Hey there. My name is Samridh. You can call me Sam as my friends do. I’m from Fazilka a really small town in Panjab,India. I’m 19 yrs old, tall and muscular.

First let me give you a little bit of my background. I study in a city far away from my city as I passed my 10th grade. I often used to come to my home on weekends. I’m 6″3 feet tall that’s why I loved Basketball so much. I am a big fan of horror movies. I’ve almost watched all Warewolf ┬ámovies. I’m so obsessed with them. But in movies only. I always go for a run in the morning from my house to the ground that has a Basketball court to play basketball. The ground was about 3 kms from my house. One weekend I came home for a weekend and as usual I went for a run. I called my friend before leaving the house to join me on the road. It was March 1st 2015. Yes how the hell can I forget that day. It was foggy outside because in North West India the summer takes time to come. So it was eventually dark as hell outside. It was full moon. I remember it all.

So I was on my way to the ground, running. When I reached at the road intersection I stopped for a moment to catch some breath. As i waited there for my friend to come. The intersection was half way from my house to the ground. Its a highway so I ran on the side of the road. Because India there are almost no rules for anything I guess. No one cares. So it was so much dog that time that there were no cars or any kind of vehicles passing by. I was barely able to see 20 feet far.

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