Night Call

This story is not from my point of view, but from my uncle’s, who has shared this story and many like it with over many years.

I guess it is best, I tell you my uncle lived and worked in a rural town in Texas. He worked as a paramedic for 33 years and has many weird stories and experiences. I will share one with you today.

My uncle got a call over the radio from the operator telling him a man was complaining that his heart felt like it was going burst. My uncle and his friend Ronny loaded into the truck and drove for almost an hour at to the location of the caller. Might I add, it was 2:00 in the morning and they drove an hour away from the small town they were stationed at.

When arriving on scene, they realized the place seemed vacant. Bushes and shrubs were overgrown and the house looked like it was rotting away. They got out and shined their flashlights through the broken windows. They were hesitant to go and had ad feelings about the whole situation. Finally, they went in and smelt a decaying smell. Like animal had been rotting away in the house.

They decided to split up. Ronny checked the upstairs and my uncle stayed at ground level. Every so often my uncle or Ronny would call out for the caller. When my uncle finished looking through the kitchen Ronny ran in and pulled my uncle out of the house. Ronny had a nervous and scared look on his face as they got into the truck and locked the doors.

Ronny called the operator and told her to send a few sheriff officers over to their location. My uncle asked what had happened, what Ronny had seen.

Ronny looked at the house and spoke, “I was checking the last room. It was dimly lit and at the small gap in the door, I was a man crouched down with a smile on his face. It whole thing didn’t seem right and I didn’t want to go in alone. So I turned around and walked downstairs to where I say your light in the kitchen. As I passed the open basement door…I…I saw three yellow, gold eyes staring as I walked. I stopped and looked back, without tuning my flashlight on it, I saw a clawed hand reach out.”

My uncle was always a believer in the paranormal, but after hearing what is partner said, he truly believed in good and evil. My uncle told me when the officers searched the house, they found no person or animals. Just a bunch of meth and weed. The officers even said that dust was still on all the surfaces and the only dust that was disturbed was from my uncle and Ronny’s shoes.

After that story and many others my uncle has shared, it makes me nervous and paranoid to start my carer as a firefighter/paramedic. I will always wonder if I too, will have stories to tell.

The Man on the Trail

My name is Ashley, I’m 17 years old and I live in Florida. The area I live in is a relatively urban area, lots of stores and restaurants and things to do. But I’ve always prefers just walking around in a quite area by myself, since I’m a bit of an introvert. There’s a bike trail not far from my house, so I take every chance I can to walk it. I’ve never had any strange experiences until today.

I was walking back towards my house, having walked about a mile or so before realizing it was getting late, and I needed to turn back. Not many people were on the trail, just me, a jogger, and a mother and her son. I was about halfway back when I noticed someone walk out from the bushes. Typically I wouldn’t care, seeing as people go on and off of this trail all the time. But the area he came from was a busy highway, there was no way he could’ve been walking on it. For awhile, I was a bit confused. But I just let it go and tried to ignore it.

When the mother and her son walked by him, they paid no mind to him, almost like they didn’t see him at all, the same applied to the jogger. The thing is, I always try my best to be polite to everyone, so I smiled at him and waved.

He looked to be around my age, maybe 17 or 18 years old. He was dressed in all black, and seemed to be taking pictures of the graffiti on the underpass. He just looked at me for a moment, then smiled.

It seemed like a normal encounter at first, and for a few minutes I just sort of lingered around that area, figuring that he seemed nice, and if he struck up a conversation I wouldn’t mind talking for awhile. Some time passed with no luck, and I started walking again.

At one point, I looked over my shoulder, thinking I’d heard a biker coming from behind me. I had only gone a few feet, barely any distance at all. But he was completely gone. There was no way he could’ve gone back into the bushes, since I  noticed while I was around there that there was a fence on both sides. I would’ve heard something if he had climbed it, and no one else was behind me on the trail anymore.

I have no clue what I saw, or if it was even paranormal, but for some reason I just feel… Off. I just really wonder what it is that happened when my back was turned.

I will never forget this

Hello. It’s my first time submitting a story here. In advance sorry for my english. So let’s get into it.

I live in Poland. Let me start by saying my parents divorced when I was around 4 or 5 years old so I don’t remember much, but my father was always good to me. I am his only child after all. To this day we have great relations with each other. I have a sister but she’s older than me and she was born from a different father, my dad raised her as his own daughter.

My father worked and still does work in Germany as a construction worker. When I was 10 and my sister was 18 we visited him for the first time. It was amazing trip.

The second time I visited him alone, I was around 14-15 years old and he was living in a different german city with his new family. He met Monika (she was also polish like us)  and at the time she was divorced and had 3 children of her own. Dominik who was the youngest, Patricia – the middle child and Eveline – she was 18. They also had a big boy cat that was all black. His name was Lenart. They all got along well and were like one big family. I was happy for my father because they all were really sweet and caring people. I got along with them too!

They were living in a two story house so naturally I got to sleep in the bedroom on the second floor. It wasn’t a big room but for me it was okay especially because it had a big balcony from which you could watch the stars just perfect. Let me space the things iside the room for you.

When you got into the room to your left would be small table with tv on it, next would be work desk with a chair and then next to it a balcony door. In front of you would be a big closet and then the bed. That was all.
The last night I was staying there Eveline decided to sleep with me so we could watch movies together. I was happy. The cat stayed with us in the room. And let me tell you, he was the type to stay in one room all nigh and be calm and quiet like no cat I know.

Back to the story, we closed the door and Eveline and I got to sleep around 10:20 PM after getting tired of looking at bright tv screen for over few hours. Lenart was with us, sleeping soundly at the bottom of the bed.
I remember that at some time at night I woke up feeling really scared, at that time the cat was clawing at the door and meowing in distress to let him out which was really weird for him to do. As I mentioned he was really calm animal.

I sat up but immedietly regretted it. For the few seconds I sat there in total darkness I saw someone standing by the desk. I will never forget the dread I felt at that moment. It was tall, all black, human shaped figure. I heard of shadow people before and I even saw one before, but that time it was even scarier. I jumped under the blanked breathing rapidly as I tried to wake my step-sister.

– ‘Eveline, Eveline wake up. There is someone in the room’ – I whispered.

When she finally woke up she whispered back to me – ‘No, it’s only a cat’ – she got up as she said that but her regret was even bigger than mine. She dove under the blanked with me and started crying.

– ‘Omg, I saw it, I saw it.’

After that we both didn’t remembered much as we hugged ourselves for comfort. We woke up the next day and we both freaked out about what happened at night. We also asked everybody if they were checking on us at night and they said they didn’t, also this shadow thing didn’t looked like any of the people that were at home at that time. We also considered someone breaking in by the balcony but the balcony door was loud so we would have heard it.

It was the scariest night of my life. We both saw it, the cat freaked out like he never does. It was scary af. I’m 20 now and I hope I will never see this thing again also I think… I WILL NEVER FORGET THIS.

A man with no eyes.

When I was about 15 or so my mom, brother and myself moved into this small one bedroom apartment. As the oldest child my mom had giving me the bedroom and she set up the hallway as my brothers bedroom which was the hallway to my room the she took the living room. After we moved into the apartment I had yet to sleep in my room. I had made plans to spend the night with my friend at her place. When I came home the next morning to grab my backpack for school my brother was trying to tell me something about my room. I ignored him and we headed off to school.

When we came home from school my brother is telling me “Sis don’t sleep in your room please sis don’t sleep in your room the scary man lives in your closet”. I had told him the day I went to my friends that he could sleep in my room. When he had told me about some scary man in my closet I just shrugged it off because he tends to try to scare me all the time. That night I was in my room doing my homework it was about maybe 1 or 2 am and it had got so cold in my room that I had to grab a blanket from the closet in the living room. Now it was weird that I had to have a blanket because it was summer.

I went back to my room and put my homework in my backpack and laid on my bed. I didn’t go to sleep yet because I usually stay up till about 3am usually playing a game on my phone or browsing around on MySpace and talking to one of my friends. Well just as I was about to put my phone on charge and turn my light off I heard a noise coming from my closet. Now I just shook it off thinking it was coming from the hallway maybe my brother was going to the bathroom. So I turned my light off and laid down.

About 10 or 15 minutes later I had heard it again. This time I glanced up at the closet door and saw that the door knob was moving and stopped after a few seconds. I tried to shake it off as the wind but.. I had my windows closed and my fan that I had was off. So I pulled the blanket over my face so I could try to ignore it some more and go to sleep.

Then the closet door knob was moving again but faster like someone was trying to come out of it. Now I will say it does take a lot to open that closet door it gets stuck all the time and I remember leaving it open when I had left to my friends the night before. Thinking my brother shut it. Then all of a sudden I hear the door swing open so I pull the blanket down to see if there was anything there. I looked at the closet it was dark then coming out of the closet was a mist shaped like a man this intrigued me wanting to see more of him. I should have mention this earlier I’m a fan of the supernatural.

This misty man came towards my bed now I’m scared I thought to myself. As my brother had said before “A man with no eyes lives in the closet”. I shouldn’t have ignored that because he was right. The misty man had no eyes just empty eye sockets. He was tall really skinny like someone would if they never ate anything.

As he came over to me I pulled my blanket closer and closer to cover my face as he said this to me. “Get out get out get out” and “This is my home and I do not want you here leave or I’ll get rid of you myself”. That scared the fuck out of me and I pulled the blanket over my face. I didn’t hear him anymore after that and I heard my closet door slam shut. I ran the hell out of my room and went to the living room and told my mom what had happen.

She went to wake my brother and got us out of there. We had gone down the street to my grandma’s house a week later we went back to grab a few things and it looked as if a tornado had gone through our apartment. We got our clothes and whatever we needed and never gone back. Now today I’ve moved far away from there and heard rumours that the apartment building was torn down as all of the whole street and now stands a baseball stadium. I’ve heard no other stories like mine but my brother told me after that he tried to warn me because he told our mom but she didn’t belive him.

Now when we talk about it he just pretends he doesn’t remember but to this day I still from time to time have nightmares of that night.

My haunted childhood home

What I am about to share with you are a few paranormal occurrences that happened to me growing up in my childhood home.

I have told very few people about this, but it has been weighing on me for years.

I am 27 years old now, and these things had happened to me from the ages of 5 to 18, 18 being the age when I moved out of my mother’s house and into my first apartment.

Let me start off by saying that I am a very rational person. I work as an internal auditor for a major corporation in my area, and am a mother of an 8 year old boy and two dogs, so my personality is more serious than fanciful, but I have NEVER denied the existence of the paranormal.

I grew up in an older, rougher neighborhood of St. Paul, Minnesota that used to be a swamp or bog, but dried up enough so houses could be developed. Remnants of the swamp are still present to this day. My block was filled with families of middle class people, making happy homes in an otherwise tough area. The houses were older, mine happened to be near 100 years at the time, and it showed.

I was raised by my mother, had one sister, Shannon, who is two years my junior, and one German Sheppard named Jersey.

I am going to need to explain the layout of the house, as it will be important for the events that occurred throughout my childhood.

My house was decent sized, two bedrooms on opposite ends of the house, living room, bathroom, porch and kitchen on the main level, a basement with two storage rooms, a half bathroom with only a shower and a mirror, a laundry room, sitting area and a spare room my mom converted into a guest bedroom. My mom and sister both had rooms on the main level; my sister’s was located near the narrow stairwell to the basement and my mother’s just off the living room. My living space was upstairs in the attic which had my own living room and bedroom that was just a few steps down from a mini balcony. In my room, I had a very large walk in closet.

My first childhood memory is actually my first experience with whoever or whatever was in my old house. I remember sitting at this desk my mom built into the pantry in the kitchen which had become her home office. Back in the 90’s when computers where just starting to make their way into homes, I was excited that once my mom was finished with her projects, she would let me play on it. I would sit there for hours just play typing or being a weird little kid. One day, however, as I was messing around on the computer, I remember feeling very, very cold. It was weird because it was summer time, and though it was dusk, it should never have been that cold. Then, something caught my attention.

From the kitchen, I could see into my little sisters room and the open entrance to the basement stairs. Thinking maybe it was my sister darting into my peripheral, I turned to look at her, only to see me, but not me. At the top entrance of the stairs, I saw a perfect clone of myself in the same princess nightie I was already wearing, except whatever it was had big, black eyes.

It just stared at me for a couple moments, looked towards the stairs, then back at me, before once again turning towards the stairs and walking down them slowly, as if beckoning me to follow. I did not. I might have been a little kid, but I wasn’t stupid. And I was not sleeping or dreaming, as just a few moments after that thing disappeared, my mother called to me to get off the computer and get ready for bed. I remember that occurrence vividly to this day.

Another experience I had in my house that I actually shared with my sister was in our basement. We had always hated going down there. It was oddly cold, even in the summer, and gave us the creeps. One night when I was in middle school, I was babysitting my sister so our mom could have a well deserved dinner night out with her friends. Mom asked me to get a jump start on laundry, and begrudgingly I obliged. The laundry room in the basement was one of my least favorite rooms.

While I was down there putting clothes into the machines, I heard a bunch of toys go off in one of the storage rooms. I remember jumping up and getting pissed off thinking Shannon had tried to scare my, so I ran out of the laundry room to yell at her, only to find no one there. I yelled for her and she came running from the living room upstairs into the basement with me. I asked her if she made all these old toys go off at the same time, and she said, “No, I haven’t. I’ve been up watching TV in the living room.” After she said that, we both heard a low, feral growl coming from behind one of the shelves in the storage room. Needless to say, we booked it out of there and went back upstairs to where our dog, Jersey was sleeping and held onto her and each other until our mom came home. That was the only time I had ever heard that growl, but not the last time all the toys would go off randomly, seemingly on their own.

The next experience I had was when I was a teenager, in the basement bathroom. I was taking a shower downstairs for whatever reason when suddenly, I heard a loud bang and saw a black shadowy figure out of the corner of my eye above me. I immediately jumped out and screamed for my mom. I wrapped myself in my towel and moments after, my mom came down in a panic asking me what was wrong. She had heard the noise too, and thought I had slipped, fell and called for help. She was shocked to see me perfectly fine, but scared. I told her about the black shadow, she sort of scoffed at me until I noticed her turning to leave, satisfied that I was okay and it was just an “old house” noise, until I saw her eyes widen and her jaw drop. I turned to look in her direction, and on the mirror, there was a large crack, with a long, smeared hand print in the condensation. She didn’t even have to ask if it was mine or not, because if it was, my hand surely would have been bleeding or scratched, which it wasn’t.

Now, onto the last and final experience I am willing to share that truly opened me up to the fact that there is more to this world than I could ever imagine.

As I have stated earlier, I had the entire attic to myself, which, as a moody teenager, I loved the idea of my family not being able to sneak up on me or bug me as much. If they really wanted to talk to me or see what I was up to, they needed to make an effort to get up the stairs, walk through the living area and across the balcony, which by that point, I would have heard them coming.

On more than one occasion, I would see a black shadow of a man. It looked like an older person by the way the shadow body would slouch a little, like old people do. He never would do anything but appear in my room at night when it was dark, but I would still see him. Somehow, he was darker than the nighttime lighting. I would see him walk into my room, look at me, walk towards me a little, then disappear like he was never there. I never saw his face, just a shadow. I admit that over time, it did not scare me anymore. Not even my dog would wake up when he would show up, which was almost nightly, so I didn’t think he meant me any harm.

That all changed one night when I was 17 years old. It was about 11:30 PM, maybe midnight, and the rest of my household was long asleep. My loyal and loving dog Jersey, once again, laying at the foot of my bed. I have always been a night owl, so I was still wide awake, writing in my journal with the help of the little lamp on my night stand, when all of a sudden, I felt this weird pressure on my head and shoulders, and a chill that ran throughout my body. Jersey’s head then popped up from her sleep. She began to stare at my walk in closet door. All of a sudden, the doorknob started to jiggle, like someone is trying to turn it, but couldn’t. It was just a closet door, so no one could be in there, even if they tried, and it wasn’t locked.

It was then that the hair on my neck began to stand up, and Jersey started to growl. I quickly turned off my lamp, and threw myself onto the opposite side of the bed where my dog was, and hung onto her neck, while she continued to growl, only now, she was growling at the shadow man who had appeared once again. This was the first time Jersey even reacted to him or it, and she did not keep her eyes off of him.

This time, he didn’t walk towards me, but only looked at my and then walked to my closet, through the door. He walked through the freaking door! I don’t know why that scared me so much, I knew he was a shadow, but I had never seen that happen before. Jersey then jumped up and ran off my bed and began to growl louder, more threateningly at the closet door. And that’s when it happened.

From the other side of the door, I could hear my heavy oak dresser start to rattle, then it was all out shaking. I didn’t dare go in, but I could tell it was shaking from side to side, as if something or someone was aggressively trying to empty it fast. The best sound I can use to describe it is a washing machine shaking while in spin cycle and one side is heavier than the other.

The dresser was violently making that noise so loudly, that it woke my sister and my mother up. The first person I heard coming up the stairs was my sister. She was screaming my name and I could tell she was afraid like I was. All the while, Jersey was barking and growling like I had never heard before. Once I saw Shannon, I jumped out out of my bed and ran to her, sobbing while my dresser just kept shaking violently. She was just as terrified, hearing what was coming from my closet. Only a couple short moments after my sister came into my room, my mom was there. She grabbed us both in her arms and in her authoritative voice, she commanded for my dog to “come”, and then it stopped.

It just… stopped.

As soon it did, the pressure, chill, and hairs on the back of my neck went away, and Jersey calmed down.

Nothing like that ever happened again, which I am glad for.

I don’t know why it only stopped when my mother spoke. I don’t know why it happened to begin with. But it did.

I moved out of that house not long after when I was 18, as I had gotten pregnant with my son. I don’t know if it was one or more “ghosts” or maybe a “demon” or poltergeist that was doing it, but I am glad I no longer live at that house.

My mom ended up selling the house and moving a little over a year after that happened when she married my step dad, but since my grandparent’s still live in that area, I often have drive by on my way to their house. Every time I do, the hair on the back of my neck still stands up, and I feel like whatever it is, is still there, and that it is watching me, waiting for me to come back.