Michigan Dogmen

My experiences with the dogmen of Michigan has been very interesting. The first encounter I had with these curious and strange beings was very calm and serene. It felt as though I knew I was in no danger and everything was okay. My second encounter was harshly different, and it left me with a feeling of dread and worry. Both encounters took place within two weeks of each other, at night, same rough area, and while snow was on the ground. I’ll begin with the first encounter.

Though I’ve had to move closer to Detroit for a better job and education, I still frequently go out into the country to visit Gramma. She and my late Papa took me in when I was a teenager and raised me up right. Since she stays up late, I frequently go over later in the night and smoke with her a while before going to bed and spending the night. My first encounter took place in the second week of December of 2017 on one of these such nights.

I had left the small town of Emmett and was passing by the old country market on the corner of the crossroads of the paved road and the dirt road that my grandma lives on. It was a rare occasion when I hadn’t turned my radio on at all, and I was mainly just contemplating where my life was going.

My dad passed away in early June of this year, and I had found myself in an overpriced apartment with our remaining family dog and my new cat. It was a big change, and I was finding myself thinking over all the things that could have been and would never be now. The slow driving speeds I was limited to gave me plenty of time to ponder over life, and it also let me feel a distinct change in the scenery.

Up ahead, the tree tops seemed to move far less. Sure the forest would block a lot of wind from moving bushes and dead cat tails, but the treetops usually moved freely. The only reason I even noticed that they quit moving was because my eyes were drawn to the bright moon acting as a sentinel to all night travelers. On the other side of the road, the tree tops were swaying and bending to the wind’s whims, but not on the right side next to Gramma’s house. It struck me as odd, but it didn’t scare me.

Deciding to check out what might be going on in the woods, I slowed to a stop in front of the woods that divided Gramma’s property from her neighbor’s property. At first my eyes noticed nothing as they adjusted, but, once adjusted, they focused in on something. It was dark browns and blacks with touches of white on its underbelly and face, as well as its tail.

On all fours, it looked like a massive husky or malamute of some sort. I was genuinely concerned that someone had lost their pet, so I began to grab a slim jim I had bought and some cheese crackers. The thought that the fluffy dog would be mean never crossed my mind since my gut told me it was safe. I’ve found lost dogs in these woods before and had managed to get them to come with me at night, so this was nothing new.

Cracking open my car door slowly, I stepped out into the frigid air and began to approach the edge of the woods. Without the dark tinted windows limiting my sight, I could tell the large dog was staring at me. It had the most human-like blue eyes that were deep and emotional. All the regret and sadness I felt from overthinking life on my car ride began to wash away from my mind. My mind was releasing the negativity because this beautiful creature’s stare seemed to tell me that everything was okay.

I’m not sure how long I stood out there gazing into the blue eyes, but I was almost shocked out of my daze when it stood up on its hind legs and began to sprint away. It was such long strides that I knew I couldn’t have kept with it if I tried, and it seemed to just disappear. Due to the clear moon, I should’ve been able to keep track of it better. But it seemed to just wisp away with the wind that now began to rock the tree tops once more.

I stood outside my car, leaning on the passenger side for several more minutes. Curiosity was coursing through my veins, and my need for answers held me to my spot. I wanted to see if I could see the gentle and wonderful creature once more. Once my nose began to go numb, I forced myself back into my car and drove the twenty feet to my grandma’s driveway.

Once in the house, I asked Gramma if she had seen anything. She hadn’t. Her dogs were on edge though, and they were looking out the windows in her bedroom towards the woods where I had my encounter. They weren’t angry, they didn’t have any fur standing; they just looked out the window attentively as though they weren’t sure how to feel about whatever they saw.

After seating myself at the table near Gramma to smoke, I told her of my sighting of the weird giant dog that walked on two legs. She had never seen anything like it, but she did believe me. I was told that I was crazy for ever leaving my car for a giant dog. No matter if my gut told me it was safe or not, my grandma didn’t trust any stray dogs. We dropped the matter after I was scolded and continued to smoke cigarettes while we chitchatted.

The second encounter was like the reverse of a coin. It left me unnerved at my core. Once again, it happened within a mile of my grandma’s house. This time it was coming from the back way home from Yale. It was just before the turn on my grandma’s road. Snow was coming down fast, and the wind was picking up the tiny flakes and gusting them so you couldn’t see ten feet in front of your car.

Which is why severe alarm bells went off in my head when there was suddenly no snow gusting up and fogging my vision near the turn.  I slowed down, and, just as I did, one of the upright giant husky looking things took two strides across the street and paused near a street sign. It was at least three feet above the top of the sign, and it had molten malice in its yellow-amber eyes.

Our gaze locked, and I felt my heart sink to the bottom of my chest. I had to get out of there. Whatever this one was, it was not safe. It was dark black with grey touches on its face and mane, and it was definitely not happy to see me watching it traversing the snow covered landscape. The predatory look it gave as it turned so its body faced my tiny 01 Dodge Neon was enough to get me moving out of the area as quick as the snow allowed.

When I arrived at Gramma’s five minutes later, she greeted me with a “Merry Christmas Eve!” Once seeing my face, she began to question what happened and I told her. I still felt like if I turned around there may be that thing from the woods. The anxiety didn’t leave me for a couple hours as we sat and smoked cigarettes.

On Christmas day when I woke up, I did a quick google search to see if I could find any information about what I might have seen. No escaped circus wolves, which I figured was an impossibility but at least it’d be earthly. I researched the local wildlife quite a bit until I couldn’t stand to look at any sort of text anymore.

Instead, I decided to draw and listen to this channel like I usually do. I happened to choose the video that spoke of the Dogman blindly. I tend to just click the first horror story my YouTube offers me from here, so I didn’t bother to really read what it was. After hearing the intro I got goosebumps and decided to research a bit more.

Apparently there have been recent sightings of Dogmen in Saint Clair County, Michigan. I happened to be in that very same county. I’m not sure how to feel about everything I’m beginning to learn, but I know I’ll be taking a more spiritual approach to my research.

The ethereal quality of my experience seems to be too bold for me to ignore. Having Cherokee blood and strong ties to the spirit world in my day to day life, I believe these are some sort of spiritual beings. I think I saw them due to the strong emotions that I am currently going through. While I hope to never see the predatory amber eyed one again, I am open to another experience with the dogmen.

Encounter with a Strange Creature

Hello. My name is Tyler. I live in a small town with my brother and grandparents in southern Virginia, about an hour away from Richmond, Virginia’s capitol. Living in a rural area, you are bound to see or experiance weird things, but this encounter happened to me while I was staying at my mom’s house.

My mom lives in a suburb in Richmond. Behind her house is about 30 or so acres of woods. I don’t know who or if anyone owns it. This was during summer break. My mom works as a nurse for an elderly lady so she has to spend the night at work Sunday through Wednesday. This happened on a Tuesday night. Everyone had gone to bed so i decided to smoke some maijuana. It was a warm summer night and I sat at the bottom of the back deck stairs and packed my pipe.

For what ever reason, I looked up towards the wooded area. Standing just behind the chainlink fence, I saw what appeared to be a figure hunched over. I couldn’t tell if it was facing towards or away from me. I paused for a moment. At first I thought surely it’s just an oddly shaped stump. But at that moment I saw the figure stand up. Bear in mind, I hadn’t smoked yet, as this figure inturupted me so I was sitting absolutely still holding my pipe looking at the figure. We both stood still for about two minutes.

Finally, I decided to place my paraphernalia down, grabed my phone, and opened the flashlight app. I had no idea what to expect or what I would afterwarda. I really wish I hadn’t.

Standing there was thin, gray creature, a little shorter than me so I’d say about 5 feet. It had eyes that reflected yellow. Before I could get a good look at it, it bolted deeper into the woods.

I grabed my things and got back inside. I made sure all the doors were locked before storing my things. By that time it was 1 am, so I decided to play Battlefield Hardline on the big living room tv. The living room had a huge bay window facing to the back yard. They were closed when I came back inside, and I didn’t dare to open them.

I must’ve fallen asleep, as the next thing I remember was waking up to see it was 10:30 am. I was on the living room couch. I thought it was odd that no one had woken me up sooner as I was in the living room, but I just assumed everyone had left for the day.

There was only one other time I encountered that creature. About two weeks later, I was in my room at about 9 at nigh watching Hulu or some such service when I glanced out my bedroom window which also faced the back yard. I saw a shadow slowly creep across the yard. It caught my eye and I immediately thought if the creature I had seen before. I quickly went into the livingroom to see if I could see it from the bay window. Sure enough I saw the creature edge closer and closer to our next door neighbors yard. I motioned my moms boyfriend over and he saw the creature.

He gasped but didn’t say a word. I saw a faint orange twinkle which I can only assume was a distant street light reflecting on its eyes. It quickly scrambled over the tall wooden fence and out of sight. I will never forget the summer of 2016 and the sight of that creature.

I tried to do research in what i saw. My best guess is that It is a creature similar to the Rake due to its color and figure. That being said, I didn’t see its hands so I can’t verify if it had long, sharp fingers. I don’t go out after dark while I’m at my mom’s unless it’s to my car. I pray I don’t see that creature again. No one else besides my moms boyfriend has said anything about seeing that creature. Im just glad it decided to run away that night instead of chowing down on me.

Late Night Customer

This story happened recently. I’d rather keep my name out of this, for security reasons.

I’m twenty one years old, and I work at a Gas Station; the Graveyard shift. Now, I’m really into the Paranormal and had my fair share of encounters. I own several books on Demonology and how to banish spirits and such, and Cryptozoology is one of my biggest passions

I am six feet tall and weight two hundred and fifty pounds, that being said, let’s get into the story.

I recently moved into a new part of the city because the rent of the apartment where I was staying went up and I couldn’t afford it anymore, and the new apartment was way too far from my previous job so I had to resign and look for a new one. I got hired a gas station within walking distance and the pay was decent enough to pay for rent and bills. It was perfect!

My new co-workers were very welcoming and willing to help me with any questions. During the first week everything went smooth and simple, my schedule was the one of the morning since it was slower and my training would be easier without so many costumers interrupting. It was fun while it lasted. Once I got my new schedule, I chuckled. My boss had given me the 12AM-to-8AM. I am a night owl, so staying up late was no problem for me. Besides, that meant I did not have to deal with lousy costumers, only the occassional late drunk coming to buy beer.

During the overnight shift we lock the front and back doors; the only way a costumer can get what they want to buy is through a window with a hatch that we open and lock.

Now, the Station is pretty big and exposed. The front is completely glass, like in the movie “The Mist”. My duties as an Overnight Employee are basic, just serve whomever comes to buy something and check inventory for the next day. Since there are no managers around during this hours and I’m the only employee, I gave myself the privilege of bringing my headphones for when I get bored at least I can listen to some music.

One night, around 11:45PM, I got out of my apartment and started walking towards the Gas Station. Since my apartment complex is on a bad side of the city, I always carry an extendable baton with me just in case. I put on my headphones and noticed something wrong with them, they wouldn’t play any music, only distorted static like an old radio without signal. Weirded out, I unplugged the jack and tried to see if it was my phone but no, the speaker was working just fine. I tried to plug the headphones one more time and they start working but as soon as they went on, I felt something on my back, like that feeling when you are alone in the dark and feel someone is behind you. I looked back and saw nothing, just an empty street. I kept walking and got the same sensation, I turned around again just to see a figure trying to hide behind some bushes and trees on an empty property next to the Station. The property was completely abandoned, tall grass, bushes and dense trees were the usual hideouts for weed smokers and other drug addicts. So I assumed it was just a guy smoking some weed and left it alone.

Once I got to work, I let my boss know with a text message, and the night shift employee left for the night after handing me the keys. I locked the doors and checked inventory, so far everything was calm. From under the counter I took out a graphic novel to read while listening music.

Usually we get around three to five costumers during the Overnight Shift and the night was barely starting so I had no worries, plus it was a week day so I highly doubted anyone would come.

Around 2AM, I noticed a person standing by the gas pumps. It was not unusual, sometimes homeless people would go and sleep. But something was odd about this person. They were wearing a long trenchoat and I couldn’t see their face, even with the lights illuminating. The person raised their right arm and waved at me. At first it weirded me out, then I thought ‘Ah, what the hell.’ And waved back. That was a mistake. As soon as I raised my arm, the person lowered theirs and just stood there. Slightly annoyed by that, I went back to my novel trying to ignore them.

After a good half an hour, the lights starting to flicker. I sighed and put down the novel and took off my headphones going to the back to check on the power, maybe a fuse was going bad. Once in the back, the lights went completely off. I got to admit, I got scared for a second but then I remembered my phone has a flashlight. Bless Technology. I found the switch and turned on the emergency power. We have those in case stuff like this happens and a big vehicle, like a truck is fueling up. I decided to text my boss and let him know about the power before writing a report but my phone had no signal. I cursed under my breath, this was a regular issue with my phone carrier so I just decided to write the report; once on the front again I saw something that sent a chill down my spine.

The person standing by the pumps was right outside of the front door staring at me. Now I had a good look at their face. It was horrifying. Their skin was blue-ish, like a blueberry, bald, and their eyes were black with a blue iris that stood out from a distance. The worst… was their smile. It was a huge ear-to-ear smile.

I did not know how to react, it was so sudden. They were easily seven feet tall, I don’t get easily intimidated but this… thing… made my knees weak of fear. I gathered all the courage I had inside me and spoke. “What do you want?” I asked in the most serious tone I could use. It pointed at the beef jerky section. “Ok, this is weird.” I muttered walking to the jerky without taking my eyes off of It. “This?” I pointed at the food. “You want food?” The thing nodded still with that grin. “Alright. I’ll give you food.” I grabbed a handful of beef jerky and went to the hatch. Still slightly nervous. The thing moved to the window,  keeping a two feet distance from it. Once it was right in front of me, I almost let a whimper. It was taller up close, and scarier. I could hear it breathe heavily, like it had run a marathon. I looked down and this time I couldn’t hold it, I let a little scream out when I saw its feet. They were like a reptile’s, like those of a chameleon: Split in two with four large toes ending in claws.

I took a step back. “What the f…?” I couldn’t finish my sentence, the thing put its hand on the glass and leaned towards its. Its hand was big, and also ending in claws. Its face was touching the window and its eyes were fixated on me. I was praying this thing didn’t try to break the glass. That would be bad. It slided its hand to the little rear on the hatch we use to give costumers their change. The claws made their way inside trying to reach me. I took a step back. “Go away…!” I yelled angry and scared. “I will hurt you!” Those were empty threats, I had no idea how to take on this thing, I reached for my baton and extended it trying to look intimidating but the creature… chuckled and took out its hand from the rear. “I’m not afraid, y’know!” I was VERY afraid. “What are you?!” I kept yelling at it, trying to be intimidating but the thing wouldn’t move a muscle, it just kept smiling at me.

At this point it was just a staring contest, me with my baton in hand and the creature just looking down at me. It felt like an eternity. After a couple of minutes, it walked towards the front door and started to push it violently, trying to get it. “No, you won’t!” I ran to the door, dropped the beef jerky, and pushed towards its direction so this thing wouldn’t break in, the only thing keeping the door closed was a chain and padlock, and two small bolt locks on top and bottom of the doors. If that thing was as strong as I thought it was, the door was not going to hold. “GO AWAY!” I yelled again trying to keep my composture but wanted to cry deep inside. The bolts gave up and the doors almost opened but thanks to the chains they held on just making a half foot opening… big enough for the creature to slip its hand. Adrenaline, or bravery, or sheer stupidity made me react, and the reaction was to hit it as hard as I could with my weapon. After I did, the creature stopped smiling and went completely serious. “I will hit you again! Stay back, you freak!” It retreated its hand once more and stood there, staring again.

There was complete silence, just me and that thing. Staring at each other once more.

Taking me by surprise, my phone started ringing. I forgot to turn off my alarm. It normally goes off at 4AM so I can get ready for the morning shift. The ringtone caught me off guard causing me to look away from the creature giving it enough reaction time for it to violently push the doors almost ripping the handles with the chains from it. This time its heavy breathing became straight up heavy pantings “Fuck!” My first thought was to kick the doors trying to push it away. It worked. It backed away and smiled again. It walked backwards four steps and then raised its hand again but only with three fingers up before walking away and dissappearing into the night.

The day after my replacement for the next shift arrived along with my manager. They both noticed the door handles almost broken and demanded answers from me.

I knew they wouldn’t believe me, so I lied and said two big guys tried to rob the store with baseball bats but I managed to fend them off. We filed a police report and left it at that.

That was two days ago. I do not know if the three fingers up meant three days… but whatever happens. I’m bringing my books about paranormal creatures, maybe I’ll know what this thing is, and hopefully… I will survive the night.

The Twin Skinwalkers

I had the great honor of meeting not one but two skin walkers at the same time. Before I get story telling, let’s go over the landscape. From where I stopped, to the right of me was an open grass field and next to the grass field was the community college I would be later attending. To the left of me was part of the golf course that intertwines with a small forest and path going around. I have been on the path several times before always getting the feeling something wasn’t right about it. It was off, just not right.

I was out doing what I usually do during summer nights, walking around listening to music. Because it was summer the nights were nice an cool. All I needed was a T-shirt and a pair of cargo shorts plus my favorite hat and shoes. It was about 12:30 am when I was passing the golf course that is near my house. I got the feeling something was watching me. Stopping, I looked around several times seeing if there was anyone other than myself walking around. Spotting no one I took out my headphones to listen, hoping I could find out that way. It was then that I realize it was quiet way too quiet. I’ve learned that there should almost always be some type of natural sounds being made. I heard absolutely nothing.

I stood still for a moment thinking, remembering I had actually brought my flashlight. Being delighted that I had brought it, for I had the thought maybe it was an animal staring at me. Reaching down to my pocket I pulled out to my flashlight hoping to catch glowing eyes. I caught glowing eyes alright. I stood stock still as I stared at what was before me. I did not, did not expect two pairs of glowing orange eyes staring right at my being. Never have I seen glowing orange eyes before.

Not sure what to do other than stay still as possible. I just stared right on back. It was then I noticed how high the pair of eyes were off the ground. The eyes were I don’t know maybe 7ft off the ground. “Shit, what kind of animal stands that tall living here? Fuck…a deer? Haha.” mumbling to myself. I also noticed they never blinked not once. It was a bit creepy. Standing there for literally ten minutes just staring, I had already gotten over being scared. Thinking of what I should do. I really didn’t want to get any close then I was, I didn’t want to fight either with two small ass pocket knives. Keeping the same path wasn’t a good idea either, I’d be going right pass them. Running might be my only option.

With that on my mind I slowly started to turn my back so it was facing the field. My flashlight still on the glowing eyes. Still going slow as before I stepped back, taking baby steps. When I thought I got far enough away for a good head start if whatever it was decided to give chase. Before turning off and pocketing my flashlight I remember I was still had my music going. Looking down for a second, I saw my ear buds hanging out of my shirt. I’ve always disliked them swinging back an worth while running so I decided to listen to the music playing at the time. I shove the ear buds into my ears. I really liked this song too so, I crank up the volume. Quickly I turn off the flashlight and putting it in my pocket, I put my right leg back. Turning fast I take off into a mad dash for home. I was going fast enough that my hat almost flew off, quickly turning the hat around so it doesn’t fall off I continue to sprint. Telling myself just run, faster, faster, faster. I do the one thing you don’t want to do. Look behind yourself.

I’m curious by default so of course I look behind to see if they gave chase. An what do you know! One of them did, but it confused me. From the short glimpse I got of it, it looked to be a really big coyote borderline wolf size. The sight of that made my adrenaline go an all time high because I was pumping my legs to go even faster. I ran the fastest I ever ran all the way home. When getting home I realized my only way in was through the garage. Looking behind me I saw nothing but I wasn’t going to relax. Pushing in the code I opened it just enough to get under the door. Rushing over to the other side to close it was finally when my adrenaline stopped. I felt the like throwing up, my lungs burning as if they were on fire. I was gasping for air, slumping to the ground just sitting there for a moment. Catching my breath I got up and made my way for the door, still panting slightly.

For nights after this event did I wonder what the hell I saw.  It wasn’t until weeks later while listening to DarknessPrevails during a video about skin walkers did I realize that maybe what I saw was a skin walker. This is maybe the second scariest run in I’ve had with a monster.


The Ghostly Shadow

I was around 8 or 9 at the time this experience takes place.

I have dealt with sleep paralysis multiple times in my life and it’s never pleasant. This night was quite different. It was around 3 in the morning and I woke up in the middle of a sleep paralysis episode. I started to panic a little but quickly calmed down.

Until I saw the thing at the end of my bed. It was tall and sitting on the railing of my bed. It was simple black, with no face, or any features at all really. By this point, I was freaked out but I still couldn’t seem to move. I glanced back up and the thing started crawling towards me.

At this point, I was home with my aunt since my parents were out of town for a couple days, and she’s a pretty heavy sleeper, so when I screamed, she just kept sleeping away.

I glanced back up and saw the thing right in front of me. It seemed to stare at me for a while, then crawled back to the end of the bed. After a while, it left my room. I don’t know where it went, and I don’t really want to. But I didn’t see it again, at least, not yet.

I didn’t believe in things like ghosts until this night. I don’t know what on earth it was, but I want to know what it was and why it was there. I still get freaked out to this day thinking about that creature. I don’t know what it wanted….But I feel that it’s still here….