Pizza Hut Creeper

This happened to me about three years when I started working at Pizza Hut, it was my first job and it was the beginning of my first year in college.

My brother knew the manager so I was able to get a job fairly easy there, it was only a quarter of a mile away from my mother’s house and I wanted to lose a little bit of weight so most days I walked to work, don’t get me wrong it wasn’t the best part of town but everybody knew me as the friendly pot smoker big Mike, so most people didn’t mess with me.

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Haunted pizza Hut

I used to work in a pizza Hut in a small town in North Carolina, and here are a few horror stories from there. My first experience was after a week of me starting there, I was talking to my manager and the topic of ghosts came up and they told me about one night when her and another manager was cleaning up for the night when they first heard someone walk in to the building which was weird because the building was locked up tight. They both went up the front and saw no one was there.

They both thought that maybe something had hit the windows and being in the kitchen it sounded like someone coming in.

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My two bad experiences or the reason i quit Pizza Hut

Ok so this isn’t a very long story but it should serve as a warning to anyone who delivers pizza to make sure you know where you are going and be aware of what’s going on at all times . This happened over 3 years ago in spring of 2015. I worked at a local Pizza Hut at the suggestion of a friend who put in a good word for me. I am a guy and was 24 at the time.

The only reason I took the job was because my previous employer had recently passed away and I needed the money, anyways I had a creepy and a terrifying experience in the same night just a few hours apart and I even remember what the orders were.

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