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Strange Events in Target

This story happened at target last week in the city where I live. Strange things kept happening in target.

At 10:00 am, the power went out at target for 30 minutes. When the power was out, there was a dragon. The dragon kept flying around the store and shooting fire. The fire fighters came to the rescue. They also kept shooting the dragon. After that, the power was back on and the dragon died. Then they had to remove the dragon.

Paranormal Activity

We moved into an apartment in North Bay on Worthington Street West. It was a building with a barber shop downstairs, an upstairs apartment and downstairs apartment. When we first looked at the apartment there were two doors with no handles, only locks. We asked the landlord what was in those rooms and he stated it was storage. We asked to see in the rooms and he never wanted to show us. As we had no other option we had to move in to that apartment.

There was always cold drafts of air coming from the 2 rooms from under the door. This seemed a little strange, but we just associated it with the building being old. Shortly after we moved in things started to happen.

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