Massachusetts skinwalker, (edited

This took place in the early 2010’s, I was either 7 or 6 years old when this happend, I was in my backyard camping since I’ve never been camping before and my parents thought it would be fun, I felt off, when ever I feel off I tell my mum a lot but I brushed it off. An hour passes and my mum and dad decided it’s time to hit the sack, we crawled in the tent and dozed off, then I woke up, being a 6 year old I didn’t know the exact time it was but I needed to use the bathroom, I crawled over to my mum and rubbed her shoulder slightly and said I needed to pee, she grumbled and told me to go outside near the tree, my old house had a long hedge that surrounded our house blocking off the neighbors, the tree was in a corner with the leaves covering my head, I walked over and used the bathroom, I remember that there was no sound what so ever, no late night crickets or rabbits or anything, but I remember a noise, my mums voice mixed with a animal noise and radio static then I felt a feeling of dread and I heard a rustling noise, in front of me was the hedge and a metal fence with an opening, I nearly screamed, I saw a grey/pale looking creature with withered skin, it looked about 7 feet tall and it looked lik it had fur almost, like a broken dog or something, then I gasped, I regret it though.It looked at me with yellow/ golden eyes, it just stared at me and it’s jaw unhinged, I froze in fear. I felt a warm liquid running down my face, I was crying in fear, I screamed and ran back to the tent, no one woke up, I was so scared I crawled next to my mum and slept. Hours later It was morning and my parents were cleaning up, we never camped in our back yard agian since I always refused, I telling this years later and I have never told anyone, I moved out of that state, if I didn’t mention it I lived in Massachusetts, I also just remeber I used to play outside alone in the back yard and just feel like I was being watched, I plan on telling my mum soon, I never want to go back to my old house agian.

Someone in my Backyard

My name is Christian and 2 years ago I moved from my small suburban home into a rural subdivision on a lake.

There are only 4,000 people in my town s not many eventful things happen. Since I was going to a different school I lost contact with most of my friends except for Nick and Nolan.

I had them over almost every weekend and we always liked to go on massive ding dong ditching raids in our neighborhood.

One night we all got high and decided to go ding dong ditch this middle aged man who has a very unkept yard with very long grass.  It was around 1 am in the morning when we rang his doorbell.  Since Nolan is a jackass he rung his doorbell at least 10 times and each time this old man came out and started screaming until eventually he didn’t come out anymore.

We decided to head home and this is where shit started to get weird.  On are way back we lost track of Nolan as he still wanted to hit a few more houses.

That is when Nick told me he felt as though we where being watched and sure enough I looked behind us and I could see a car with its headlights off following us from a distance.

I told Nick to run like hell and we started cutting through all the neighbors yards until we finally reached my house.  When we got in we pulled all the drapes shut and I started to freak out because Nolan was still out there ding dong ditching.  I called him and he picked up saying that he was almost to our house.

I told him what had just happened and he got to my house 5 minutes after that.

We all started where in panic mode and we decide to call it a night and go to bed.  When we where drifting asleep I heard a loud bang from outside the type of noise of something striking metal.

I dismissed it at first and started to drift asleep.  I was woken up suddenly by Nick who said that he saw movement in my backyard.  I looked outside and in the distance I could see a outline of a person.

I grabbed the phone and dialed 911 as fast as I could.  When the cops came they found the person in my backyard and they found a miniature  handgun in his pocket.

After these events happened I have recently moved again and I have lost contact with Nick and Nolan But I still wonder what could have happened if I didn’t call the police.

Snap out of it

To protect the identity of the victim of this TRUE story and everyone involved in it, I took the liberty of changing people’s names. This took place on January of 2015 in the U.S. A little bit of back story… I had known my roommate Alex for three years at the time of the event. We met through a mutual friend that figured that I could use a Hispanic roommate when I moved to the States to go to college because I’m too a Spanish speaker. I always thought he was rather odd and possibly homosexual. But that never bugged me, considering that I have serval homosexual family members. Alex never spoke about his sexuality near me. In fact, I had every reason to believe he was homosexual because of the way he talked, dressed, and behaved overall. The thing that always stroked me as weird is the fact that he would constantly make fun of homosexuals.

After some time, my brother Jacob and I got extremely surprised when he introduced us to his new girlfriend Kelly. I remember saying: “wow I guess he is not gay after all” to my brother as a joke. Kelly seemed nice and all, but she didn’t live in town. So, Alex and Kelly were having a long-distance relationship and always spent their free time on Skype talking. After some time, my brother and I realized that Alex was coming home quite late. My brother then assumed that Alex was cheating on Kelly because he noticed that Alex would come back rather exhausted wearing his shirts inside out. It was none of our business, so we kept our theories to ourselves.

One day Kelly came to visit. While she was visiting she discovered that Alex had a dating site on his phone. She also realized that that dating site was for homosexuals and he had several messages that talked about some sexual encounters that had happened in the past. She also came to realize that he was on Craig’s list looking for one-night stands with men. Kelly was beyond furious with him and made him write a public apology on Facebook. Alex was a graduate student and had many of his colleagues, teaches, and even his advisors on Facebook. Everyone knew what he had done. Alex was devastated. He wasn’t really talking to Jacob or me after the incident. Some weeks went by and he wasn’t getting any better. He was also financially broke and still in really bad shape. I noticed that he stopped eating and he was only drinking coffee and reading the bible. I apologize for the long back story, but I think it’s necessary for this story to make sense.

Now to the day of the incident. I went to school that day, and had plans to go eat with my girlfriend after. When we met to go eat, I had a weird feeling that I needed to go home. I didn’t know why, but one thing was certain at the time and that was that I had to cancel my lunch plans and go back home. My girlfriend thought it was weird, but she said: “ok”.

When I arrived home, I noticed that Alex was sitting in the living room basically staring at nothing. I attempted to start a conversation with him. I said: “Alex are you ok?” “I’ve noticed that you have been really stressed lately, wanna talk about it?” but he didn’t answer. It was like Alex didn’t even acknowledge that I was in the room with him. So, I said: “Well I guess I’ll leave you to your thoughts”. I went upstairs to the bathroom. When I was done with my business, I heard some screaming and yelling coming from downstairs. I remember saying out loud: “What the fuck?” I was slowly making my way downstairs when I started hearing growling followed by laughter, followed by growling again. It was weird. When I got downstairs, I saw Alex on the floor of the living room twisting his body like he was in pain. I remember asking: “Alex what’s wrong? Are you hurt?” but he didn’t answer. He just kept on screaming and laughing. I was in shock. What in the actual fuck is going on here? I remember screaming at him: “Snap out of it”. The room felt cold, really cold. He kept twisting his body like if he was having an epileptic seizure. At one point he stopped… Then he looked at me. His eyes were completely rolled back, so all I could see was white, and in a demonic voice and perfect English he said; “It’s the Devil”.

I froze, Alex was also from a Hispanic speaking country, so he had a very thick accent, how could he possibly be speaking in perfect English? After saying that, he started speaking a weird language. It was like if he was speaking backwards. He kept twisting his body around and now his tongue was moving like a snake. Like the little girl from the exorcist. I didn’t know exactly what to do, I thought of recording it, but I was too scared to do so. I went outside the house and saw my neighbor. I told him what was happening, and I even opened the door so that he could see what Alex was doing. All he said to me was: “I’m sorry bro, I’m late for class, good luck”. “Thanks for nothing” I thought to myself. I called a friend of Alex whom was a pastor, let’s call him Daniel. I knew Daniel because him and his wife would invite us to dinner every once in a while. I haven’t spoken to him for at least a year because Alex suddenly stopped talking to them. I remember saying: “Daniel, I know we haven’t talked in a really long time and this is going to sound really crazy, but Alex is laying in my living room claiming he’s de Devil” Daniel’s reply went a little like this: “No, it doesn’t sound that weird. I have dealt with similar situations in my life, I am on my way”.

When I went back into the house my heart dropped… Alex was laying face up holding a butcher knife against his stomach. He was still moving his tongue… My first thought was to take the knife away from him. But then I figured that he was unstable. A swing with that knife could end my life if I attempt to get close. I went back outside to call Daniel again. I said: “Daniel, Alex is holding a knife against himself, what to I do” he said: “uhh I…I… I don’t… I don’t know what to tell you, I don’t want you to get hurt bud” “just wait for me outside I am almost there”. When Daniel arrived I showed him the way to Alex. When we got into the house I could not believe my eyes… I yelled: “Daniel, should I call 911?”. It took Daniel a little longer to acknowledge what was happening. There he was, my roommate laying on the floor pulling his own intestines out of his goddamn body. There was blood all over the floor, he just kept pulling them out. Daniel told me to go outside and call 911 immediately, so I did. I probably sounded like a complete lunatic to the dispatch operator when I explain everything to her. She said than an ambulance and the cops were on their way and asked me to tell them exactly what I had told her.

When I went back inside Daniel had stopped Alex from pulling his intestines out of his body. He started praying to him. He said: “I demand to speak to Alex, In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ” but all we got back from Alex was the weird language he was speaking and the growling. When the paramedics arrived, they started working on Alex and realized he was completely out of it. They kept telling Alex to hold on and that everything was going to be ok. Alex lost consciousness (if you could call it that). They immediately took him to urgent care. My girlfriend called, and I said I couldn’t talk at the moment, I told her with very short detail what was happening and hung up. The cops then questioned me and Daniel. They asked me if there were any drugs or alcohol at the house, if Alex was on medication etc. They questioned me repeatedly. Different cops asked me to tell them what happened. They even made me write it down. This sucked because I was still trying to process what I had witness. However, as cops it is their job to be suspicious. Making me repeat my statement is a technique to see if I change the story.

Jacob arrived shortly after and the police questioned him too. When they were questioning Daniel, he told them that he could assure them I had nothing to do with Alex’s injuries. Even after all the questioning, the police took me into custody thinking I was responsible for what Alex did. After hours at the police station they finally let me go. Daniel picked me up at the station and then took me to the hospital to see how Alex was doing. We arrived at the hospital and they told us that was in really bad shape he was still in surgery. I was able to see him about four hours after. He held my had and apologized. He was barely awake. Daniel then took me back to the house. We kept discussing what happened and he told me that Alex was possessed by an evil demon. That’s why he was able to speak in a different language and do what he did. I told him that I was afraid of staying at the house, so he agreed to have another pastor help him bless the house.

When we arrived, Jacob had already taken care of the blood. He told me that the cops took the knife as evidence. Good thing I didn’t touch the knife. My girlfriend was there to comfort me and try to calm me down. My adrenaline was still going like crazy. She said she would stay the night with me to make me feel better. To be honest I couldn’t thank her enough for that. Not everyone would be willing to stay at that house after shit like that. I was afraid that the same thing was going to happen to her in the middle of the night. Weeks later I learned that she was thinking the same thing about me, and that she was extremely scared of staying with me that night.

My girlfriend and I went to bed. I fell asleep quite quickly because I had had a really traumatic day. Unfortunately, my dream was a continuation of that very same day. In my dream I decided that I didn’t want to stay at the house after that shit with Alex, so my girlfriend and I ended up going to a hotel. At the hotel (still in my dream), I remember asking my girlfriend “How can somebody be in such bad shape that would allow something that dark to take over their bodies?” shortly after we went to bed. I was basically sleep in my dream when I heard a nocking on the door. I looked at the clock and it was 7:03. I said: “fuck it, I am so tired after what I went through that I am just going to ignore it” then I thought it could be news about Alex. So, I got up and looked through the peephole. All I could see was an empty hallway, when suddenly out of nothing I saw a creature running insanely fast towards the door hitting it very hard and laughing at the moment of impact. The creature looked like that demon from “Insidious” or “Darth Maul”, a black and red face. I backed away and I kept hearing laughter. I got really, so mad I punched the door right back. After punching the door, I heard the creature laugh again and say: “well played”. I woke up right after. I have always wonder if the creature I saw in my dream, was the same creature that took over Alex’s body. Alex barely survived the incident. He spent 2 months in the hospital because of severe internal damage. I had to go to therapy for a very long time because of what happened. I couldn’t drink, or smoke weed at my own house because I would dream about Alex standing up with his intestines out screaming while staring at me. When Alex got better, he sent some people to get his stuff out of the house. He was too embarrassed to stay or even pick them himself, and I really didn’t want to see him after everything that happened. This has been probably the worst experience of my life. The cops that I talked to said that I did exactly what I should have done in that situation. They said that without any medical attention, Alex would have been dead in minutes. They also told me that that was probably one of the weirdest incidents they had ever worked. My girlfriend and I believe that thanks to that strange sensation I had of urgently having to go home instead of going out to lunch with her, Alex is still alive today.

They Always See

I am as most people say of me obsessed with the thought of there being things out there that not everyone sees or believes in especially the paranormal. I have had many encounter each seeming more terrifying than the last but the one i’m going to tell you about has been by far the most nerve raking encounter. The thing that makes this the scariest to me is the fact that it’s 2 events spanning across a year and a half but i didn’t know the events were connected until the 2nd. Now before I begin i probably give some background information about myself, I am a 16 year old male i’m roughly 5. 10″ and only weigh 115 lbs. I have lived all over the united states now living in North Carolina. So lets begin with the first event now this wasn’t the first time i’d experienced paranormal activity but it is the first in this string of events. So anyway it was last year I was a freshman in high school and the high school and middle school and a park are all on the same road. So one Saturday afternoon me and my family went to this park my Mom, Dad and sisters went to the park area but i was going on a run down the trail that connects the park and middle school  its roughly 2 miles. So I put in my headphones and started to run everything was perfectly normal then about half a mile in something didn’t feel right. It seemed darker than when I had started I brushed it off and speed up a little the I saw a shadowy figure following me at first it scared me but I again came up to the conclusion that it was just my shadow but then my headphones went static and a laugh came through T ripped them out and booked it out of the wooded part of the trail. At The time I was terrified but didn’t tell anyone because I knew no one would believe me. The second encounter was the second day of my sophomore year which come to think of it was very odd it was  the 2nd encounter 2nd day of school of the 2nd year of high school maybe I  should look into that but perhaps that will be the beginning of a different story. But anyway i was walking into school blasting my music when i walked by the school dumpsters (this is completely normal because the buses drop of in the back so everyone does) and when i walked by I saw the same shadowy figure except this time he seemed less like a shadow and more like a man with pointed teeth and yellowish eyes I almost fell out of fear and people asked what my problem was I looked back where he was and he was gone so I said that i just tripped and kept walking and then my music went silent and was replaced by a chuckle then my music came back on.