How I nearly died

Hey there. My name is Carter. There really isn’t a category to put this story in, so I chose paranormality. This story is not paranormal, but it has scarred me to this day. Before I begin, the story you are about to read doesn’t have anything to do with a scary topic you are looking for at the moment. If you accept my story, you might have to put it in a video about the ocean. Sorry for the inconvenience.

When I was about eight, my grandparents we coming up upon their 50 year anniversary. They decided to celebrate and take the whole family on a cruise ship. I was excited at the thought of it. I’d never been on a cruise before, at was looking forward to the experience. I’ve enclosed a picture I found of the ship we went on. Now, we live in the western part of America, so we had to take a flight to Florida to get there. Now, I have a theory about vacations. It sounds odd, but every time I’ve gone on vacation on an airplane, at least one bad thing happens. Usually I get some sort of illness or get sick on the plane. I was happy that the flight to Florida had been smooth, but a little part of my brain wouldn’t let me forget the jinx.

A few days into the cruise, I was starting to get used to the life at sea. It wasn’t much different to being on land, except that you’re on a boat, obviously. I would have been happy staying at sea the whole trip, but a few days later we docked in Mexico. We were in a very touristy area, and there were street vendors everywhere, each trying to sell something or other at double it’s value to another family of American tourists. I kind of found that funny. Anyways, we spent several hours on the beach just hanging out, until I spotted one of those rubber water trampolines. There’s another picture if you don’t know what they look like. Anyways, being the adventurous eight-year-old I was, I wanted to check it out. It was pretty far offshore, but that didn’t really register to me as dangerous. It makes me cringe to realize how wrong I was.

My grandpa agreed to swim me out there, so if I got into trouble, he’d be there to help. We got into the water and started to swim. The water was crystal clear, and I could see fish scatter when I stretched my arms out to them. It was so peaceful, and I had never felt more happy. Suddenly, my grandpa stopped. I really don’t remember why he did, but he was an old man, and I don’t think he could swim out too far. I didn’t really care, I just wanted to get to that trampoline. When I got there, my grandpa was pretty far away from me, but he wasn’t keeping a close eye on me. I happily swum around the trampoline, trying to find a ladder or something. There wasn’t one. I don’t know if I didn’t look hard enough, or it was just too big for me to climb up. I must have swum around it ten times, just looking for a way up. In the process, I have exhausted myself. I didn’t realize it, but I was in danger of drowning.

I decided to call it quits and just go back on land. I began to swim back toward my grandpa, who was minding his own business. But as I got closer to shore, it really didn’t seem like I was getting closer at all. Today, I believe I was caught in a rip current. I live near the beach, and us kids were taught how to deal with rip currents, but I hadn’t learned then. You have to swim with the current, not against it. I was clueless. I swam harder. It did nothing. I could feel my strength leaving me like gas erupting from a broken pipeline. I began to bob in and out of the water, coughing up water and sputtering words of utter nonsense. My grandpa didn’t even notice that his only grandson was about to die, on a vacation he invited me to.

I was so exhausted, I couldn’t even try to stay afloat any more. I was young, but understood that I was going to die. I gave up. I let myself sink. As I gazed around in the water, a dark shape shimmered towards me. Good, I thought. A shark to come and make this even worse. But it wasn’t a shawl. It was a man. He grabbed me by the hand and yanked me to the surface. The first thing he did was ask me if I was okay. I replied with something I don’t remember, but I do remember my first good look at my guardian angel. He was a muscular man, probably very tall if he were on land. He had a crew cut, and sunglasses on. He wrapped me in his arms and took me to my grandpa.

I don’t think my grandpa even noticed at all. He just smiled at the man and swam me to to shore. As I looked back, I realized I hadn’t even thanked the man. He had already rejoined his girlfriend, who Wass hugging him and praising him for saving me.

The rest of the vacation went smoothly, nothing bad happened. We got back to Florida and flew home. We actually flew home just in time to avoid a hurricane. Today, I think back to that day in Mexico whenever I look at the ocean, or into the clear water of my bathtub. The memory will always be there, lingering over me and haunting me in my sleep. I have no clue who you are, but if this story ends up in a video, and you watch it, I want to thank you, he who saved my life. I owe you more than God can give.

As a final suggestion, please stay safe in the water. You never know hat could happen. I didn’t, and that still scares me…

The Back Watch

Before I start, you need to know that I’ve been in the military for 12 years. I have seen my fare share of creepy shit. Most of the buildings and ships are down right haunted as fuck.  I have been seeing ghost on and off since I was a kid, well more when I was a kid, not as much now, thank fuck.

This story takes place miles off the coast of South America. We were on deployment, so I’m not going to say what ship I was on, or when this took place. Now the ship that I was on wasn’t a stranger to ghost stories, and most my shipmates would gossip about their own, encounters. I didn’t believe it, at first. Cause even though I saw shit when I was young, it never bother me, and most of the stories were repeats from other ships.

Before I get into my encounter, left me put something in perspective for you, so you can understand what makes these, encounters, more creepy and unnerving then it would be on land. You’re on a ship, in the middle of the ocean, with no place to run, hide, or escape. You are trapped in a metal tin can, with nothing but the dark waters as your, “escape”.

So a ship works on watches, basically shift work. I’m not going to get to much into that, because it will take too lone. Just know, I was on the mids watch, or what we call the back watch. I was standing on the back of the ship, life boy sentry, (I think that explains itself). I was 20 minutes into my shift, it was quite, the sounds form props wash and the ocean wavs were lulling me into a relaxing state.  I was leaning on the bullworks(railing, but it’s fully inclosed), watching the stars and just thinking about life.

Somewhere in my trance like state, I felt unnerved, cold and just genially creeped out. I don’t  know why, but my body went right into fright or flight. I turned around and froze. There standing by the hatch leading into the ship, was a shadow. It was shaped like a man, but it was distorted. And no, it wasn’t because it was dark. There was red lighting back there, because where I stood, doubled as the smoking area.

At that time of nigh and knowing how other department run the shifts, no one should have been back there. That and, I didn’t hear the hatch open. It’s not a quiet entrance way, it’s heavy metal door, banging on metal.

I stared at it, I couldn’t move, my heart was racing. I took a step back, my foot hitting the bullworks. I was trapped. Freaking out, panic nearly had me over the side.

This shadow man, or whatever it was, didn’t move. We were in a stand off, and if that thing charged at me, I would meet a watery end. For what felt like a life time, the thing shift, like it was raising a hand. My heart stopped, my vision when black; I was going to die. But, the thing, slid, not walked, slip being a big rope reel. That reel was huge, and held our housers (lines use to secure the ship to the jetty).

I was still frozen, it was sound of a wave crashing that snapped me out of it. I took a breath that I didn’t know I was holding and, forced myself away from the railing. I don’t know what possessed me, but I quickly went to the houser reel. To this day I don’t know why I did it, but I freaking look behind it. There, was, nothing. I remember pulling away, backing away until I was back agents the railing. My eyes stayed the reel, heart pounding and fear like I’ve never felt before chocking me. The sense of being watch  suffocated me, and again, I was trapped.

I stayed like that until my relief showed up. I quickly turned over my gear to him and practically ran towards the hatch leading into the ship, into the light. I wish that was the end of it. But over the years I was on the ship, I seen that shadow in different parts of the ship. One night as I slept alone in the mess (sleeping quarters) I awoke. My heart was racing, fear had me shaking. Through my curtain I saw it, that thing, that shadow man. I surpassed a scream and closed my eyes, and just chanted. Go away, go away, go away!

Seconds, minutes passed and I opened my eyes. It was gone. I curled into a ball, in my small bunk, still shaking. I didn’t get back to sleep, and that wasn’t the only time it happened, nor was I the only one to seen… it.

That ship is now decommissioned, and I hope the shadow man went down with it.

There are things out there. This is but one, encounter. The ocean is a dangerous place……

It came from the ocean

It came from the Ocean

by andro6657


This happened in 1993, I was around 12 years old. My Uncle Max picked me up and took me fishing with him. He had a decent sized boat with a good engine. We weren’t going out far but I figured we would be gone most of the day. We started early, around 5 am and drove around in the boat looking at the coastal area before we started fishing. We located a good spot next to an oil platform looking structure in the water. It was still a bit dark but we could see the supplies on the boat without a flashlight or any other lighting. We had only fished for about 10 mins when we heard a bump on the bottom of the boat. It almost moved the boat. I looked at my uncle and shrugged my shoulders. He said, “It’s probably some big ass turtle” he snickered. I laughed because just hearing my Uncle cuss was enough back then. But before we could finish laughing there was an odd splash. I turned to my right to see the strangest thing I’ve ever seen. It was a creature. It was like a man but his skin was like that old fish, the coelacanth. Brown scaly skin covered the thing. He had white eyes and a gaping mouth. I swear I even saw fins on him but it happened to fast I wasn’t sure. It had shot straight up out of the water about chest high then sinked right back down again. I was shocked, my heart stopped. In my mind, I thought it had to be prank or something. It surely couldn’t have been a real creature. It was a little dark but I swear that I saw the shadow of that thing swim off underneath the water like a dolphin. My heart was racing as I looked back at my uncle. The expression on his face scared me even more. I had never before or since seen him so scared. I trembled there on that boat. I reeled in my line, dropped my pole on the boat floor and rested on the short bench on the boat. I tried so hard to breathe. Without a sound, we left the coastal waters. We stopped and ate some breakfast tacos on the way home. We never really talked about what we saw. I wonder if that thing was the only one of its kind or if there are more fish people out there. Always be careful going out into the ocean.


It Sleeps No More

They called it the Great bloop. A follow-up to an earlier discovered, “Big Bloop”. It came from a place in the ocean farthest from any landmass. 47°9’S, 126°43’W. The bottom of the Pacific ocean. It was detected by sonar buoys in Alaska. This caused a huge stir up in the scientific community.

How could something be so loud? There was practically a fleet of scientific and naval vessels investigating the area. I was on one of those vessels. We found that there was extreme seismic activity far below the surface on the ocean floor. The geologists rushed to the scene. They determined it to be a newly discovered geothermal hotspot. This theory was proven wrong after it persisted with no volcanic eruptions due to pressure.

Then they confirmed something even more alien. A previously undiscovered tectonic plate. It had practically been dormant for the last billion years but was incredibly active starting 3 billion years ago. This confirmed discovery sent shock waves through the scientific community. They called it the ‘Easter Plate’ due to its closeness to easter island. The public was notified after we were certain that it wouldn’t be a problem.

Conspiracy theorists everywhere went nuts. Everything from secret alien bases to the lost continent of mu was hurled at us. We all separately received letters of recognition for our hard work discovering this anomaly and letters from conspirators thanking us or accusing us of various affronts on humanity. But I received one that stood apart from the rest. It was very short. It looked like all the rest but there was no return address. Written anonymously. I opened it. Gave me a damn papercut. I pulled the letter out. The person wrote the letter in fine cursive. It said: “He was right.” Then said one thing below that. “Call of Cthulhu”. I’d never heard of such a thing.

I Google it. Apparently it was some short story written in the early 1900s by a guy named H.P.Lovecraft. He wrote tons of horror and the Wikipedia said he got all of his stories from the vivid nightmares he had each night.

So it was a reading recommendation. I went to a local Barnes and Noble and picked up a copy of “tales of great horror” filled with his short stories for 8 dollars. Call of Cthulhu was the first story in it. For those who haven’t read it, it follows this guy who is following up on the research of his late uncle on a thing called “Cthulhu Cult”. He ends up following lead after lead to discover an undocumented island called R’lyeh. It had recently risen up from the sea floor on the coordinates of… 47°9’S, 126°43’W… H.P. had never left new england.

He got those exact coordinates from a nightmare. In the story, the protagonist unravels a conspiracy of this cult to waken their God that inhabits this risen island, asleep in a temple so it will grant them infinite power, wealth, and extreme longevity to the point where they’re practically immortal. But most importantly, they’d survive the cataclysm this god would bring. This god was called cthulhu. He welcomed people into his cult with a nightmare he’d telepathically transmit to select individuals.

Once awoken, cthulhu would proceed to wipe out all life on earth except that which he chose. The cult was going to awaken him but they were intercepted by a transport ship. The cult attacked the ship but the sailors beat them back. The cult fought to the end where they all died, sooner than surrender. The captain found a map to the island and, since they were ahead of schedule, they decided to be heroes and investigate. They inadvertently let it out and the protagonist has a meltdown. The end. That’s the story. I found it to be interesting and continued to read his works.

But then I was reminded of that note. “He was right”.

Those coordinates for the island… 47°9’S, 126°43’W. Those were the coordinates of the new plate… That realization hit me like a train. I did research on this cthulhu and everything written about it. Lovecraft said he went from 8 meters tall to miles high. The big bang was an accident in his dimension. So when life developed, it was viewed as an infection and cthulhu was to purge that infection. He arrived on earth after many campaigns on other worlds.

He arrived about 3 billion years ago when life first developed. He decided to sleep until earth’s life developed to its peak, so he could strike it down all at once. This was a frightening analogy, but it was only a story, right? The sound came again. Great Bloop 2. But the analyzers were scared this time. They listened to the new pulse. But this time, there was something… biological in the signal. It was carried with the same power as the tectonic shifts. They were terrified and called on the marine biologists this time. They were just as puzzled and frightened. No animal ever discovered could make a noise that loud. The largest marine animal is the blue whale. It can only be heard 3 to 4 miles away. This was heard over 3000 miles away. Sonar experts teamed up with the marine biologists and filtered out the tectonic shifts.

They determined that this thing would have to be, at the very least, half the size of the Eiffel tower. This noise was 10 percent of the full noise. It rocked the scientific world to its core. What could this thing be? One month later, the noise was repeated. But the biological part was 20 percent of the noise, it had increased 10 percent in the month over the tectonic shifts. Then another month, and it was 30. That’s when we realized, this thing was just going to increase.

The night after the 30 percent was reported, I had a dream. A terrible nightmare more like. I was in an ancient city with architecture I’d never seen. Some of the buildings did things that the laws of physics deemed impossible like 90 degree angles, ungodly heights, and other impossible things. The entire scene was covered in this… acidic green slime that smelled like a mass grave left to rot near the equator. The walls of the buildings had strange inscriptions on them that looked like no language I’d ever seen.

When I looked at them too long, my eyes burned and I got a headache. Then there was a rumbling, it started soft like a vibrating in the land. But it got louder, and louder as I approached the center of this impossible city. As it got louder, I began to make out the words. It sounded like “Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn” said over and over again in the lowest tone imaginable. It filled my mind and it was all I could think about. I saw a huge stone complex surrounded by other people like me. Some were smiling. Some were frightened. Some were angry. And a few were completely indifferent. I walked up behind and entered the small crowd. We all stared at this massive stone door slab. It was covered in the strange inscriptions.

All of a sudden the inscriptions turned black and blood gushed from every letter down to the ground, bathing us. 2 women and a man opened their mouths to drink it. A few others seemed to be choking back vomit. The chant became louder and louder until I covered my bleeding ears and I couldn’t hear a thought, just that. Then the world turned black and I was alone. 2 enormous red orbs appeared in the sky. Then I heard a roar I will never forget. It chilled my spine, it hurt my head, and I could feel every vibration to my very core. Then I woke up. That day I received letter in the mail from a Gregory Sherman. The letter shook me to my core.

“Dear Mr. Carter,

You’ve had the dreams haven’t you. I saw you last night. You entered the crowd after the rest of us. You saw the city. You felt the blood. If you want to understand, I recommend you come to this address, next Friday night. 609 S Rudolph Boulevard. I suggest you be there. For the good of yourself, and all you hold dear.”

I wanted answers and this man seemed to have them. I made plans to go. The GPS took me to an abandoned neighborhood in a shady part of the outskirts. The address itself was a two-story house that looked like late 1800’s architecture. I gathered my courage and went up to the house. I opened the door. I was shocked to see it filled with people in black robes. I was scared I’d stumbled on a satanic ritual. As the door creaked on its hinges, everyone in the room turned to me. The room said “hello” in unison and continued mulling about. A man in a suit and tie walked up to me.

“You must be Mr. Carter. Randolph Carter?” he asked.

“Yes?” I replied with a tad bit of uncertainty.

He extended his hand for me to shake. He had a symbol burned onto his hand. I shook it. “If you didn’t guess, I’m Gregory Sherman. I head our… organization… here in this part of North America. If you look around the room, you’ll see people of all ethnicities, nationalities, and backgrounds.” He shut the door behind me. “We all are joined together by a single purpose, and a single entity. We were all chosen by the great god to lead our enslaved “brethren” upon his victory and departure. In the months before his waking, we’ve seen a larger increase in members than the nightmares of ’62 and the faith day of ’99. Fitting I suppose.”

“But what is all this about?”

He laughed. “The end of our world Mr. Carter. And the beginning of the next. You’ve had the dreams of Cthulhu. He has reached out to you to Herald in his return and to lead the slave race he will leave behind. We hold our meetings in these abandoned places because our faith is… frowned and discredited by most. They will perish or bow. The Satanists get the nicer abandoned homes, so we get the decent homes. I am a wealthier man, thus I could afford this little party.

Last year, it was in Afghanistan, headed by salliid.” He pointed to a central Asian looking man talking with a pretty blonde girl. “plenty of places to use. But messier than we’d prefer. But about you.” He clapped my shoulder. “Would you like to join our little organization? You’ve had the dreams, you’ve heard the warnings. If you don’t want to, you’re welcome to walk away right now. Or… you may stay. Be welcome with open arms. Survive the cataclysm. Learn the secrets of the universe and beyond… all of these are open to you. So, stay for this little meeting, then make your decision. Just remember: Limitless power and wealth. Practical Immortality. Survival.”

So I stayed. They all seemed like fairly decent people but they were all so different in nationalities and cultural differences, they all spoke in a tongue called “R’hlyehian” when they couldn’t understand each other’s national languages. I picked up on it fairly quickly, partially because of its simplicity, partially because I’d heard it in my sleep so much. I met a cute Japanese girl. I don’t think I need to tell you that I stayed.

I adopted the worship of that god. The dreams persisted but something about the words in the dreams just felt so welcoming, and I began to understand the writing on the buildings, and I understood why they could do such incredible things. We did something that makes me laugh now but in retrospect, would have been horrifying to outsiders. We approach the time, last month the noise was 90 percent. The world is afraid, but I am not. I am waiting with anticipation. That 100 mark is when we will use the yacht, a wealthy benefactor has generously provided and we sail to end the world as we know it. I am learned of the truth. I have seen the dreams. And I see the future as it should be and I… I will gladly awaken my unearthly master from his eternal slumber! I will help purify our world of its rot! I will lead a clean race into the future as a god-king! For I am a high priest of Cthulhu…

And nothing will stop me from creating our destiny…