How I nearly died

Hey there. My name is Carter. There really isn’t a category to put this story in, so I chose paranormality. This story is not paranormal, but it has scarred me to this day. Before I begin, the story you are about to read doesn’t have anything to do with a scary topic you are looking for at the moment. If you accept my story, you might have to put it in a video about the ocean. Sorry for the inconvenience.

When I was about eight, my grandparents we coming up upon their 50 year anniversary. They decided to celebrate and take the whole family on a cruise ship. I was excited at the thought of it. I’d never been on a cruise before, at was looking forward to the experience. I’ve enclosed a picture I found of the ship we went on. Now, we live in the western part of America, so we had to take a flight to Florida to get there. Now, I have a theory about vacations. It sounds odd, but every time I’ve gone on vacation on an airplane, at least one bad thing happens. Usually I get some sort of illness or get sick on the plane. I was happy that the flight to Florida had been smooth, but a little part of my brain wouldn’t let me forget the jinx.

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The Back Watch

Before I start, you need to know that I’ve been in the military for 12 years. I have seen my fare share of creepy shit. Most of the buildings and ships are down right haunted as fuck.  I have been seeing ghost on and off since I was a kid, well more when I was a kid, not as much now, thank fuck.

This story takes place miles off the coast of South America. We were on deployment, so I’m not going to say what ship I was on, or when this took place. Now the ship that I was on wasn’t a stranger to ghost stories, and most my shipmates would gossip about their own, encounters. I didn’t believe it, at first. Cause even though I saw shit when I was young, it never bother me, and most of the stories were repeats from other ships.

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It came from the ocean

It came from the Ocean

by andro6657


This happened in 1993, I was around 12 years old. My Uncle Max picked me up and took me fishing with him. He had a decent sized boat with a good engine. We weren’t going out far but I figured we would be gone most of the day. We started early, around 5 am and drove around in the boat looking at the coastal area before we started fishing. We located a good spot next to an oil platform looking structure in the water. It was still a bit dark but we could see the supplies on the boat without a flashlight or any other lighting. We had only fished for about 10 mins when we heard a bump on the bottom of the boat. It almost moved the boat. I looked at my uncle and shrugged my shoulders. He said, “It’s probably some big ass turtle” he snickered. I laughed because just hearing my Uncle cuss was enough back then. But before we could finish laughing there was an odd splash. I turned to my right to see the strangest thing I’ve ever seen. It was a creature. It was like a man but his skin was like that old fish, the coelacanth. Brown scaly skin covered the thing. He had white eyes and a gaping mouth. I swear I even saw fins on him but it happened to fast I wasn’t sure. It had shot straight up out of the water about chest high then sinked right back down again. I was shocked, my heart stopped. In my mind, I thought it had to be prank or something. It surely couldn’t have been a real creature. It was a little dark but I swear that I saw the shadow of that thing swim off underneath the water like a dolphin. My heart was racing as I looked back at my uncle. The expression on his face scared me even more. I had never before or since seen him so scared. I trembled there on that boat. I reeled in my line, dropped my pole on the boat floor and rested on the short bench on the boat. I tried so hard to breathe. Without a sound, we left the coastal waters. We stopped and ate some breakfast tacos on the way home. We never really talked about what we saw. I wonder if that thing was the only one of its kind or if there are more fish people out there. Always be careful going out into the ocean.


It Sleeps No More

They called it the Great bloop. A follow-up to an earlier discovered, “Big Bloop”. It came from a place in the ocean farthest from any landmass. 47°9’S, 126°43’W. The bottom of the Pacific ocean. It was detected by sonar buoys in Alaska. This caused a huge stir up in the scientific community.

How could something be so loud? There was practically a fleet of scientific and naval vessels investigating the area. I was on one of those vessels. We found that there was extreme seismic activity far below the surface on the ocean floor. The geologists rushed to the scene. They determined it to be a newly discovered geothermal hotspot. This theory was proven wrong after it persisted with no volcanic eruptions due to pressure.

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