This word pedophile brings up the worst of thoughts in all of our heads doesn’t it. When in a community, a pedophile is an extremely dangerous mark to have. No body want their young to be attacked and I understand that completely. I had a long time girlfriend once but we both separated and I live in London now with a decent paying job and I was an ordinary bloke.

It all started when I went round to do some shopping and pick up some food as there was none in my flat. As I was driving back to my flat I noticed a group of strange kids just standing their with their heads down, I couldn’t see their faces properly and having to concentrate on the roads I could not observe for much longer. i remember stopping at the red lights and in that moment of waiting I swore one of those kids was walking behind my car and I checked by getting out and there was a hand mark in the dust of my car.

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I was followed into the woods

As children, we are all taught to trust adults. Whether it be our parents or guardians, relatives or teachers, we always have been told we could trust these people. However, not every family friend you meet can be trusted.

I’d like to say that I am a female, fourteen years of age, as of me writing this. When the story happened, I was around five or six years old.

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The skate park

Around the time of this story I was like 9. This happened in Idaho at my local skatepark. I’m not a big skater but my brother was and I had some friends there too. One random day a car showed up in the skatepark parking lot.

Everyone thought nothing of it and went on with the day. That same car went there and parked in the same place everyday. On the second week that the car was there a skater lets call him Jeff.

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Almost Kidnapped

I’m a sixteen year old girl and I’m five foot two, and this experience happened to me two days ago. It was spring break and I went on a trip with a teacher and friend from school for a robotics trip in Denver. The first 3 days there were no problems and everything was going great, we had fun working and meeting new people from other towns and states. We got the place set up for the competition the first two days and on Saturday started taking it all down.

On the last day after all the games were over one of the teams stayed to help us clean and take it all apart. They left around 9 pm that night and the rest of the volunteers stayed to help. Around 10:30 pm most of the volunteers went home and it was only a few of us and the people who were driving the trucks to take the parts for the games. While we were finishing up I started getting a strange feeling like someone was watching me and as I looked around I saw one of the truck driving guys looking at me. I felt my heart skip a beat and I got cold. The man was probably in his late twenties and had a beard and long reddish brown hair, and probably around six foot tall. Thinking since I was in a big city maybe he was just trying to figure out if he knew me I ignored it at first.

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My Best Friend’s Father

Up until I was 11 I had a best friend, like most kids do. We’ll just call her Julia. She was in the same class as I was in school, and lived only a few houses away from me. I’d met her around grade 1, and we’d been inseparable since we met. We had the same interests and they both developed as we grew up.

I had my first sleepover with her when we were roughly around 9 years old. Her mother had met my parents, we had playdates with each other at one another’s houses, but it was our first sleepover together, which was like a whole new experience. Nothing exciting ever happened, other than me meeting her father for the first time. He was tall, sandy blond hair and he wore glasses. Overall, he was a fairly nice man.

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Stranger in the Woods

Last summer, I had my first kiss. It was with Luke, my older brother’s friend. Luke was an okay guy, he was kind of a pushover, but he made me laugh and seemed to enjoy my company.

My brother, Alex, had an attitude problem, most teenagers did. I was a crybaby when I was little and he was insensitive, so we didn’t get along too well. Over the years, he’s mellowed out and my skin had thickened, but our relationship always felt like we were standing on thin ice. I’ve always wanted to have a more positive relationship with him.

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My Horrifying Facebook Friend

I always wanted to share this experience, but I was afraid of being called a liar, or laughed at saying I “made it up.” To this day, my parents don’t even know this happened. What I’m about to tell you is as true as I can state it, and an experience that still haunts my mind to this very day. I was a 16 year old girl at the time, but not a very happy one. I was bullied in school, and had my heart broken several times by guys who often manipulated me.

I had one best friend, whom I’m still friends with to this very day.

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Nightmare of a Babysitter

This took place 3 years ago when I was 13 years old, I also have a little sister who, at the time, was only 5.

My parents were going out with some friends for the evening, so they called a babysitter to watch me and my sister ’till they got home. My parents had left before the sitter had arrived, so we had no idea when she was coming.

At the time we lived in a pretty big house where all ou neighbors were a good mile and a half away from us. When she arrived, she seemed like a normal girl, mid 20’s and looking very nice.

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Why I now hate Tigger the tiger

This story happened back when I was sixteen and was visiting Disney world in Orlando for the fourth time with my parents in the past few years. I have always loved Disney but due to this incident we haven’t been back since and our still considering if we ever should.

We were visiting Epcot when we saw two of my favorite characters since I was around the age of two, Tigger and Pooh, I remember having a bouncy Tigger toy and that’s where the love for him started.

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Craigslist creepy bar owner

I live in Houston & 4 years ago I attracted a creepy pedophile through craigslist. I have autism & had just turned 20 & was posting resumes on craigslist hoping to find some type of honest work. I posted this picture of me to include it in hopes it would increase my chances of finding work. This was months before I got my 1st job at Walmart so I was desperate.

Eventually I got called by a man who sounded a little like Mr Rogers, except creepy & effeminate. He said he saw my resume on craigslist & was willing to give me some ‘work’. He told me he owns a bar & is a lonely man. I thought maybe he was willing to give me a gig at his bar, possibly as a ragtag bouncer or dishwasher. He said he was a gay man & asked if I was okay with being friends with him. He wanted to meet up with me & I was asking what work I would be doing & he said “well none really. I’d pay you to spend some time with me.” He got around to asking if I had a girlfriend or partner & I ranted how Ive been rejected by every girl Ive shown interest in & was a virgin. He acted like he was gonna give me a job & help me out with the ladies.

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