Footsteps on the roof

First of all, I am a skeptic person. I’ve been to several famous locations that is known for their haunts such as the St. Augustine lighthouse, Castillo de San Marco, and LC-34 (Apollo 1) at Cape Canaveral Airforce Station to name a few, and I have never experienced anything. That’s the kind of background I want to give you, but like anyone else, I do like a good ghost story.

I used to work as an overnight supervisor at a small international airport in Florida, and at this point, I have been there several years. At night, there is usually two of us working, taking care of general aviation aircraft and the occasional late commercial aircrafts. The work was easy, and if we have no flights, it is usually a night of Netflix and goofing off with the airport cops. A typical night usually consist of security checks of hangars and cleaning the office when we have no aircrafts to take care of.

One night in particular I will not forget. It did start out as a quiet night, and we did get all of our work done by 11pm. I just returned from the fuel farms and my co-worker Jon wanted to get out of the office for a bit. I let him go do the hangar checks of our hangars, so I gave him the keys to the truck and he went off. So I put on a movie on Netflix.

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During My Night Shift

This happened during my night shift back in my former job, I was working late because I still have a lot of paper works to finish that evening. It was around 6:00 PM and I was alone inside the office, I was facing my computer when all of a sudden I hear a sound in the other side of the office, so I stood up and checked it out. There was no one there, Nothing fell. So I brushed it off and think of nothing, then a few minutes later another sound but that time it sounded like someone is also filing some papers and it is coming from the stock room just a few steps behind me, I didn’t bother to check it out and I just continue finishing up my paper works and then next thing was the whole area where I was at became colder but the air condition was already off for an hour and then it felt like someone was standing behind me. I kept on pretending like I didn’t sense it at all then I heard the computer wires behind me was being pulled, I hurried up on my loads and I quicky turn off my computer then on the computer screen was a dark shadow form looking behind me. I grab my bag and I bolted out the office, A few months since that incident happen I request for a transfer in a different office because ever since I keep on hearing whispers and random creepy footsteps whenever I am alone in that office and it even follows me to the rest room or to the lobby it’s creepy and scary.

Night Shift Scare

Before I begin this might be kind of long, But I want to give you all a little background information about where I work. I work at a local coffee shop that’s located in an old Missionary town that is a little older than 200 years old. The shop itself is only 20 years old, but is built over a Native American burial ground.

Everyone who has ever been hired at my work knows about the several ghosts that are said to be “living” at the coffee shop. Now some of them don’t quite believe in the paranormal, but I have had enough encounters with something during the late shift far too often not to believe. Sometimes I will be restocking beans in the back and will hear a very clear male voice saying something along the lines of “hey there” or “hello miss” right in my ear, or an ocasional sound of something moving in the back when no one is around. It is never anything particularly malicious or anything, but still very off putting to say the least. But this one occasion that I will be going into detail on is different.

It was a normal closing shift like any other, My coworker, let’s call her Sofia and I swept and mopped the floors, did all the dishes and tidied up the shop. We were both exhausted as we don’t really ever get to sit down, or rest because we are always doing something at this job; so we tried to finish up quickly and get home. We went around one last time making sure everything was in place for the morning shift and I turned the music off.

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Don’t Be A Security Guard

To start off, I’d like to give you some background to how I ended up working the night shift of a security job at a pharmacy in the middle of nowhere.

Being fresh out of high school with no immediate plans to go off to college, I decided that getting a job would be worth while. I live in a small town just off of a highway in the mid west United States, and when I say small, I mean small. Our population’s no more than 700. As you can imagine, in such a tiny community there aren’t too many well paying jobs, especially for someone with only a high school diploma.

Luckily for me, my grandfather owned and managed his own 24-7 pharmacy/drug store, and was more than happy to offer me a decent salary job as a security guard. He called me up one morning, and said that he had an “opportunity for some cash.” For reference, I’m a fairly mesomorphic guy, and I stand a little over 6’3″, so I wasn’t at all intimated at the thought of doing a hands on job like that. He continued, telling me that I’d have to work the night shift, from 7 PM to 7 AM. I already was sort of a night owl, so I had no problem being fit into the night time shift. He made the job sound easy enough. I’d receive limited training from the senior security guard, a quiet guy named Don, and all I’d need to do is make rounds around the building, making sure no junkies are trying to steal their prescriptions worth, or anything like that. Eager to start, I agreed, and 3 hours later, I started driving to the building.

The pharmacy was in a real weird location. 13 miles down the highway from my town, there was a little strip mall directly off the road. It consisted of my grandfather’s pharmacy, a now-deserted Burger King, a cheap run down motel, and a gas station. The pharmacy was the largest of the buildings in the strip mall. It was maybe half the size of your average Wal-Mart, and it was at the far end of the lot, closest to the woods bordering the strip mall and the highway.

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A Certified Nursing Assistant’s creepy experience

About 4 years ago, I started working my first job as a certified nursing assistant at a nursing home in my small town of Rocky Mount, Virginia. I was very excited to start, especially since I loved taking care of people and because I was finally going to be making my own money. I usually worked 3pm-11pm, but on this night in particular, one other aide and I had to stay until 12:30 am because coincidently the two aides coming in behind us were going to be late, so she and I weren’t in a hurry to get our things done for the night.

A lot of spooky things would happen at night (I know because I used to get mandated a lot to work 11pm-7am due to being short staffed) like seeing shadows, call lights going off in rooms that were unoccupied or in rooms where someone just passed away in, and sometimes I could swear I’d hear whispering. On this night though, something terrifying happened to me that wasn’t paranormal.

On my first day of orientation, which was about 3 months prior to this happening, an aide warned me to never go outside in the back alone to dump the trash. Unfortunately, one of our duties as 2nd and 3rd shifts CNA’s was to take out the trash because there were no housekeeping workers during those shifts. She told me that I should take someone with me because there was a man lurking around the dumpsters at night who tried to snatch girls. Every time it’d get reported and the cops were called, the man was already long gone.

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Stalked for Months

After all this time, just remembering this leaves me nervous. I worked at Mcdonalds while studying at college, both full-time. A few months into this job and I actually enjoyed most shifts. Some were a pain, others downright funny. The managers appreciated my friendly attitude towards customers, so I was behind the counter taking orders like most nights. I greeted the first customer with a smile.

“Hi there! May I take your order?”

It was as I finished speaking this automatic greeting that I notice something. The customer behind the first, an older man did a double-take directly at me. But only after I began speaking. This in of itself is not abnormal, as I have a mixed accent that some pick up on. But…The moment our eyes met, my stomach dropped. He was around six foot, wore baggy jeans and a beige jacket with a black hat. Mostly bald based on what I could see, but it was his eyes. That creepy, slow-growing smile didn’t reach them.

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