Pedophile in BigW

Ok, so I live in Australia, so as such, most of you will not have a clue of what BigW is, basically BigW is like a more expensive Target, you can buy clothes, makeup, appliances, that sort of thing. My mother trusted me to wander off by myself to look at what I wanted to at this point I had just recently turned 14, so I had a phone in the event of any emergency,

I had been looking at binders, from my peripheral I noticed slight movement from the end of the aisle, I glared at the tall, lanky, irritated eyed male standing there, staring dead at me, as soon as my eyes met his, he began walking towards me, I moved a step away, innocently thinking that he wanted to look at binders too, he stopped about a foot away from me, he just stared down at me, I was reasonably tall, standing at about 5.7, however, he towered over me, about 6.1, “Can I help you?” I inquired, he shook his head, the sides of his mouth started turning up into a large unsettling teethy grin, showing his disgusting, yellow teeth,

I began walking away, I was stopped by a strong grasp on my upper arm, “You’re coming with me.” he explained bluntly, yanking my arm towards the employee back door, he stopped, his mouth reaching to my ear, “Act happy and I wont hurt you.” he whispered, my body froze, I caught gaze with an employee, I mouthed ‘help’, as we were almost at the back door I heard, “Emily! what are you doing here, where’s mom?” the same employee said, “Oh hey, Molly.”

I said reading her name tag, “I didn’t know you were working tonight.” I continued, the man looked at Molly, disgusted, he scoffed shuffling away, “Come.” she pleaded taking me into the women’s clothing area, as soon as she knew we couldn’t be seen she started, “That guy is always in here, staring at me or the other female employees.” she explained, I shook my head, “Is anybody here with you?” she asked, “Yeah, my mom’s here, she will be in the kitchen appliances or home décor, thank you for helping me.” I said giving her a hug, she walked with me until I found my mom, I explained to her what had happened and she profusely thanked Molly, I escaped unscathed that day, thank god.

Today, I’m 19, I have a one year old child, named Cameron, my fiancé, Nathan and myself were at my mom’s house last weekend, I recalled this story to my mother, what she said next made my blood run cold, “That man was arrested last month for kidnapping and child neglect.” she explained to me, the only thing I did was look at my son, every day for the rest of his life I’m going to make sure he is ok, I often think about what would have happened if Molly hadn’t had the guts to approach the guy and I.


The Pedophile Attic Creepy Stalker

I was 11 years old when I moved to the Massachusetts area from the New Hampshire area. I was an awkward girl and didn’t make friends easily.

Everything in the house had carpet except for the attic. It took a pull down ladder to get up into and it gave off an unfinished creepy vibe off. Also, it was in my room so it creeped me out even more.

One day, I was left home alone on a Friday Night. My parents were out and my little brother to a friend’s house. I invited a friend over to my house because I was so bored.

Soon after, she came and we started making cookies and making popcorn to watch a movie. As we were watching the movie, I heard footsteps coming from upstairs. I dismissed them at first thinking it was just outside, but after the footsteps came back, it worried me.

My friend then left around 9:30 pm and left me all alone in my big house with creepy footsteps. Me being a stupid 12 year old, I went upstairs with a bat and just went off to bed. But I couldn’t sleep.

So, I took a shower and after I started changing did i see a flash. It alarmed me and freaked me out. I screamed and cried but it fell on deaf ears because no one was home and wouldn’t be home till sunday morning.

I went over to the phone and debated on calling the police but thought against it, multiple times.

So I went back into my room cautiously and heard the footsteps again. They were unmistakably coming from the attic, in my room. I was freaking out and cried silently as I got into bed. I saw another flash of the camera. This went on for the rest of the night.

Saturday early morning the next day, I had had enough and ran to the room across and dialed 911. I was grateful to see the police at my doorstep within minutes.

I took them to my room and showed them the pull down rope to pull down the ladder. They pulled the door down and went up the stairs and were shocked at what they saw. They took pictures and showed me. There were pictures of me all over the walls and some blood and some of my clothes and my personal diary that I thought I lost.

I was horrified and shocked and passed out. As the ambulance that was called shortly after I had passed out, one of the officers spotted a man lurking near the house. They arrested him and pulled up his record. He had an assortment of charges, ranging from sexual assault to murder.

After I recovered from my fall, an officer told me that the man they had arrested after I passed out was indeed the man who was staying and living in the attic. They assumed he started living there as soon as my family moved into the house.

Turns out, the man living upstair in the attic had been stalking me and following me wherever i went undetected. Also, that he was a registered sex offender and had his plans on taking away a child’s innocence such as myself at the time.

I decided after that whole incident happened, that I moved out of that room and went to another room. My old room where this happened is currently unoccupied since the police has put their caution tape all over it since it’s still a scene of disturbing and what could’ve been an unforeseen demise to my death.

Pedophile Neighbor

To start this story off, this happened a couple years ago when I was around 14 years old, still a young girl who acted before thinking. I was naive and kept things to myself, so as I’m finally telling this story now, I realize I should’ve spoken to someone sooner. This all happened in my town of around 49,000 people, which isn’t as small as we seem whenever we are rarely spoken of. To give you an easier look, my neighborhood is obviously formed into blocks, but it cuts off into a z-formation on one side, hence its name “Z Court”.

So 14 year old me was a more home-bodied kid than anyone you’d probably ever meet. The only reason I’d be outside was to support my love for photography, and that’s where this man comes into play. I was outside playing around with my small blue nikon camera, walking around my block taking pictures of flowers, the trees, and everything a nature lover like little me could think of.

As I was walking on Z-Court, which does look like a bigger version of an alleyway, I heard a mans voice calling out to me. He was asking me all sorts of questions a 40-something-year old man (who looked like a creeper), shouldn’t really be asking a teenager. Asking stuff like my age, if I liked taking pictures (and adding in the fact that he loved taking pictures too, which plays into the story), asking me if I liked to dress pretty, then complimenting my outfit.

He motioned me to follow him back into his yard, which is actually visible from mine from over a fence, saying that he had some cool stuff that I could take pictures of.

I had already been in his yard before, because I was friends with the girls who lived in the house before him, and I knew it was a mess because there is a fence showing his backyard. I politely declined and he continued to motion me to his yard. I kept on walking past his house and on my routine around our block, ignoring his calls to me and walking faster.

That night, I noticed that all his lights were on in his house from my kitchen window, and I could see him walking around. Me being the curious little tween, the whole night I continued to peer at him from my house, and my dad eventually asked me what I was doing. When I told him I was watching (I’ll call him James) “James”, he told me to stop being a stalker no matter how strange he looked. Ignoring my dad, I looked back through the window and realized “James” was standing in front of his window, looking like he was staring back at me, but his face was too dark by the horrible lighting that it was hard to tell.

I ducked as fast as I possibly could to hide from him, feeling my heart drop to my feet. As fast as I could, I dropped into a squat position and waddled quickly to my dining room, and ran up my stairs to my bedroom. I decided to sleep off my fear and hope that he didn’t actually catch me, and also hoping he wouldn’t come after me.

I woke up that next day and my mom told me that “James” had been arrested, they found over 100 weapons (mostly guns) in the house, and a computer full of child pornography. He was arrested and put on trial, and he eventually was put into jail for I don’t know how long. I’m pretty sure if anyone looked it up you could find it on the internet, his name, his address, and everything against him. Thank the lord that I was smart and knew not to follow him, or I would probably be one of the kids on his computer.

Who knows what would happen to me, dealing with the weapons or being one of the poor kids that were taken pictures of.

Instagram Pedophile

Before I begin this story I want to say at the time of this event I was eleven years old and pretty dumb. Even though I was in all advanced classes and made all A’s and B’s I still wasn’t good with using my head.

Anyway. One day I got a message on Instagram. The man who’s name I later learned was David said “hi.” I didn’t want to talk to this guy so I tried to make it seem like I was a really rude person. We ended up talking for most of the weekend and I found out the was 27 and apparently lived in Nigeria. He’d constantly call me pet names like babe, baby, sweetheart, and once he even called me ‘my love’.

After I told him I was 11 it seemed like he was still trying to hit on me. I still have screenshots of the messages. He had asked me to be his girlfriend and I used every excuse I could think of. I said that I didn’t want to be in a relationship because the age difference would cause too much drama. In reality, I just thought he was a creep. I got a series of messages from David.

David: But I don’t see anything wrong in you

David: I’m not talking drama to you babe

David: I really like you

David: Please try to understand

David: We can make it work babe

David: God has reasons why he allowed us to meet each other

These are the exact messages I received. After a while of talking, I said goodbye and deleted the convo after taking a bunch of screenshots. A few days later I got two messages from him. He was asking me to message him as soon as I saw the messages. I knew he hadn’t gotten the hint so I deleted the messages, blocked, and reported him. I was fairly new to Instagram at this time so I had my friend report him. He ended up reporting David twice.