The White Lady At My Friend’s House

The story happened in Las Pinas, Philippines, at the house of my dear friend whom I haven’t seen for a long time. She’s celebrating her birthday, so a couple of my college friends and I went for a visit. They have to leave early just right after the party since it’s going to be a long drive back home. I, on the other hand, chose to stay so we can catch up on old times. We talked for hours until we got tired and decided to call it a night.

They offered me a room on the second floor beside the balcony. I went inside and from the looks of it, it seems as if no one’s been using it for quite some time. It also made me wonder why her older brother ought to sleep in the smallest room. Anyway, it wasn’t such a big deal, so I didn’t bother to ask. She gave me two pillows and a blanket, then bid me goodnight. I went to bed but didn’t turn the lights off. It has become customary for me to do that whenever I’m sleeping at somebody else’s house as I am not familiar, I don’t want to stumble in the dark and break something in case I’d have to go to the bathroom.

It was already past midnight. I’m exhausted, but I still can’t sleep. I sense as if someone was watching me, but didn’t make a big fuss out of it. I took my Ipad out of the bag, started checking my Facebook account when I glanced at the upper left corner of the screen and saw a reflection of a white silhouette standing behind me. I turned my head around and found nothing but a yellow empty wall. I reckon it’s just my mind playing tricks on me suggesting that it’s time for me to rest, I put my Ipad on the bedside table and doze off.

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Seven Of Us

Back in 2011, five of my colleagues and I went to Vigan, Ilocos Sur (Philippines) for a 2-day tour. Our bus arrived around 7 in the evening, and we checked in at an old Hotel (Grandpa’s Inn) where all of us stayed in the same room. We rest for a bit, unpacked our things, freshen up and then headed out looking for a place to have dinner. While we’re walking, I began having this feeling that we have a company. I sense another presence among us. My mind keeps giving me a hint or most likely implying that there are seven of us in the group instead of six. I choose to ignore it thinking it was just my imagination running wild.

We found a restaurant (Café Leona) and decided to eat on the patio. We already have enough chairs for ourselves when one of my friends (Farrah) requested for another one. I thought she needed it to put her stuff on while she eats. The waiter brought her a chair, but she hasn’t put anything. I then decided to put her bag on the chair when she quickly stop me and said ”don’t! It’s for…” then halted and didn’t even finish what she was trying to say. She stared at everyone with this wondering expression on her face and said ”never mind”. Shortly after we eat, we took a stroll and went back at the inn around 10 in the evening.

We all washed up and went to bed. It was almost 11 in the evening when we heard one of our friends’ (Ceasar) phone received a message along with the message tone ”may nagmamahal” (someone who loves). I guess he’s awfully tired, he didn’t even bother to read it. Some of us awakened from our sleep when we heard it again. I looked at my watch and found that it’s already 2 in the morning. It made me wonder who could have been sending him these messages at that hour. He still didn’t bother to pick it up, but then after a few minutes, we heard the same tone again. That time, I saw him stand up, grabbed his phone, read the message and then went outside. I followed and saw him having a smoke, I light up a cigarette myself.

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Mysterious Children In The Mountain

I was in high school when my dad planned a trip to visit our grandparents in Catanduanes, which is one of the provinces here in the Philippines. When he asked us to come with him, we got pretty excited since it will be our first time. We could have taken a plane, but we don’t want to miss the chance of witnessing different breathtaking views. So we took a bus for 11 hours, a boat ride for 4 hours and another bus ride for five hours from the port to our grandparent’s house. Whew! It was a day’s worth of travel. It was exhausting, but it was worth it.

They were so surprised and delighted when we arrived. My dad knows how fascinated I am with tales of the supernatural and mentioned that my grandparents have a lot of stories to tell. I keep bugging them even while we’re having dinner until finally they started talking. Haha

How I eagerly listen as they tell me this story…

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The Door

Before I tell my story I want to tell you a few things about my cousin’s house. It is a huge two story house with a balcony. It was said to be haunted and considering from this experience, I think it’s true. My cousin’s grandpa had passed away in the house. When they held a funeral for him a lady, who I assume to be a neighbor or family friend said that she was in a room upstairs (of course with the consent of my aunt and uncle) and when she was walking in she felt someone grab her ankle. I don’t believe this is true and she just made it up to prevent me and my cousins from wandering around the house. Also my aunt and uncle have maids that come to the house to clean or cook.

This happened in the summer before I attended middle school and I went on a vacation to visit my family. It was a rainy day and I had decided to go to my cousin’s house because they had internet. My mom’s family friend dropped me off and I went into my cousin’s room. My cousin’s nanny, Rachel, informed me that my cousin’s were at school. School had already started where they live. I told her that was fine and I would wait for them to come home.

I was watching YouTube videos when Rachel came in. She told me that she was going to pick up my cousins from school and that I would be home alone. After telling me not to pick up the phone if it was ringing and not to answer the door if someone was knocking she left.

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