Night Call

This story is not from my point of view, but from my uncle’s, who has shared this story and many like it with over many years.

I guess it is best, I tell you my uncle lived and worked in a rural town in Texas. He worked as a paramedic for 33 years and has many weird stories and experiences. I will share one with you today.

My uncle got a call over the radio from the operator telling him a man was complaining that his heart felt like it was going burst. My uncle and his friend Ronny loaded into the truck and drove for almost an hour at to the location of the caller. Might I add, it was 2:00 in the morning and they drove an hour away from the small town they were stationed at.

When arriving on scene, they realized the place seemed vacant. Bushes and shrubs were overgrown and the house looked like it was rotting away. They got out and shined their flashlights through the broken windows. They were hesitant to go and had ad feelings about the whole situation. Finally, they went in and smelt a decaying smell. Like animal had been rotting away in the house.

They decided to split up. Ronny checked the upstairs and my uncle stayed at ground level. Every so often my uncle or Ronny would call out for the caller. When my uncle finished looking through the kitchen Ronny ran in and pulled my uncle out of the house. Ronny had a nervous and scared look on his face as they got into the truck and locked the doors.

Ronny called the operator and told her to send a few sheriff officers over to their location. My uncle asked what had happened, what Ronny had seen.

Ronny looked at the house and spoke, “I was checking the last room. It was dimly lit and at the small gap in the door, I was a man crouched down with a smile on his face. It whole thing didn’t seem right and I didn’t want to go in alone. So I turned around and walked downstairs to where I say your light in the kitchen. As I passed the open basement door…I…I saw three yellow, gold eyes staring as I walked. I stopped and looked back, without tuning my flashlight on it, I saw a clawed hand reach out.”

My uncle was always a believer in the paranormal, but after hearing what is partner said, he truly believed in good and evil. My uncle told me when the officers searched the house, they found no person or animals. Just a bunch of meth and weed. The officers even said that dust was still on all the surfaces and the only dust that was disturbed was from my uncle and Ronny’s shoes.

After that story and many others my uncle has shared, it makes me nervous and paranoid to start my carer as a firefighter/paramedic. I will always wonder if I too, will have stories to tell.

It wasn’t a bear

          I’ll begin by stating that I’ve been a paramedic for nearly six years, spending all of that time in Ontario, Canada. For the most part, the job’s been relatively textbook. Not to say it wasn’t brutal, as I’ve experienced plenty of bullet holes, knife wounds, and burn victims. The job of a paramedic is to stabilise an injured persons’ condition, to make sure they’re able to arrive at a hospital, and receive proper treatment, before death, so we see plenty of gruesome sights. However, the experience I’m about to share with you was in a league of it’s own.

          Mid way through 2015. I was working the “night shift,” if you could call it that, in a small district of Ontario. At our dispatch, there were a total of twenty three of us working, waiting for the tell-tale call to action. Usually, there are two paramedics in an ambulance, unless multiple people are hurt or injured. When I got the instruction to head out, me and my partner, we’ll call him Mike, climbed into the back of the ambulance. The call was placed at 2:13 AM, and we left two minutes after. From the vague description, a man was mauled by what he said was “a bear, but bigger and faster.” He was on a residential street, at least a few blocks away from any wooded area large enough to support a bear, so we found it strange that he referenced the animal.

When we arrived on site, something was already “off.” The air had a very heavy coppery, or ozone scent to it, like right before a massive thunderstorm. It almost induced vomiting, it was that bad. Me and Mike exited the emergency vehicle. Upon glancing down the street, we saw the man who placed the call. He was lying on his stomach, arms and legs outstretched, with his face down, directly on the asphalt of the street. What was odd was, on this small suburban block, all the streetlights were out, aside from the one directly above the man. We quickly approached him, all the while, the copper smell getting stronger, and Mike asked him the basic questions. “Sir, were you the one who called 911? Sir, can you show us where you’ve attacked?” When we got within a few feet of him, he started making this odd noise. “Jittering” is how I would describe it. It was a really odd site. With his face flat on the asphalt, he was just jittering.

We rolled him over, to check for any injuries. By now, the copper smell was nearly overpowering. To even get a decent breath of air, I’d have to cover my shirt over my mouth. When we rolled him over, we immediately took a step back. His chest, and shirt, were gone. I tell you, completely missing. In place of where the torso skin should have been, it was just a large gouge mark, like a massive claw just swept across his body. It was oozing blood, and both me and Mike were utterly confused as to how he could still be alive, let alone conscious. After flipping him over, the jittering abruptly stopped, and his eyes closed. Upon checking his pulse, it was revealed that he was dead. We pronounced him dead on the scene, and labelled it as a wild animal attack.

As the bleeding came to an eventual halt, we prepared to load him into the back of the ambulance. I grabbed the stretcher, but Mike was focused on something else. I followed his gaze, and it appeared that he was staring at the corner of the street. Then I noticed what caught his attention. Next to the stop sign, towering at least two feet above it, was a man. As I said previously, the street lights were malfunctioning, so we couldn’t make any features out. He looked as if he was extremely skinny, and, there was a shadow of what looked like a vintage fedora atop his head. Mike called out to him, and, he vanished. He was gone. To this day, I’ve never seen anything like it. As he dissipated, the smell did as well. Normally, smells get less strong, over a period of time. However, the copper scent was there one moment, and gone the next.

To this day, I still am unsure of what we saw that night. If I had to guess, that man, or thing, we saw standing next to the stop sign had something to do with the man’s death. I’m still a paramedic currently, two years later, and I’ve never experienced anything similar. However, there’s one thing I definitely know: whatever attacked the man, it wasn’t a bear.

Paramedic Horror Story

I was around 23 when i was working with the Chicago Fire Department, i was lead paramedic and the driver of the ambulance, we got called out to a call i will never forget.

it was around 6 am when we got this call, the dispatch said, “Adult Male Down For Unknown Causes” I immediately jumped in the Ambulance and sped out of the fire house, put the lights and sirens on and went full speed down the road, we managed to get there on time before we saw the man with a needle through his ribs, we asked how this happened, No reply, we asked multiple times before patching it up and carefully loading him up onto the stretcher, we looked over and saw an old lady staring plain at us while we do our job, i should “Can i help you?” No reply, then we set off to the hospital, but while doing so we saw a car following us, it was the old lady in a bright red buick, with the number plate LQODL213, i will never forget that number plate due to the fact of what happens next, We pull up at the bay to un load and do the paperwork when the old women pulls up right behind us barely near the doors, we hop out to unload the pacient and we had to put it on the hood of her car it was that close, she asked us “why did you do that” and we stated that she was parked behind and ambulance when it says on the back “stay 200 feet away” She says that my ex husband and i used to be a nurse, i said to her that she is no longer a nurse and that she had to move her car, she refused, We called the cops and they came in under 3 minutes but by the time they got here, she was gone, from this day on ward i still wonder, will i ever see this women again?

Scariest Patient Transport

This is a story from one of my first patient transports as a paramedic.

Ive been in the emergency medical field since 2011 working for an ambulance company in an urban area. I will not give away too many details as to comply with HIPAA laws.

My partner and I were working our usual shift nothing out of the ordinary, just a normal day. It was getting towards the end of our 14 hour shift when we get a call over the radio to respond to a nursing home for a patient with altered mental status. Typically a call like this is usually a diabetic who forgot to take their insulin or a patient suffering from Alzheimer’s.  Basically a call like this is usually pretty easy to figure out and easily remedied on the way to the hospital.

We arrived on scene and immediately became concerned to see that multiple police cars were poisitioned outside the facility. We entered the scene with the escort of a police officer who brought us to a woman who was being restrained by two officers. She was kicking and screaming in such a horrifying way we were almost hesitant to approach her despite being in restraints. We began to assess the patient who’s vital signs were skyrocketing off the charts. However we couldn’t seem to figure out imediately what was causing this sudden onset of violent and aggressive behavior. Her blood sugar was well within a normal range so hypo/hyperglycemia was not the cause of the current mental status. We had spent enough time on scene by this point and had to begin to transport the patient. We had the officers place her on the stretcher and we tentatively placed our EMS approved restraints on her and secured them to the stretcher.

We informed the police what hospital we planned on transporting to for their report and follow up if there would be any. We loaded the patient and radioed dispatch to let them know we were enroute. All the meanwhile the patient had not stopped screaming or trying to break loose of her restraints since we arrived on scene. I was definitely creeped out by this irrational and unexplained behavior.

On the way to the hospital it was my job to recheck vitals every 5 minutes which sounds easy to do on a restrained patient but this woman was snapping her teeth between screams and visibly trying to wriggle loose of her wrist restraints, I was horrified. Being a rookie in the field I tried my best to get a second set of vitals while we were racing to a facility.

Up ahead my partner yelled into the back of the truck that he was going to go through the tunnel and it should only be another 2 minutes to our destination. “Shit” I thought as the ambulance went straight into a darkened tunnel I was sitting on the bench next to the patient when she suddenly stopped screaming and moving. She remained motionless just staring right into my eyes. She would not break her gas until we arrived at the receiving facility.

We gave our report and transferred the patient to the hospital staff. We assisted putting her in a hospital bed with restraints and off she went. She stared directly at me as she was wheeled through some double doors and we never saw her after that.

This may not be the most exciting story but it was definitely the creepiest call I ever responded to.

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