The Biker

So I Always Left For School At The Same Time 8:20 Am And Always Came Back From School At 3:25 PM And Always And I Mean ALWAYS! A Very Pale Old Man Riding A Black And Yellow Bike Wearing The Typical Biker Gear Would Ride Right Past My House As Soon As I Came Home.I Thought Nothing Of This Though It Was Kind Sort Of Strange That Everytime I Happened To Come Home He Would Be There Riding His Bike With That Blank Look On His Face Which Was Creepy But Again I Thought Nothing Of It Until One Day…

He Seemed To Stop In Front Of My House With A Flat Tire. Now Im What You Would Call An Introvert I Don’t Talk To People Unless It Necessary But He Seemed Troubled And I Was Having A Good Day.So I Ask Him “Do You Want Me To Ask My Mum If She Can Help With Your Flat Tire?”. I Know my mum knew nothing about bikes so this was a stupid question but anyway He Replied “…” Nothing He Said Nothing He Gave Me This Deathly Stare And Walked Of With His Bike.

This Freaked Me Out I Thought for sure he was going to make a move like trying to kidnap me or kill me after giving me that stare but nope.. he just walked off. I Get In To The House And Ask My Mum If She Knows The Guy But She Had No Info About The Old Man. A Bit Of Backstory In The Neighborhood this takes place in Everyone Knew Each Other On At Least A Friend Level So If This Guy Did Live In This Neighborhood He Was Very Seclusive.

So I Ask Around The Neighborhood If They Knew where this guy lived but no clues. I Eventually Gave Up And Wondered “Why Do I Even Want To Find This Guy? He Is Probably Just An Innocent Old Man Who Really Likes Biking” Oh Boy Was I Wrong… About 1 Year After This Event I Notice The Old Man Stops Appearing Sort Of Strange But Whatever The Guy Looked Like he was 80 When I Saw Him maybe he is tired? 5 Years Later I Was Sitting Down To Breakfast When A Breaking News Report Comes on… It Was The Old Man..

He Had Killed Himself. His Name Was Robert Goldstone A Famous Biker He Had Let Fame Get To His Head And Cheated On His Wife Which Had Made His Wife Leave Him. After A Horrible Accident Happened He Was Told He Could Never Bike Professionally Again He Lost His Fame,Money,Wife And House His Wife Wouldn’t Take Him Back A In A Fit Of Anger Killed Her Brutally! He Only Had His Bike Left… He Left A Suicide Note Giving The Coordinations For His EX Wifes Body.

I Visited His Grave Once And Out Of Respect Bought His Old Bike And Left It By His Grave…

Mysteries of the Woods

*all names have been changed for privacy reasons*

So this happened to me a few years back. My friends and I decided we would go on a camping trip when most of our friend group was finally graduated. There was a wide range of us from 19 – 16 years of age. We decided to go for a week on our trip. We live in Newfoundland, Canada. Here we have decently dense wooded areas within our city limits. So we decided to camp in the city, I know its not the typical out of city away from everything camping ideal but we did what we could as only one or two of us could drive and more than 10 people in tiny cars doesn’t work.

We went about 15 minutes into the woods, basically where we could see the city but not hear it or be affected by its bright lights at night. It was a nice area, a hill though but we worked with it. The fire pit we made was in a dense bit of woods that was about 10 feet deep, nothing big. (the fire place is important) Around us was trees, and ATV paths. Occasionally a few people going for hikes but no one ever bothered us.

Everything was fine and fun for the first few days running around, going swimming, smoking weed and getting heavily drunk; ya know teenage stuff. After a few days, people started to clear out, but myself, my boyfriend Jason, his little sister Thea, our friend Mike, and a few other friends stayed.

During the days the heat reached about 20+ degrees Celsius, and at night it drops to between 5 and 10 degrees. On the second last day it was hot enough to the point that myself and Jason took the cover off the tent to let the heat escape the scorching hot tent. Around noon Mike and a few others left due to work but later returned. Thea left to shower. (Hint you’re in the woods go for a swim close enough as a shower.) This left myself and Jason, we decided to play card games in the tent while we waited for everyone to return.

That’s when we notice the rustling of garbage bags. When we peered out of the tent we saw an old man he looked to be about 70, he was carrying a garbage bag and was cleaning up our mess. He just smiled at us and walked up by our fire pit and never came back down. I never thought anything of It until after the trip ended.

About 2-3 hours later we decided to go for a walk to the main entrance of where we all got dropped off. Only gone about 15 minutes we returned and it appeared that nothing had been touched. Great we thought. We decided to play card but this time when Jason reached into the small front pocket of his suit case he pulled out a small bottle that was meant to hold holy water, and rosemary beads or prayer beads as some people call them.

I asked Jason if one of his parents owned them and just forgot to take them out.

He replied with “No I’ve never seen these in my life and I checked that pocket before we left the house the other day.”

Freaked out we decided not to do anything as it was possibly a harmless prank someone was playing on us.

Later that evening Thea, Mike and a few others returned. We told them about the beads and bottle. Everyone thought it was spooky but never really cared. But Mike on the other hand the moment the bottle and beads touched his hand he immediately looked at me and whispered “These were my grandmothers. Where did you find these?”

Shocked and confused I explained again how we got them but this time told them about the man who was cleaning up the mess we made. Mike continued to act weird, he wouldn’t stop smelling the beads all night and the bottle was in his pocket till we went to bed.

After a few hours we forgot about it and got tanked. Around 2 or 3 I was too drunk and high to stay up so I decided to go to bed. About an hour after Jason joined me. We decided to sleep with the tent cover off as the nights get too hot or the wind blows the tent and cover in on top of us.

At around 5:30am I was woken by a loud scream, mind you we couldn’t even hear children screaming with excitement from the neighbourhood we were just a bit behind. So this was odd. The scream sounded to be a female in distress, it happened a few times before I woke Jason. I told him what I heard when we realized our friends were still up. We got out to tell them what we heard when we heard it again. It happened about 5-6 more times. Our friends told us they heard it a couple times before we went to tell them.

I never got to find out what/who made that noise but to this day I still feel bad for not trying to help but that wasn’t my first instinct. I guess because I didn’t believe it was real. But the next day when we all went home I found on Facebook that a local girl went missing the night before and was last seen relatively close to where we were camping.

I’ve also never spoken to Mike about that night and bout the bottle and beads but I have heard that he still has both in his house. I’ve always wondered did the old man put the beads and holy water bottle in our stuff when we were gone? Where did he even go it was too thick for anyone to go through?

I have so many unanswered questions about that trip that I know will never be answered but I do have some pretty freaky memories.