Not All Games are Fun

Just to start off, at the time of this event, I was thirteen. I was going to a Halloween party for my friend’s fourteenth birthday. I had spent an hour or two preparing my “spooky” costume. I was going as “The Marionette” from Five Nights at Freddy’s two. When I arrived at the party me and a few other people including my friend, who we will call K, waited for everyone else to arrive.

Once everyone was there, we had played several rounds of “Body Body”. Body Body is very similar to Manhunt, except you have a person hand out cards to everyone. Whoever gets an ace is the “murderer”. And I never got an ace card. But I did get the joy of scaring the crap out of everyone. The whole was pitch black, and so was the majority of my costume, so I blended in perfectly. My face was the only thing that stood out, so I would crawl around screeching, and hide. When one of my friends would pass by, I would jump out and screech at them. Or I would just stand there until they noticed.

That went on for a couple hours, and the majority of the guests left. That left me, K, and two other people, we will call them R and A. We were all staying the night, and I got bored quickly. I am a paranormal nut to this day, and of course I wanted to play some scary games. Ouija to be specific. After convincing everyone that I knew what I was doing, K got a large piece of cardboard, scissors, and a sharpie. After I properly assembled the board and planchete,I explained the rules.

Before we started playing, I warned them about Zozo. Yeah it may sound funny, and they laughed about it too, but I told them if the planchete moved z-o-z-o repeatedly, or moved in a infinity symbol, that they need to move it to goodbye and take their hands off the board. They listened to me after that.

We moved the planchete around in a circle four times to start, and asked if anyone was there.It slowly moved to “yes” and everyone freaked out. We started asking more questions and then it spelled out one of R’s late family member’s name. R and A blamed me, but I told them that I barely knew R and I didn’t know about their family. K quickly supported me, she believes in that kind of stuff, and is a Wiccan. We countinued playing, some of us taking a break watching, and it changed every once in a while to a dead family member for each of us. When it got to me, it got weird quickly.

Just for a little background a couple years ago my Oma got married to whom I call Opa . Well who we were communicating with through the board, was Opa’s dead sister Anne. While we were asking Anne questions, we heard a loud pop come from the kitchen. A went into the kitchen to find the cap from the soda bottle half way across the kitchen floor. A claimed that the cap was screwed on securely , since she was the last one to get a soda. I excitedly asked Anne if that was her. A chill went up my spine when the piece moved to yes. She then spelled out, “I like cola”.

I asked her why she was talking to me and she told me that she has to tell me something. The board spelled out,” I love you, please don’t forget me”. For some weird reason, I teared up and told her that I wouldn’t forget her.
Anne went “quiet” after that. Whenever we asked questions, the planchete would just randomly jerk around the board. Then it happened. It started to spell out its name as a chill went down my spine once again. Z-o-Z-. I immediately jerked the planchete to goodbye and told everyone to take their hands off. I ripped up the cardboard and threw it away.

To calm everyone down, we had ate pizza and watched movies. I wasn’t that interest in the movie, so I was finishing making my tarot cards. K was happy about that and asked when I would be done. I told her that I wasn’t quite sure yet. A little while later K suggested that we should go to bed, but we were all sugar dazed. K has had some sleeping problems, so she had some melatonin with her. She offered us some to help us sleep and I gladly accepted. R, A, and K were still terrified from the Ouija board, so we slept with the lights on. I was woken up by a petrified K. As I groggily sat up and checked the time, three a.m.-

I asked them why the heck they woke me up so early. They fearfully explained that the cabinets were opening and slamming shut by themselves and cups were being knocked off the counters by themselves. Of course, I was ticked off and tired so I brushed it off and told them to go back to sleep.We woke up later and I went home soon after that.

Nothing odd happened to me at K’s house, but some scary crap happend at my house. On more then one occasion, I saw these shadow like figures nearbye me whenever I was doing the dishes. They would stick their feet out from behind corners. Or they would stand in the dining room, watching me. At one point I was doing the dishes while my parents were out. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw one of the figures run up behind me, and I felt it grab my shoulders. Of course me being absolutely scared for my life I dropped to the floor sobbing. The figure was gone and my parents soon came home. I tried explaining what happened to my mom, but she quickly brushed it off.

Odd things kept happening and then half way through 8th grade it all stopped. I don’t know what was the shadows were, but all I care is that they are gone. My best word of advice, be very careful when messing around with paranormal stuff. You might not know what kind of situation you might be getting yourself into. I just hope High school will be better-