Overwatch creepypasta

One night i was playing Overwatch with my friends.Before i start the story i am 9 and so is my friend.There were 6 people in my team then someone else joined i went to check who joined from this moment on i regret he was not  on the other team he was on my team the 7 player.I messaged him fast saying how did you do that he messaged me fast but with the voice.

He kept saying i’m coming i invited him to the party with my friends.I should not have done this but i’m a fool.I said hey you want to be friends.Almost 1 minute later he invited me to a chat he knew were i lived i asked him why he did he said that one of the kids at school told me.

Just then my friends joined and we started talking about when we should meet up.We laughed when we got kicked for not moving in the game.We joined a new game when we joined he didn’t chose his character until i did and he picked d.va like me.I asked him why it said that his older brother did it to get him blocked.

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