The Dusk Man

This story happened to me a little over 2 years ago. First let me give you some background. Almost every summer me and my Grandparents go to Missouri to visit my Aunt and Uncle, who live in the middle of nowhere in the woods. Also the nearest neighbor is a little over 6-5 miles away. Now that you know some background let me continue the story.

It was the Summer of 2015 and the time came to visit family in Nebraska and Missouri. I was 13 then and loved to see my family, even if it meant spending 2 days in a car. Nebraska was nice and I had a lot of fun with my cousins, so after staying there a few days we left for Missouri. Now for those of you who don’t know, Missouri is very very hot in the Summer, so picture a 13 year old with a book and a dead phone, with the AC of a Van trying to keep the car cool and on top of that having not eaten lunch yet. It wasn’t very pleasant.

Finally we pulled up in the driveway of my Aunt’s and Uncle’s house. They had a 2-story house if you count the basement. I loved their house because I love going out into the woods and just plan having fun, so their house was perfect. Me and my Grandparents started unloading the car while my Aunt and Uncle came out of the house to see us. They gave me a big hug and told me that I would be sleeping in the Living Room on an Air-Matrass.

Once I put my stuff on the Air-Matrass I asked my Aunt and Uncle if I could go outside to play, since my Grandparents wanted to catch them and to my relief they said yes. Thus I began my adventure through the woods close to the house. Now and again I would leave a trail marker so I wouldn’t get lost because I did have a tendency to get lost. I had left my 5th trail marker when I had remembered that I had a sandwich and a water bottle in the backpack I had on. After walking a few steps to a log, I sat down and ate. While I ate I got this feeling like I was being watch, but told myself that it was just the animals watching me eat.

But the feeling wouldn’t go away, even after I got done eating and just sat on the log doing nothing. Then I got a new feeling, more of a thought more or less, to look over to my left. I wished I never did. To my left was a huge tree structure. There was one large tree in the middle, with 2 slightly smaller trees crossing the one in the middle.

“The heck is that?” I asked myself as I walked over to it, looking it up and down. Now I’m not a small girl, as back then I was 5″7, but this structure towered over me. As I stood in front of it I got the feeling of being watched again, but it was way stronger and I was starting to get goose bumps. That’s when I heard it, its breathing to be more accurate. Then I did something really stupid and looked behind me.

Standing there, towering over me, was a 7 foot tall, brown furred, human looking monster not even 5 feet away from me. I froze with my mouth hanging open, while this thing looked at me. Then it reached out for me and my arms and legs came to life. I never ran so fast in my life, trying to get away from that beast that could easily out run me. I did yet again a stupid move.

I looked behind me, which while running as fast as you can while not looking where your going is a recipe for disaster. I ran straight into a Holly Brush, which really hurt. The creature stopped in front of me

My Experience

Disclaimer: All names have been changed for privacy’s sake. If this does make it to the video, you do not have to read this part.

I tell this story not as a call for attention but as a cautionary tale. I was fourteen and in a scout troop, about two years ago. My scout troop was relatively small. We were camping in an area adjacent to a hill. It wasn’t tall enough to be considered a mountain, but if you fell you would probably break something, and it was super steep. This is necessary to know.

After we had pitched our tents, it was dark. It was only about 10:00 PM, so we had some time.

We all decided to climb the hill. We were scouts, so hiking was our thing. The hill was so steep, we had to bring a rope and tie it to the fence. After I made sure it wouldn’t untie at a bad time, everyone else climbed up. We walked around and found a section of fence that appeared to have been trampled over. Behind the fence, there was an old circular, concrete building.

After walking around the thing, we found an entrance. It was a small box with a ladder that went up maybe about twenty or so feet. We all climbed the ladder and found a small steel door that gained us roof access. The roof was huge. Across the roof, there was a heavy steel trapdoor. We opened it and found at least a 25 foot drop. There was a ladder, however, so us being the brave scouts we thought we were, climbed in. It was a massive cavernous area, with concrete braces holding the ceiling up, and a light blue tarp along the walls. It was incredibly dark down there, so visibility was limited.

Now, some people in my scout troop thought they were funny. So the two people standing guard on the roof closed the trapdoor. We were trapped. Then, as if something could tell that we were stuck, we began hearing a certain click click click. We all thought it was ambient noises or rocks falling somewhere, so we went on. Moments later, one of the scouts shouted “Who the hell was that?” He knew nobody was there. “Mike, what’s going on?” someone else asked. “I felt breathing on my back!” Mike was now shouting. Knives drawn, we got close together. Somewhere else we heard a laugh. Not that of someone laughing at a joke, but that of an insane person. It echoed throughout the old building. Someone turned their flashlight, and to our surprise we saw a man.

He looked homeless. His face was old and worn, his hair untidy. He was only wearing an old, ripped and stained pair of jeans. He looked as if he had not seen the sun in a long time. But the man himself only scared us a little bit. What really scared us was the knife he was holding. Keep in mind, that we saw him in the course of a second. Then he began screaming.

Thank the heavens that the screaming concerned the two people on the roof. They knew us, so they knew that we were not capable of such an ungodly noise. They opened the trapdoor one shouted “What was that?” With that, the man charged. We all ran to the ladder and hurriedly began climbing the ladder, with the first guy jumping on.

I happened to be the one in the way back. I was climbing up the fifth rung when something grabbed hold of my foot. Panicking, I swung at him. What I didn’t realize was I was holding my knife. It was, thankfully, closed, and I merely bashed him across the skull with the grip. He screamed again, and let go, thankfully allowing my escape. I climbed up the ladder, and as I surfaced onto the roof, I saw the man, bleeding on the head, climbing the rusty ladder. Just then, the door closed, trapping him in there.

Not wanting to take any chances, we ran back to the small door taking us to the room with the ladder to the exit. Again, I was the last one there, and I blocked it. I tied the bar to one of the ladder’s rungs using an old bicycle tire that was nearby. I got onto the ladder and rushed down. I met my fellow scouts over by the exit. We all silently decided to never speak of that again. We got over to the trampled fence, and made our way down. We decided to never go there again, so when the others got down, I untied the rope and slid down the hill.

The rest of the week was uneventful. But on the last night, I could have sworn I heard distant screaming. Screaming, not that of a man in pain, but that of a man who has been driven into madness.

Just remember, if you do go urban exploring, bring something to defend yourself. Had I not had my knife in my hand, I may be typing this story.

Night Fishing Terror

First let me tell you a few things about me. I am a Man of God although when this story took place I wasn’t a Christian. I have also spent twenty four years in the outdoors, hunting, fishing, camping, and hiking. I am twenty eight so that’s a lot of time in the wilderness. I’m the guy everyone says that when the zombies come it’s my house they are going too. I know how to live off the land and know how to survive disasters that could happen. Part of being in the outdoors for as long as I have been is you see a lot of things most people don’t get to. I’ve seen some of the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises from being an avid fisherman and hunter.
However you also see things at the opposite end of that spectrum. I’ve witnessed predators hunting, people get hurt, and the downright scary. Growing up my whole life in Northwestern PA it was interesting to say the least. When you throw outdoorsman into the mix you get a brand new mix. I’ve seen a lot that Science refuses to admit is real. From the monster of Lake Eire to my favorite catfish hole being a UFO hotspot. Now with all that while creepy, the events of one July evening at Geneva Swamp take the cake.

About three or four years ago I had a few days off work. So my buddy Tyler and I had made a plan to do an all day fishing trip to Geneva. We had it set, bait, snacks, and drinks. We had our poles and tackle boxes packed up the night before. The weather called for warm and sunny day with a light wind. Any fisherman knows it’s a good day for fishing. Not to hot, cause if it is the fish won’t bite. If it’s too cold the fish are harder to catch because they are sluggish and not to mention very uncomfortable for you no matter if it’s hot or cold.

We arrived at Custards Bridge, for everyone who isn’t familiar with the area, it used to be an old steel bridge. It’s on a small back road called Mercer Pike. It’s an outflow to one of the small rivers in the county called French Creek. Geneva Swamp itself is the largest in Crawford county. It spans from Conneaut Lake PA all the way to Mercer Pike. Just about 5-10 miles. The swamp itself is beyond mysterious. There are three bridges that go over it. I-79 is one of the main highways in PA. There is also Snake Road bridge. These two bridges are floating bridges. The story goes that when they were building the interstate over the swamp they couldn’t find the bottom. They dropped cars, a railroad car, and a crane at full extension into the swamp. Never once did any of them reach the bottom.

Within the past few years a barrel was spat back out by the swamp. It was an old pickle barrel. It was about a hundred and twenty years old. When it was opened there was a skeleton in it with a lone bullet hole in the head. The swamp holds onto what it’s given for a very long time. There are many stories concerning that swamp, all of which are creepy. My friend and I are adding to that list.

After nearly fishing all day Tyler and I had three full stringers. One was covered in pan fish which are frail compared to the others we had so we had to give them their own stringer. On another we had several Bowfin. They are ugly as sin and many natives of the area hate them. They kill them and throw them onto the bank. Tyler and I fall into the small percentile that actually eat these prehistoric fish. They are on par with catfish let me tell you that. On our final stringer we had Pike and bass. Overall it was a good day’s haul. We had enough that the next day we were going to have a fish fry.

As dusk approached we moved to the other side of the bridge where we could fish the open swamp. That was our first mistake. We dipped the fish into the water, rigged up our bait, got situated in our chairs, and cast our rods. We caught several more bowfin. There was a man on the other side of the outflow from us. He stuck around to watch the sunset. Once it was done he left. Tyler and I were the only ones left at that fishing hole. An hour or two into the darkness and we only caught two more fish. Then the weirdness started.

As I mentioned before there was little to no wind that day. So we were both taken by surprise when a mist just appeared around us. There was no moon that night so the mist made it even harder to see. Part of being in the outdoors your whole life is your senses are heightened in the dark. However this mist made my outdoors training non effective. The mist around us was thick but behind us we could see. It was like the mist was focused only in that one spot, the spot we were fishing. That’s when I heard it, a woman’s scream.

It was about a hundred yards or so away from us. Over by his car. I turned to Tyler. “Dude did you hear that?” I asked looking at him.

“What?” He asked looking at me.

“I swear I heard a woman scream” I said looking back in the direction of the scream.

“You sure it wasn’t an animal?” He asked looking at me.

I looked back at him. “In all my years in the outdoors I’ve never heard an animal make a perfect human scream” I said.

Both of us started to develop a feeling of being watched. We were looking around, expecting to see something or someone come out of the mist. I had my hunting knife with me and he had a filet knife. I felt uneasy not having a gun with me like I do during hunting season. I could feel eyes on me, I just couldn’t pinpoint where exactly.

“Clayton, look” Tyler said making me look to him. He pointed behind us and I turned to look. In a wooded lot on the other side of the road we saw a flash. There were bright flashes moving through the woods. Never in the same place twice. They were moving in our direction. I looked back to Tyler who looked at me.

“I think we caught enough fish don’t you?” I asked with a nervous chuckle.

“Yup” he said, both of us getting up quickly.

We reeled our rods up quickly, grabbed our equipment and chairs. We moved quickly up a hill and jumped the guardrail. Once on the road Tyler started moving quickly. I paused, looking towards the flashes. That was another mistake cause I heard the scream again. This time it was close. I white knuckled my knife as I started moving quickly towards his car. I felt a heavy presence nearby making me stop once I got to the car. Once I did I noticed two things. One there was no sounds, no frogs, owls, nighthawks, geese, or even crickets. Two the mist was around the bridge that was it. One large ball of mist. In the mist I saw a female figure, just the outline and shadow. She was looking at us. I saw her and watched as the mist was swept away by an unseen force. Once it was gone so was the figure and with it the swamp came to life with the creatures of the night.
To this day both Tyler and I won’t fish Geneva Swamp after dark. We’ll stick around and watch the sun go down but once it does we pack up and we’re gone. I talked to a friend of ours who has lived around that swamp his whole life. He’s seen similar events, he thinks it might have something to do with a woman who might have been killed out there and her body was never found. I think it might be a demon, one trying to hide itself with the local lore of the area. One thing is sure God was looking out for us that day. That and Geneva Swamp is out of the question when the sun goes down for now on.

What I Saw on a Thursday Night

I should probably let you know that I live in a heavily populated area on the border of mexico.

I was born of two Nicaraguan Immigrants, who came to the United States both in the late 90s. Now, being born of migrants from a Central American country, I was bound to hear about folklore, and things of the such. One of these happened to be, the ‘Duende’. As a child, My parents warned me about this ‘thing’. If I was bad, or left from their sight, the ‘Duende’ would find me. I guess it was just some sort of scare tactic, things that parents do to make them obey you.

This happened several weeks ago, at 10 o’clock or so at night. I had recently taken a shower, and I ate my dinner. I came to my room, to finally get my rest for the next day, which was a school day. I’m a pretty tall, lanky guy, and my feet usually hang a bit off the end of me bed.

As per usual, I got to my room, and my cat ran in after. My cat had loved to sleep next to me, as I was a warm person to sleep next to. I had my phone near my bed, and I had taken it, to text a couple of friends before I fell asleep. I was texting a close friend of mine, and I heard my floorboard creaking.

If this had been earlier in the morning, or in the day, I would usually pass this off as my home being rickety. But, at night, I had a very paranoid instinct to notice everything, every little sound, and movement too.

I put my hand at my side, and I felt my cat’s scruffy back. I had turned off my phone, and drifted off quickly to sleep, as it was way past the time I would usually fall asleep at. The next moment, I quickly awoke to my cat hissing, and making the ‘Moww’ sound, the sound cats make when they’re disturbed, or see another cat. I felt my side, and felt it was now empty.

I had quickly taken my phone form my side, and proceded to turn the light on. What I saw next, I couldn’t really process at the time. As the light turned on, I could see my deep black cat’s fur, and near it, was a small figure, maybe a foot or so tall. I quickly scrambled up, and curled my knees up to my chest.

I felt cold sweat, and stayed awake for the rest of the night. As I felt the warm sunshine coming in from the window. This was Unusual, as my blinds were usually closed, but they were open, and as was one of my windows. I had gotten up, and closed the window. I left the blinds open, so I could see. I had slid on my clothes, and took my backpack, and left for school that morning.

I haven’t told anyone about this, mostly because I simply just can’t explain what I had seen that day. This might’ve been the ‘Duende’ my parents used to tell me about, but that just doesn’t seem sufficient.