Just to start off, at the time of this event, I was thirteen. I was going to a Halloween party for my friend’s fourteenth birthday. I had spent an hour or two preparing my “spooky” costume. I was going as “The Marionette” from Five Nights at Freddy’s two. When I arrived at the party me and a few other people including my friend, who we will call K, waited for everyone else to arrive.

Once everyone was there, we had played several rounds of “Body Body”. Body Body is very similar to Manhunt, except you have a person hand out cards to everyone. Whoever gets an ace is the “murderer”. And I never got an ace card. But I did get the joy of scaring the crap out of everyone. The whole was pitch black, and so was the majority of my costume, so I blended in perfectly. My face was the only thing that stood out, so I would crawl around screeching, and hide. When one of my friends would pass by, I would jump out and screech at them. Or I would just stand there until they noticed.