The Masked Figure

My life has been full of paranormal experiences. Seeing ghosts and demonic figures were nothing new to me. I also had a demon following me around for the longest time. It became a part of me. A connection to the world of unknown. I never knew that becoming so close with a demon would put me in a position that would save one of my friends. Yet this was the first time that I had met another person that saw the things that I did. It was also the first time I had been possessed by an entity, besides my demon, that needed to delivery a message. A message that would rattle the worlds of all those involved.

I was 18 years old. Living in San Diego California. There’s a lot of Indian burial sites where I grew up. You got use to seeing the ghosts of the Indians with the beautiful head dresses. It is really a sight to see. I also saw a lot of dark figures and red glowing eyes. I married young I was still in high school and when I graduated we moved closer to his base in San Diego. His ex girlfriend, Lacie, was living in Laguna Beach at the time this all happened with her new fiance. We honestly got along so well and were able to hang out with each other all the time. She became a really good friend of mine. Lacie had told us that she had become pregnant and we couldn’t be happier for them.

She was progressing through the pregnancy with no issues. She had a history of seeing stuff as well. Looking back on it now I believe that she was a little bit more out of it than just seeing stuff. She could look at a room and one second the walls were normal. The next there was blood all over them and this black masked figure always being around the room somewhere. Either on the walls or standing in the door way. She had figured out its name due to a conversation that they had one night. For the sake of the story I will say the name was Matt. My husband had also seen this creature at one point in time. It was always trying to threaten the life of Lacie.

Having my background with the paranormal Lacie came to me asking for help. She was terrified that this creature was going to harm her unborn baby. In her visions it had repeatedly stated that it was going to kill the child the moment it was born. Unfortunately her daughter Payton was born premature. So premature that it brought a lot of questions and worries. She shouldn’t have survived through birth let alone after. Not long after Payton’s birth, Lacie and her fiance came down to San Diego to visit us. We were all relaxing and we were drinking when all of a sudden Lacie started to freak out and scream.

Her eyes got huge and they turned black. Her voice changed to a deep dark grunting noise. She was no longer herself. I knew that Lacie was gone and that Matt had broken through. “Where is the child” this creature screamed, we barley understood what it was saying. It was like it was choking on something. All of a sudden Lacie started drooling blood out of her mouth. My husband ran into the bathroom and grabbed a towel. He put the towel under her mouth and the demon got angry. Matt grabbed my husbands arm and dug its nails into his arm leaving horrible slashes in it. Lacie blinked and her eyes were normal again and she fell to the flood breathing heavily.

I rushed to her side. She only talked to me about this stuff. She knew that only I would understand and not judge her on her experiences. Honestly after seeing a possession take place in front of my eyes it was very hard for me to focus on anything. This was someone I thought of as a friend. Thankfully my husband knew a corpsman (military nurse) and called him to come over and look at them both. The corpsman bandaged up my husband and ordered Lacie on bed rest. All Lacie could get out that night is that the figure was in Payton’s hospital room looking over the incubator with its red eyes. This terrified me and I called upon my demon to see what this entity was doing in the hospital.

Now I know what a lot of people are going to think. I was friends with a demon. Controlling such things is impossible. The story of how we became so close is that for another time. I can assure you that this demon was there to not serve me but also not harm me. Fallen angels are just that. Some will still have humility if you have something they want. I was her host. She used me from time to time. Having been overtaken by a demon I knew what Lacie had just gone through. It’s draining and a horrible feeling if you are not use to it. I can only imagine the emotions coming from a demon that wanted to kill more than anything. My demon never wanted to kill me. There was no hate between us ever.

When my demon returned to me she had explained that this demon was one that wanted the soul of the child because Lacie refused to give it hers. It would be so much easier to obtain the child’s soul then fight Lacie for hers. My demon showed me a image in my head of this entity. I froze. I couldn’t move. This thing was something that I had never seen before in my life. It was completely black and of course had red glowing gems for eyes. But it wore a mask. I will never forget the red and white pattern on the mask. I summed up the strength to go by Lacie’s side and ask her questions about this creature. All Lacie told me about this thing was that it loved her. They talked all the time and it was mad because she didn’t love it. She had gotten a boyfriend, which was my husband, and that it had destroyed that relationship. Then she had gotten another, which was her fiance. If it couldn’t control her love it was going to take the thing she loved and cherished more than anything away from her. Her daughter.

My demon stood watch over Payton in the hospital until she was released. Days before she was released my husband and I were driving down a mountain road. I felt weird, drained of life. My thoughts were no longer my own. This angry man entered my head. I fought so hard to push him away. To get him out of my head. I blacked out. I don’t remember anything after that. Apparently Matt had taken over me and had a full conversation with my husband while he was driving.

“Your human is special. For having a demon companion is a special bond not all humans can form. I may not get the child now but be warned sooner or later her soul or that of Lacie’s will be mine. It’s only fair that she pay for not loving me. All I wanted was her love and everyone took that away from me.”

Payton is 4 years old now. Loving live and so healthy. We never heard from or saw Matt again after that night. I still get the feeling that I’m being watched. I’m 22 now, my demon is no longer with me. Yet I know that the feeling I have is not her. It’s a familiar feeling though. I am not sure if it was the fact that this demon had been in my head but I can sense it now. And recently it has been hanging around me. Ever since my son was born last year. He was premature and spent a month in the hospital. Deja vu….Or a message that he is still around….