The Room

I often spend the night or the weekend at my friend Sarah’s house. Normally, we would hang out upstairs and then get to the basement for the night as she has two huge couches on which we can sleep. The way her basement is that when you get down the stairs, you are right in the middle of it, so everything is either on your right on your left. On the right, there would be the television and couches, where we sleep, in front there would be a little work place with a computer and on the left, there are a very small bathroom, a room that is used for Sarah’s nieces and nephews when they come over, and then, beside this room would be the room.

It isn’t a particularly creepy room; there is only a huge bed, a closet, a big wardrobe and a commode. Yet, there is some atmosphere in there that makes the room creepy and it is uncomfortable to even look into it from wherever we could be standing. This is a feeling everyone that has ever gone in the room has, so it cannot only be me and my friends being crazy or just paranoid. We all believe there is something in this room, even if we cannot know what it is exactly. We have never seen anything, yet for some reason I always assumed it was a woman, as some sort of intuition or something.

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