My Last Girlfriend Died

When I was a freshmen in high school, I experienced something that will make my first high school year unforgettable. There was this football player named Nick and trust me when i say he was every girls dreamguy he was! He was 6’1, smart, strong, and really hot. And his eyes were blue, they were gorgoues.

A guy like that, you’d think he’d be really popular and in some way he was. He just hated the idea being around people, and unlike any other guy he never partied or did anything fun. It was school, and practice for him. The creepiness all started out when i was waiting for a guy friend to finish with his football practice. Two other girls were sitting there with me waiting for my friend scott. Nick and two other guys walked toward us, the guys he was with were holding back their laughs. “hi mary” nick said in a really creepy but deep voice. He was a senior and I was a freshmen so i was very confused how he knew my name. My 15 year old slef, was a very very rude person and as the rude person i was i ignored him. One of the guys spoke and said, “would you ladies like to go to prom with us?”

They laughed out loud and walked away. At this point i thought they were all on something but i shook it off because highschool boys are dumb. Finally scott came and my two friends who were waiting with me left. Now scott had to leave really quick to change so i went and started talking to the couch. Nick was changed and all and he was on the field now staring at me and the couch, he approached and started to talk to the couch about missing  game or something and i excused myslelf.

Later on when i was at the mall with scott, i asked him about nick and he told me nick was a nice guy, but he had a thing for younger women. Now i was dying of happiness because nick was amazing looking, and he did sort of acknowledged my exitence before.

Days passed and homecoming was in a few weeks. I wasn’t even planning on going to be honest, but everything changed when nick asked me during lunch. It was like a dream to come true for me!

Me and nick talked a bit about where to meet, when hes picking me up and stuff like that. Homecoming came around, and it was all so fun. Down side was the seniors decided to prank us the younger kids so without us knowing there was alchoal in the drinks.

The party ended and Nick was supposed to drive me to my bestfriends house because i was sleeping over, but he parked by the beach. The scene was all romantic and shit until he said, “My last girlfriend died” now i was getting very uncomfortball and the topic seemed to weird to talk about. Honestly i thought he was kidding. But he started to push his body against mine which made me angry his arms were rubbing my feet and slowly moving into different place, I was only a 15 year old and he was horny as fuck at that second. I told him my bestfriends mom is asking about me, which did cause him to get mad but he drove me to her house anyways.

We ended the night with the kiss, which made him less angry but i was totally freaked out. I told my best friend bout it and she said he had too  much drinks.

i woke up to ten missing calls from scott. I was so confused why’d he call me what did he want? I called him back and he told me how i shouldn’t have left with nick because his freshmen year in highscool, the same thing happened with the drinks and because he had too many drinks he hurt his girlfriend which caused her death. Scott then said it a rumor, but i should still be careful.

after i told nick what i heard, i saw him outside my bestfriends house staring down the window. I was so done with nick, but i guess it was the end. He acted like he didnt know me, and like nothing happened that night. High school ended and he was out. Last text i got from him read ,

“You reminded me of her, in so many ways. You looked like her, your kiss felt like hers and so did your touch. I’m glad we didn’t do anything that night, because that’s how she died.”

This is based on a true story, im 21 now and thinking about it, i couldve lost more than just virgitny that night. I still get chills when I wonder what was going through his mind that night.

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