The Biker

So I Always Left For School At The Same Time [8:20] Am And Always Came Back From School At [3:25] PM And Always And I Mean ALWAYS! A Very Pale Old Man Riding A Black And Yellow Bike Wearing The Typical Biker Gear Would Ride Right Past My House As Soon As I Came Home.I Thought Nothing Of This Though It Was Kind Sort Of Strange That Everytime I Happened To Come Home He Would Be There Riding His Bike With That Blank Look On His Face Which Was Creepy But Again I Thought Nothing Of It Until One Day…

He Seemed To Stop In Front Of My House With A Flat Tire. Now Im What You Would Call An Introvert I Don’t Talk To People Unless It Necessary But He Seemed Troubled And I Was Having A Good Day.So I Ask Him “Do You Want Me To Ask My Mum If She Can Help With Your Flat Tire?”. I Know my mum knew nothing about bikes so this was a stupid question but anyway He Replied “…” Nothing He Said Nothing He Gave Me This Deathly Stare And Walked Of With His Bike.

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Mysteries of the Woods

*all names have been changed for privacy reasons*

So this happened to me a few years back. My friends and I decided we would go on a camping trip when most of our friend group was finally graduated. There was a wide range of us from 19 – 16 years of age. We decided to go for a week on our trip. We live in Newfoundland, Canada. Here we have decently dense wooded areas within our city limits. So we decided to camp in the city, I know its not the typical out of city away from everything camping ideal but we did what we could as only one or two of us could drive and more than 10 people in tiny cars doesn’t work.

We went about 15 minutes into the woods, basically where we could see the city but not hear it or be affected by its bright lights at night. It was a nice area, a hill though but we worked with it. The fire pit we made was in a dense bit of woods that was about 10 feet deep, nothing big. (the fire place is important) Around us was trees, and ATV paths. Occasionally a few people going for hikes but no one ever bothered us.

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