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The Red Jacket

Hi, My name is Kai and this story took place in the backwoods of West Texas

It was about 7 years ago the most terrifying event happened to me and 30 other people. I was about 12 years old when my mom my sister my grandma and I where heading to my sistersfriends house located 12 miles outside of town deep in the heart of the woods. The only reason we where heading out that way was because that was the location for my sisters girl scouts meeting of the month.

All the family of the girls where together talking inside discussing work and sports while all the children including myself where outside playing. The only room they had to play in the backyard was about 20 yards from the edge of the forest. Me and my sister where about to go inside because darkness wa starting to swallow the sky.

Thing in my Window

This is a short story, but it took place when I was around 10-11 and I will never forget it.

First, I’ll explain the layout of my room. When you walk in the door, there is a window directly across from the door. My bed was on the wall on the right, with the headboard where the window is, so when I slept I was facing my door.

On this night, being the weird child I am, I decided to sleep the opposite way in my bed, facing the window. I slept with my cat Emma every night, with the window slightly open so Emma could sit in the windowsill and enjoy the breeze.

Haunted Barn

I’ve been listening to these stories on YouTube for quite some time, and I’m a big fan of them. This is also my first post. I didn’t think I had a story to share of my own, but I remembered this one from my childhood.

When I was young, I had a friend who was the same age as me – for the sake of anonymity, I’ll call her Jane. She had two older non-identical twin sisters, who I’ll call Eva and Evelyn. They were friends with my older sister, partly because they were the same age. We knew them through our elementary school. They were living with their mom at the time, as they were too young to have a place of their own. The mom was divorced at this point but still unmarried, so the family was all girls.

My Dream House

My name is Danielle, I’m nineteen, and I have a bizarre story that began with a dream. This was a dream I had a few months ago, so unfortunately it’s a bit vague, but the details that stuck with me are perplexing.

In this dream, I was in a house I’d never seen before. To be forthright, I wasn’t even sure if I was me; I sometimes have dreams where I am seeing from the perspective of someone else. I am seeing with their eyes as if I were them, so I only know which perspective I’m seeing from if I distinctly remember when I wake up, or if I did something in the dream or acted in a way that was out of character. Although, even if I was myself, I had a different life–I was surrounded by friends and family that looked vaguely familiar, but I remember thinking to myself as I was dreaming that I didn’t really know them. But my Dream Self acted as though all was normal.

It Hated All of Us

First off I’d like to start off by saying I am one who believes in the paranormal and I also believe in witches, witchcraft, and all that good stuff. I just turned 19,  but this story takes place when I was maybe around the age of 14. This is when I lived in an apartment with my older half sister and older half brother along with my little brother who isn’t half and my mother.

I’d also like to note that in this apartment, my mom had this family picture of all four of us kids and her. She also had seperate pictures of each of us near the kitchen along a window sill. This is important to the story later on.

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