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Haunted Toy

This experience happened to me about two years ago over the summer. It was just a few weeks after school ended. My brother got an odd job from his friend to help him clean out an old house house for his grandma. My brother asked if I wanted to come along since they were going to go to a gas station afterwards to get soda and stuff. Of course I wanted soda and candy, it’s what any kid would want. I decided to tag along.

The house was a little ways out of town so there wasn’t many other houses around. I think the closest one was half a mile away. When we arrived we were told by my brother’s friend’s dad that he wanted us to clean the back room. He gave us some trash bags and said that if there was anything we wanted in the room we could just take it. We walked into the room and the first thing that we noticed was the big cleared out space, ripped wall paper and a odd smell. I brushed off the smell as just being part of the house since it was pretty shabby and beat up.

Black-Eyed White Creature

This happened to me quite a few years ago one summer break and I wanted to share my experience since I still have no idea what it was. Some history on the house and me to have a more accurate idea of what it could be. I have always been sensitive to spirits and energies since I was little. My childhood home is across the road from an old graveyard (I took a picture there on a calm summer night and when I looked back on the picture it looked like it was snowing with all the spirit orbs) and built on an old settlement that is no longer there, it was built during the gold rush.

Ok now to the story.. I was at home by myself playing on my computer playing games in the middle of the day and I left my room to grab some food from the kitchen. All three of my dogs were sleeping outside on the deck because it was nice out. I kept feeling like I was being watched and seeing something with white hair and black eyes peek around corners at me but when I looked at it the thing it would duck back behind the corner. I was not in a good mood after having a very bad fight with my ex boyfriend so I just ignored it.

Mom’s Ghost Story

My mom used to work in an office bulding as a janitor along with several other employees. On this night she agreed to work the late shift and cover for a friend. She usually worked in the mornings and was almost always done by mid day. She was assigned the job of cleaning the top floor after which she would work her way down until about halfway.

Before my mom had taken the job some of her co workers, who had been there way before she had, told her that the 8th floor of the bulding was haunted by a ghost that cries horribly at around 12:00 a.m. Startled but not to phased by it my mom just thought it was her new co workers trying to scare her. After all she was new and had only been there for a couple weeks.

The Vanishing Hitchhiker

We were at Hawaii and driving to head to a local spot that my dad and his family used to visit when they were young. We had found it and had our fun, then headed back to the car once the sun started to set.

Nothing unusual happened until we began heading back to house.

Home Alone

My name is Alex and I live in England. When i was 14 my mum would not be home from work until 6 or maybe a little later, this was because she would have to stay later than the others to sort out the money and take it to the bank and tidy up the stock room then check the building. After she was done doing that she would lock up and come home. Anyway whilst she was at work, I would clean up the house and after completing the house work go upstairs to watch tv or play video games.

I remember the exact day this happened, it was the 7th of October and I was home alone, doing the cleaning and I heard a single heavy knock at the door.

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