One By One They All Fall Down (Creepypasta)

Starting year 6 was a breeze for the most part, yeah the work was a little tougher, and especially when it came to maths but it was still an easy start. Over the following weeks everyone started making plans for Halloween, when eventually the day came that I overheard some of the popular kids planning to sneak out and go to the graveyard next to the school. They noticed me looking over and thought to invite me along, I tried get out of it but they weren’t having any of it.

The whole plan was to have a sleep over at Jacobs seeing as his was the closest to the school/ graveyard, and then sneak out around midnight, during the so called witching hour, the guys had been doing some research about the paranormal and found out between midnight and 3am is the best time to contact spirits, so naturally decided this would be the best time to go have a Ouija board session in the middle of the local graveyard, I know right sounds fun. We were all on the same page Tim, Jacob, Alex, Chris, Rob, Mike and of course me but over the week leading up to Halloween more and more people got invited, some were going to join us at Jacobs, some were going to sneak out and meet us there and well the rest of the class weren’t interested or had way to strict of parents to even attempt sneaking out or staying at others.

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A Haunting in the Country

To start, I have been a strong believer in the paranormal since I was a young child.  I have childhood stories that I’d like to share at a later time. But for now, I’d like to talk about what happened to me about 10 years ago. I’ve never been more afraid of the other side than that time. I’ve never submitted a story before, but felt that I needed to share about this experience. To share it with people who maybe have experienced some of the same things. It’s a little long, but nonetheless scary.

It was the summer of 2007. My husband, daughter and I had to move from where we were living to a trailer in a very rural community away from my hometown where I grew up. To give you an idea of the area, forest surrounded everything. Our trailer was right next to the only main road. Behind us was a cow field, then 4 other trailers in a line about a half mile away from us. It was a very nice location, and the inside was just what we needed with a 7 year old. But I always had a strange feeling, like something lurking behind my shoulder. I just shrugged it off as being stress from moving away from my hometown to a brand new area.

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Haunted Ouija Board

I was a teenager when this happened, but I can honestly say I remember it like it happened just a few hours ago. My friend, Bailey and I were staying at her house for the weekend. It just happened to be the weekend that her mother decided to do some spring cleaning and clean out their spare bedroom. As teenagers Bailey and I of course were doing more playing with the things we found than cleaning.

Bailey pulled a box out of the closet and held it up, asking her mother what was inside. Her mother snatched the box out of her hands and told her it was a Ouija Board that her aunt had brought home when she lived there. We shrugged it off and went on with our day. Later that night her dad decided we needed to burn some of the things that had been thrown out. The fire was small and burning normally until her mother threw the Ouija Board in it.

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Ouija Board Horror Story

I’ve always been interested in the paranormal. Every since I was younger I was obsessed with watching ghost adventures and horror movies.

I’m 19 now and decided to buy a ouija board. I’ve done a lot of research and even purchased a spirit box. I’m from Massachusetts and live pretty close to the real life conjuring house.

My friend and I both went there, it’s on route 96 on burrivile ri, the house is further back than the barn and it’s blocked off with poles. We went there at 3AM and decided to do the ouija board across the street. I turned the spirit box on too just for the hell of it.

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Second Hand Encounter

I’ve always considered myself very sensitive to the paranormal. When I discovered about the Ouija Board, I was 10 and very interested in how it works. I bought it from a toy store and googled how to use it. Then I discovered all the demonic encounters people have had using the ouija board. When I read them, I decided to never use it or open it. The ouija board would sit in the downstairs pantry for years collecting dust, never to be used.

Years later I was a senior in high school. I was the typical depressed teenager, trying to make everyone happy while thinking the usual “nobody will ever know how much I’m hurting inside” nonsense. I had this one friend, whom I’ll call Rachel. Rachel and I have had a rocky one sided friendship. My ex boyfriend (who I really could see myself with in the future at the time) left me for her. And the two of them began dating for two years. My parents would always tell me she was a very flaky friend, but she was the only one who would actually pay attention in school so I kept brushing my parents comments aside and we would hang out at lot during the weekend.

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My Family’s Paranormal Past

Parinormal encounters must run in my family or something. I’ve heard a ton of stories from most of my family, but I’ll only tell a few.

My mom told me of the time when she, my dad’s sisters, and few cousins of hers played with a ouija borad. This is before my parents were married. So they were hanging out at one of her cousins house and no parents were home, so they thought it would be the perfect time to play the ouija borad they had secretly bought. So they played and asked the normal questions, is any one there, or and whats your name and all that. The plamchette moved and all of them were skeptical at first and my mom got allittle freaked out knowing none of them were moving it. They were all scared so they said good bye and put it away. After they said bye the phone rang but no one was there. They hung up right after it rang again, and again they picked up. After the third time they stopped answering and it continually rang.

Then doors up stair started opening and slamming shut. They desire to throw away the borad and it stopped but after half an hour it started agian and they found the borad in same exact place they played with it. They researched it and it said to burn it and they did. They took it out side and threw it in the fire pit and burned it. While it burn a blood curdling scream rang out from the flames. That was the last time she ever played with a ouija borad. She is a really religious person and unlike most parents, belived me when I told her my story.

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