Little People

I’m a First Nations woman from Canada. I’m from a reservation in Saskatchewan called “Pasqua First Nation”. I am currently 30 years old. This “incident” I will call it, happened when I was 14 years old. After all these years I still remember it because of how creeped out I was.

I have a friend named Amy. Amy was my best friend at the time. Her mom talked a lot about “little people” that lived outside in the bush or fields. And how sometimes they would find their way inside the house if the did not leave offerings outside. I always noticed a tree stump in the back yard, near the fire pit. It often had a plate of some sort of food. Amy had two dogs. And anyone that is from a reservation or been on one know how greedy dogs are. I noticed her dogs were greedy and always were begging for food, but they never touched the plate of food.

Another thing I noticed is cigarettes placed in weird places outside and inside. Places like on the floor in the corners or in trees. Amy’s mom would often misplace things and blame “little people” for taking them. She said they would take things if you didn’t leave an offering on a plate outside or fresh cigarettes here and there. She says they took batteries, cutlery, lighters, jewelry, keys, reading glasses and sometimes packs of cigarettes. I thought “wow! This woman is crazy! Does she not know that Amy steals cigarettes and she probably just misplaced some items and blames little people!”

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