My Game Stalker

It’s always easy to trust people easily on the internet, as was the case with me.  As such, sometimes you give out too much, even accidentally.  Even people who know the dangers of the internet, such as myself are pulled in, and events like this happens. I mainly write this as a warning to others. Please, don’t be like me.

Anyway, a little backstory before I tell the story. I live in the Portland-Metro area of Oregon, and am a transgender sixteen year old, having gone under HRT and some surgeries. I’m expensive, I know. Back on track, however, I play a game called osu!. All you really do is just click circles to music (mainly Japanese), but it’s quite addicting. In this game, there is a chat feature to let you talk to other people.

There is also a “Nearby” feature, that lets you find people around your area, for example your state. This is how the person who stalked me found me in game. I should note, I do not remember all the details clearly. This happened close to a year ago.

It was late one night, probably around Midnight, when someone, I don’t remember who messages me, saying something along the lines of, “How Nearby are you? Are you in Oregon?”

I already knew what this feature did itself, so it wasn’t freaky. The player seemed new (The game’s scoring system is called “Performance Points”, and he had a low number of them, 100-200 at most), so I replied with, “Yeah, Nearby shows people in your area. I am in the Portland area. (I actually gave him an exact city, but for the sake of my privacy, I am not saying which) Where you at?”

He replied, “Portland as well.” Then he asked me if I was a girl, which I replied, “Yes, I am.”

“Cool,” was all he said. I added him as a friend, and he added me. I went offline some time later, for school. He messaged me the next day, and we talked for a while. This user, in fact became my best friend after a month of talking, and we even got to get to know each other on a name to name basis. I gave him the name I often go by, “Izzy” as mine. I think the name he gave me was Dylan. Eventually, “Dylan” and I swapped selfies. He told me that I was “Very beautiful.” Note, at this time, I had yet to go under any surgery, but was on HRT, so to know I was passable, especially to him who had no clue I was trans only boosted my confidence, and my friendship with him. Dylan himself was a teenager close to my age. At least, that was in the picture he sent me. I of course, was too blinded by our friendship to even check to see if it was real.

A month later, things started to change between me and Dylan. He was creepy, to say the least. I wasn’t comfortable talking to him, and he said things such as, “Your ass is too flat, you should do some exercise to make it nice and juicy,” he’d send. I often didn’t respond to these messages. The thing about this message, for example was that I indeed have always had a flat butt, even as a female. He’d send me a picture of the school I went to, and that was the first time I sent him back, asking, “How the hell did you find where I go to school? I’ve never told you this, wtf.” He didn’t respond.

The next day, however, and the only thing I think I kept from my time with Dylan, was when he sent me a picture that absolutely chilled me. It was within an imgur link. The picture, in fact, was of my house. This is a slightly edited picture, but other than the two marks, nothing else has been edited.

The picture

The red marking is the office, which is my room. The black marking is just to protect my privacy.

He then sent me another message, saying, and I remember this vividly, “I didn’t know you were transgender, Isabella.”

I had never told him my full name, or that I was a transgender, so by this point I was freaking out. I responded, “How the fuck do you know where I live, and how do you know these things about me.” and then I told him, “One more move on me, and I’m calling the fucking police, do you understand me?”

“You’re still really pretty, you know that right? I don’t care who you are, I want you.”

The one mistake I made was unfriending him and then going offline. I had enough. I never heard from him again, and I tried to find his profile a couple weeks later, and it was gone. I can only assume he was banned, or changed his username. As far as I know, the police have never caught this sick fuck. I can only hope that he is indeed locked up in prison, and that he never got to make moves on another teenager like me. Again, please be careful on the internet. You never know what you might be getting in to.