the story. We had just got to the part where you have to go through the dirt road when I heard some soft rustling in the woods to are left.I have always been a believer in the paranormal  and this isn’t the only story I’ve got . Anyway , I quickly caught up with the rest of my friends and tried to brush it off as just hearing things . I have always been fine watching horror stories on darkness prevails and mr.nightmare , but experiencing them is something else .

So,10 minuits went by and we didn’t hear anything . All of a sudden I saw something black and monstrouse emerge from a near bye bush it was the most horrifying thing I had ever seen . It had large horrible black eyes and a strange twisted face . I stood motionless and so did my friends . Suddenly ithought how much smarter it would have been to take my car rather than walk . Just as it started to walk forward , I remembered the handgun I keep in my backpack .


I saw something at that camping site

I was 15 years old at the time this happened. I was stupid and young like most people are. My mum forced me to go to boy scouts and it was my first campout. I had a good amount of badges and was strong  and sporty. Anyway, to the story.

We got into the truck and were driven to the camp site. I still remember what the camp looked like. It was filled with chipped pieces of wood and was surrounded by forest. We did the usual make a fire and playing man hunt with more people my age. Soon the sun began to set and our scout masters (we’ll  call them Benjamin and Thomas)told us older kids to go into the forest and find some food such as rabbits or bird’s to eat, so we went into the damp forest with no supervisors whatsoever.

We all split-up so we could catch more food. I decided to go to some rabbit holes I knew were there because I had gone there with my parents two years ago. I began to hum to myself as I walked to the rabbit hole. This is when I first saw it: a huge black creature with deer horns on its head and a wild coyote hanging in its mouth. I just stood there staring at this beast. It didn’t seem to notice me, that is until the worst happened; my stomach rumbled very loudly

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