Pizza Hut Creeper

This happened to me about three years when I started working at Pizza Hut, it was my first job and it was the beginning of my first year in college.

My brother knew the manager so I was able to get a job fairly easy there, it was only a quarter of a mile away from my mother’s house and I wanted to lose a little bit of weight so most days I walked to work, don’t get me wrong it wasn’t the best part of town but everybody knew me as the friendly pot smoker big Mike, so most people didn’t mess with me.

About three weeks in I started working night shifts which was from about 3 noon til 11 at night, it wasn’t bad, I got along with most of my coworkers and my boss told me if I kept working hard I’d be up for a promotion but I liked what I was doing just fine.

I was closing one night when a late order came in for a pick up, I’ll never forget that guy’s name Tony Gonzalez, he came in and looked homeless he order two large pepperoni pizzas.

He was a Mexican guy who looked like he was in his mid 40s and about 200 pounds over weight, and had meth mouth which I’ve seen a little bit around where I’m from which is a small town in South Carolina, he walks up to the counter where I was working, he tells me his name and number, I hand him is pizzas and for some reason when I open the box to show him the pizza he tells me how cute I am, I tell him umm thanks, not being homosexual I was really creeped out by this and the way he staired at me after I took his money and gave him his change was just over the top freaky.

It was closing time so after he left we looked up and started cleaning up, it only took us about 30 mins to get everything straight and clean. On the way out my coworker asked me if I needed a ride home I told him no I always walk but tonight I wished I did, it’s a night I’ll never forget.

After my coworker left I started my walk home in the dark which never bothered me, I was halfway home when I noticed that there was somebody behind me a few feet I looked behind me and they stopped in the dark where I couldn’t see them, I turned around and started walking faster, the person behind me walked the same pace I was, I started running until I got into some light and I finally got a chance to see it was Tony… He yells to me, “Big Mike, where you running off to? I wanna see what you taste like.” I saw the he had a three inche blade and a crazy look in his eye, he was out of breath and I saw this was my chance to finish running home.

I got home and told my mom about what happened and she told me that the cops couldn’t do anything since he was most likely gone by then and I didn’t see him outside anywhere. I called and told my boss about what happened and he said he knew exactly who I was talking about and he would be sure to call the cops if he sees him, he had also been harassing other younger male workers.

I didn’t see him anymore after that encounter but in October my sister looked was looking at the sex offender register to be sure to avoid any neighborhoods that had a sex offender in it.

She asked me what the man’s name was that attacked me and I said Tony Gonzalez, she turned her phone and sure enough it was him! He was on the Register because he had kidnapped a kid under the age of five back in 1999. My jaw dropped and I started freaking out. Luckily I’m far away from the place I use to live because I still have nightmares about him chasing me.

Haunted pizza Hut

I used to work in a pizza Hut in a small town in North Carolina, and here are a few horror stories from there. My first experience was after a week of me starting there, I was talking to my manager and the topic of ghosts came up and they told me about one night when her and another manager was cleaning up for the night when they first heard someone walk in to the building which was weird because the building was locked up tight. They both went up the front and saw no one was there.

They both thought that maybe something had hit the windows and being in the kitchen it sounded like someone coming in.

So they both went back to finishing up the cleaning and paperwork when they both heard someone inside the building say “hello”. They both looked up towards the rent again again and once again nothing.

So they decided to try to hurry up and get out of there when the lights on the buffet table all turned on at the same time. At this point my manager said it might just be a problem with the power or something, but she pulled out her phone and started video taping just in case something happened otherwise no one would believe them.

So my manager decided she would unplug the buffet table in case it was a power problem. She unplugged it and the lights automatically turned off but then they popped right back on with the table unplugged.

After that they both decided that they should hurry and finish up and ten minutes later they were out of there.

Now my horror story, I was one day stocking the dough in the freezer when the door shut. I’d just thought that maybe the box I had in front of it had thawed out and got pushed out of the way by the heavy door. I went to open the door back up only to find that it wouldn’t move it felt like someone was pushing on it and keeping me in there, I was slightly worried because I only had a thin jacket on and the temperature in the freezer was -5, so I started to hit on the door and tell who ever was out there to let me out only for the door to stay closed.

I kept hitting on the door for five minutes.

I started to worry that I was actually gonna die in a pizza Hut freezer when all of a sudden the door opened. It was another worker who looked at me strangely when I fell out of the door pretty much. She asked me what was wrong and I looked at her and asked her if it was her holding the door shut on me.

She looked at me and said no and that she had only came in a moment ago and that no one else was in there. I went to my manager and told her what happened so we reviewed the security footage and saw that no one had closed to the door and no one was in there while I was trapped.

To this day I still have no idea what happened

My two bad experiences or the reason i quit Pizza Hut

Ok so this isn’t a very long story but it should serve as a warning to anyone who delivers pizza to make sure you know where you are going and be aware of what’s going on at all times . This happened over 3 years ago in spring of 2015. I worked at a local Pizza Hut at the suggestion of a friend who put in a good word for me. I am a guy and was 24 at the time.

The only reason I took the job was because my previous employer had recently passed away and I needed the money, anyways I had a creepy and a terrifying experience in the same night just a few hours apart and I even remember what the orders were.

The first was a regular pepperoni pizza to what I assumed were college students, when I pulled up to the address that I put in my phone it looked like the kind of house student would rent. The guy that answered the door was middle aged and gave me a bad vibe right away. He tried to invite me inside to pay for the order but I told him I would wait outside like we’re supposed too. Anyway he gets all weird about it and grumbling to get the money his wife tried to get me to come in as well. again i declined and told her that I would wait.

After getting the order taken care of this woman follows me out to the car and just stares as I drive away. I was chilled just by the way she was staring from the sidewalk.

I put it out of my mind after I got back to the store and went out to deliver a medium sized supreme pizza.

As I pull up to the address, which was a few blocks away from the creepy couple by the way, I get out and do the usual delivery stuff and knock on the door. No answer so I knock again and even try the door bell. After what seems like forever I hear a click and then another click.

One was the door but I couldn’t place the second one. The guy who answered looked mad and asked what the hell I wanted. I told him I was delivering his order. He said he didn’t place it. I noticed he was holding something by his leg, I was trying not to stare but I noticed a glint of metal and I immediately know what that second click was. I had to make sure I stayed calm because I mightve been killed right then and there.

He even pointed down to the address down the road with his pistol.

I was so relieved to get away and very lucky that he didn’t turn that thing on me or try to rob me. I got out of there as quickly as I could.

Needless to say I quickly found a new job and quit Pizza Hut a couple weeks after that. Just be careful where you go when you make your deliveries you never know who will answer the door.