The Shadow That Haunted Me.

This story is from when i was about 11-12 years old.

My family lived in a fairly decent neighbor hood, there weren’t very many break-ins or robberies, or any serious crimes like that in the past couple years.

But anyways, I used to ride my bike down a trail near my house, it led to an old abandoned trailer.

A lot of older kids used to go there and break windows and spray paint. You know, those types of things. I guess i wanted to fit in, so i started going back there and messing around. I’d throw rocks at the walls in an attempt to break holes in it. I pretty much busted up most of the walls in the living room area, so i went farther into the trailer.

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My Shadow Person

I’m not one who often experiences the paranormal but when your dog notices you notice.

I was in my room playing on my phone like I usually do and when I looked up I saw a shadowy humanoid figure standing in my door way.

I had the sense that it was staring at me. Not like it wanted to hurt me and was planning my murder, but like when you look up and see your dog staring at you.

I decided to pass it off for me looking at my phone for to long. My dog on the other hand decided to let me know it wasn’t just my eyes playing tricks on me.

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my childhood friend

My family is not a normal family, we have every race within us, from white, black, asian, mexican. Everyone has many stories to tell. Even the kids. so heres the backstory to mine and my dads worst experience.

Ill split this into 2 parts of the same story.

Part 1

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Christmas Horrors

Let me begin that I believe strongly in the paranormal. I always have since I was a little girl. But this story is not about my past experiences, it is about the most recent ones that only occur on Christmas.
It all started when I was about 12 years old. It has always been a thing for me to wake up between 1 and 3 A.M. every Christmas morning. So, like usual, I woke up very excited because it was Christmas. It was difficult for me to fall back asleep, so I laid there for a while when all of a sudden I hear a voice that sounded exactly like Santa which said “Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas!” and continued to replay as if it was a recording. It kept on occurring multiple times and wouldn’t stop. So I wanted to see where the source was coming from, so I got out of my bed and walked very slowly to the living room. Where my room was, you could just walk straight down the hallway to the living room. But then, when I reached a part of the hallway where you could see the living room, the recording stopped and it was completely quiet. I looked at the living room and nothing seemed out of place, just presents around the Christmas tree. I walked across the living room which was connected to my parent’s room and peeked in to see if they were awake, and they weren’t. This puzzled me so much, so I walked back to my room and feel to sleep. When I woke up again, I secretly asked my parents and brothers if they heard anything last night, and they said no. This alone would’ve freaked me out for the rest of my life, but that was not the end to these weird scenarios.
The following year it was Christmas once again and I was as excited as ever. So I went to sleep, not thinking about the previous year, and once again woke up between 1 to 3 A.M. I was in my bed not being able to fall asleep and decided to walk out to the living room to see everything. The hallway is also connected to my older brothers room, so I looked to see if he was awake and he wasn’t. So, I walked out and it was all lit up and beautiful, and I could see that my parents were asleep in their room, which would play a role later on. I went back to my room and tried to fall asleep. All of a sudden, I hear these heavy footsteps walking the path to my room. I turned to face my door when my door opens. But I saw no hand or anything push or turn on the door to open it. My dogs were in my room at that time, and whoever was there called for my dogs and left. At first, I thought it was my dad, so I was so nervous to leave my room because I thought I was gonna get in trouble. So I went back to sleep and decided to ask him about it in the morning. After all the festivities, I asked my dad if he took the dogs from my room, but he said no. Then I asked my mom, and she said they were just there when she woke up. My brothers again said they didn’t take the dogs. Now, I was completely freaked and didn’t know what just happened. Now I thought this wouldn’t happen again, but to my surprise, the following year, again something occurred, but this time it wasn’t me, but my little brother.
This was the most recent Christmas, and my brother was 12 and I was 14. I had just moved into my older brother’s room since he went off to college, and my little brother took my room. Both my older brother and I slept in my room. Now, this time I was expecting something to happen, but when I woke up early Christmas morning, nothing was out of the ordinary. So I went back to sleep and woke up for regular Christmas morning. My younger brother told me something that startled me, he asked if he heard something around 4 A.M. I answered no, and he said it sounded like a recording of an elf saying “present” over and over again getting louder and louder. He got scared and did what any kid would, and placed a pillow over his head to stop it, and he said it did.
This is was absolutely crazy and made no sense that it all occurred year after year. Now that Christmas is approaching, I wonder, “Will this be the year we have a peaceful Christmas morning, or will these terrors continue to stump our family?”

Alien encounters

It started last night as I was settling into my bed I felt heat and heard faint whispers, I wasn’t really interested in communicating with them so I told them firmly to leave… several times… but they didn’t… they instead hung around for hours.

Over time I got more and more aggressive but they still would not leave… I was forced to just ignore them and sleep.

I awoke at about 3:00am which is pretty normal for me… don’t know why… don’t really care… anyway I awoke and and started thinking again about the entity from before but I tried to suppress it so I could fall back asleep when I felt something shoot across the room and connect powerfully with my third eye.

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Strange ExperiencesNarrated! 

I’ve had a small handful of odd events happen to me at my old house. Alas, they are anticlimactic, but that’s because they are true. When I was in middle school, my family moved to an old house in a small, one cul-de-sac neighborhood off a country road. The previous owners were an old couple, who seemed reserved, but kind. The tri-level house all had the same, matted red carpet and white walls in every room, on every floor. More than half of the light bulbs didn’t work and wore dust and spider webs that hadn’t seen a spider in ages. The basement had no working lights. (My parents joked about this and said the previous owners must have been vampires) It also had a sauna that hadn’t been used in years. The room smelled of rain water and damp wood, which I found quite soothing.
The house had a good few acres of land and woods around it and our neighbors were quiet and kept to themselves. Even before we moved into that house, I could feel something off about it. I remember riding around town with my mom, house hunting, when we came across the tiny neighborhood. The moment we pulled up to the house, I could feel it’s frequencies. It wasn’t necessarily a bad feeling, though. I could just feel it was an active house.
I expressed this to my mother after we moved in, so she had our pastor come and pray over the house. Which didn’t do anything. It still felt eerie, but not exactly frightening. Nothing huge ever happened, just odd things. Weird noises in the attic, which was a small, crawlspace of a room. Odd tapping noises, that normally amounted to the creaking pipes. I got used to the weird things, and they stopped bothering me fairly quickly. I was always a fan of the spooky anyways.
Now, after middle school I got into some trouble and wound up being home-schooled through these christian packets that I had to do by myself. So I taught and graded myself because both of my parents went to work. Since I was home alone during the days, in the middle of the woods, with a huge porch and wild life around me, you can imagine that I spent a lot of time outside, getting stoned, and playing my guitar. Since I was from such a strict family, no one else knew that I smoked. So I had to be on the lookout for my parents or sister when they got home.
I could hear the garage door opening from the upstairs room, in the back. I was a pro at hiding my shenanigans. But one thing that threw me off was the activity in the house. On multiple occasions I would hear the garage door open and shut, and I would hear heavy, or sometime even soft, footsteps walk up the steps and into the kitchen. Sometimes I would here the crinkle of a bag, or the jingling of keys. They always went to the kitchen and stopped. I would stop what I was doing, and call out to whoever just came home. When I didn’t get a response, I would begrudgingly get up from my comfort and go down stairs. My parents liked to be sneaky, even though they weren’t good at it.
I would walk downstairs, all the while asking who was home. But when I would get downstairs into the kitchen, there would be nobody. I would then proceed to search the house, and go into the garage to see whose car was there, but it would be empty. That was the routine. Every time it happened, and it happened often. Surprisingly though, it never scared me. I never felt any menacing presence. As I got older I figured it must be an imprinted haunting. Something that just repeats itself over and over.
But there was one incident that did frighten me. I was in the kitchen, talking to my sister. Behind me were three large windows that looked out into our front yard. It was dark out, but you could still make out the tree in the front yard. There were lights that hung above the windows and shined down on a bed of what should have been flowers, but was only dirt. So you could have seen if there was somebody outside in the yard.
Well at one point in the conversation we were talking about our own weird experiences with the house when we heard a loud, forceful knock-knock-knock, on the far left window. My sister and I both turned around as quickly as it happened, but there was nothing there. Just our empty yard, and the swaying tree. My sister and I both looked at each other and bolted upstairs, laughing and screaming at each other. About a week after the incident, someone tried to break into one of our garages by kicking in one of the panels. What was weird is that when my dad got down stairs into the garage, there was nobody there. And where we lived, it would have been difficult to get very far. And there was nobody around. Of course, they could have ran and hid in the woods, but there weren’t even any evidence of anybody ever being there. No car, no bike, no foot prints. The neighbors were old, so it’s not like other kids lived around us. So I’ve never been sure if that had to do with the knocking or if it was someone messing around. The only reason I wonder if they were related is because of how closely they happened to each other. Unfortunately, that’s where my story ends. My family fell apart and I soon moved out of that house, and shortly after, so did everyone else. I still drive by the house sometimes. It was my favorite house growing up. Hopefully the family that occupies it now has had no malevolent experiences. I imagine that they won’t. The house never seemed to harness an evil, just normal events imprinted in it’s memory.

Touched by an angelNarrated! 

I was attacked by an angel… well maybe not but it was definitely mimicking one… anyway it was during a ritual one afternoon were I was doing work on my chakra’s and I heard the weirdest thing… chimes… and yet there were none around but they were so incredibly clear as if they were just besides my head, so i continue and it happens again and again I look around to see nothing… then I hear a a high pitch squeal quickly racing up to me and my head explodes as if someone had struck a giant gong in my head… it was…disorienting, it was aimed directly at my 6th chakra… the chimes rang again but the second attack was substantially less powerful and felt more like a dull slap rather then an explosion, I still get this dull slaps every now and again, one of the more recent one’s almost ended in a possession, I heard the dull tone strike my aura and my eyes felt heavy, I started to fall into a deep trance rapidly but I pulled myself out of it and forced the entity out.

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Sleep paralysis

It’s been awhile since I’ve been afraid of what lurks in the dark, I have grown as both a person and a witch but I’ll try to recapture some of the horror I’ve experienced while delving into the world of witchcraft.

One of my first experiences was with what some may call a mare, this entity is comprised of a blue energy, female and haunts the house I live in, when first encountering it I woke up to find I was unable to move, my body frozen by an invisible forced.

Panic instantly consumed me as I desperately tried to move everything and anything… I could not… I could feel a force above me as fingers began to wrap around my neck and squeeze.… the force was unbearable… it’s fingers dig into the back of my neck and into the spine… I couldn’t breath… it felt like I was going to pass out… on the edge… I awoke it was the dead of night and I was out of breath and trembling.

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