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Room 7

So for some back story, I am a 24 year old female. I am a medical assistant at a fairly large health center in Arizona. The clinic that I work in is two stories, and it happens to be the first clinic built for this health center back in the 80’s.

I work in the oldest area of the building and there is one particular room that I have never liked. Room 7 is pretty much like all our other rooms, the only difference is the feeling you get when you’re inside with the door closed. I can only describe it as claustrophobic and heavy; as if thirty people were crammed in there at once.

Suicidal Apparition

Mountains filled with the tallest of naturally greened trees and a bright day showed through all of the distance in my horizons. I was visiting my father, step mother, my step brother, step grandmother and her boyfriend with my older sister in the serenely majestic town of Tallahassee, Georgia. We were camping in a trailer on the mountain side of a beautiful camping park where the creek trickled softly in the background.

Everything around me was pure and thriving with abundant life under the warm summer sun. The vacation get away seemed picture perfect and although houses were being built, it still seemed so untouched by man. My family crammed in my dad’s golden Hyundai Santa Fe which soon went weaving through the curvy streets within the valley while disco beats were playing in the curious air.

Girl from the closet

I haven’t had any paranormal experiences, but I do believe in the paranormal and wendigos and skinwalkers and etc. I don’t know if my experience is paranormal or not, sorry that its a short story

One of my earliest memories as a child is this story. I must of been 3 or 4, I was at my dad’s house and I was laying in bed and it was dark, it must have been the middle of the night. I was laying and bed and looking at my double door closet with the doors open. I remember looking at the top shelf of my closet and then a flicker of small yellow lights, they ended up being the reflecting light off of eyes. I kept looking at the top of my closet, just looking at the eyes, then a girl crawled down from the top shelf of my closet and slowly walked toward me. She had blonde shoulder length hair with blue eyes but had a yellow reflection to them, she looked like she was about 11 or 12. She looked at me with a concerned look and she came to my side and looked at me like I was hurt. And that’s all I remember, I have absolute no other memory about this, but I do remember that I wasn’t scared at all during this.

Haunted Toy

This experience happened to me about two years ago over the summer. It was just a few weeks after school ended. My brother got an odd job from his friend to help him clean out an old house house for his grandma. My brother asked if I wanted to come along since they were going to go to a gas station afterwards to get soda and stuff. Of course I wanted soda and candy, it’s what any kid would want. I decided to tag along.

The house was a little ways out of town so there wasn’t many other houses around. I think the closest one was half a mile away. When we arrived we were told by my brother’s friend’s dad that he wanted us to clean the back room. He gave us some trash bags and said that if there was anything we wanted in the room we could just take it. We walked into the room and the first thing that we noticed was the big cleared out space, ripped wall paper and a odd smell. I brushed off the smell as just being part of the house since it was pretty shabby and beat up.

Black-Eyed White Creature

This happened to me quite a few years ago one summer break and I wanted to share my experience since I still have no idea what it was. Some history on the house and me to have a more accurate idea of what it could be. I have always been sensitive to spirits and energies since I was little. My childhood home is across the road from an old graveyard (I took a picture there on a calm summer night and when I looked back on the picture it looked like it was snowing with all the spirit orbs) and built on an old settlement that is no longer there, it was built during the gold rush.

Ok now to the story.. I was at home by myself playing on my computer playing games in the middle of the day and I left my room to grab some food from the kitchen. All three of my dogs were sleeping outside on the deck because it was nice out. I kept feeling like I was being watched and seeing something with white hair and black eyes peek around corners at me but when I looked at it the thing it would duck back behind the corner. I was not in a good mood after having a very bad fight with my ex boyfriend so I just ignored it.

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