Red Eyes in the Darkness

I live in on a Reserve in Alberta, Canada. Near the small town of Maskwacis (pronounced Musk-wa-cheese.) And behind my home is a large wooded area. For the most part, nothing much has happened in these woods. All my life, I have been a non-believer in the paranormal. That is until something happened in April of 2006.

In those days, me and most of my family would play poker next door at my Aunt’s house. The games would often begin when everyone was off work around 5 or 6pm. And end late into the night when no one could stay awake any longer.

One particular night in April of 2006, on a seemingly normal Friday night, we played Hold’em till around 3am. As the games ended, I decided to walk home. Since it’s not too far from my Aunt’s house to my place. (About a few hundred feet.) Though, the wooded area is sort of between our houses. My cousin Shane decided to tag along with me, since he lives across a field from my house. So we set off.

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