Okanagan Lake Monster

My name is Zoe, and have lived in the Okanagan my whole life. I’ve had my share of weird experiences, from earth worms crawling up from the carpets in my old house to the unplugged vacuum turning itself on and off, but I’ll leave those stories for another day. I’ll start off my saying this story belongs to my uncle, Brad, when he was still a kid. When he first told this to me, it made me shiver, and it honestly still does. I apologize in advance for how short this may be.

My uncle had grown up in a big house with his parents and four siblings, right on the beach and with a beautiful view of the Okanagan lake. They basically grew up in the water. Every time it stormed, my uncle would get his brother and sisters and they would all head out to the lake for some swimming. This time, however, Brad decided he wanted to try out water skiing during a storm. Their mother, Nancy, decided it would be a fun thing to try and offered to drive the boat while Brad was on the skis.

Brad and his mother then took the boat out for a bit while the other kids watched from the shore, thunder booming up ahead. Thankfully it wasn’t too windy just yet and the storm had just begun, so they had some time to have fun before the storm worsened and forced them back from the water.

It was all good for a while, Brad was already pretty experienced with water skis and his mother knew exactly what he was doing with the boat, but nobody was prepared for what happened next. This story isn’t mine, so of course I don’t have all the details, but this part still makes me shudder. I think you’ll see why.

Nancy was starting to become rather cautious of something in the distance, something under the water. A dark shadow, which was first thought to be a dark spot in the water, or a deeper part in the lake or something… but then, it started coming closer to the boat. Slithering, almost. Out of the blue (quite literally), something… emerged from the water, right in front of the boat, catching both of them off guard. Horrified, Nancy turned the boat in an instant, just nearly missing whatever this thing was- Brad wasn’t as lucky. The scariest part about this story, to me at least, is how Brad described this thing. As his skis took him flying directly into and over the thing, he touched its black, blubbery hide with his hand before being thrown off the skis and into the lake. When he finally caught his breath and looked back, the so-called creature was gone, slinking back into the depths. Nancy was circling back around in the boat to get him before they hurried back home. I honestly doubt he kept water skiing after this, at least for a while.

The most shocking part is that Brad’s mother, or my grandmother, is not easily swayed by these events, but she is 100% certain what she saw was the Okanagan lake monster, the Ogopogo. I’m not exactly scared of the water, but I don’t think I’ll ever forget this story. It really makes you wonder what’s watching you from the depths of the sea.