The creature that followed us home

I never believed in monsters or anything paranormal but this was a rude awakening for me. It was the beginning of summer me and my friend were very excited, lets call this friend Leo. Leo and I just got out of school and had plans to hang out and go to the woods about one block from his house.

After we got to his house we ate and hung out there for a while. We left after some time to go to the park it was about 3:30 pm. We got to the park and decided just to walk along the trails for a little while, well we lost track of time and before we knew it the time was already 6:00 pm and we still had a long walk home.

I said to Leo lets get going before its dark.

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Devil Dog.

This story is my fathers not my own. I’m from a very rural area in West Virginia , I today own this farm were this took place  . It was mid January early 70s my father was around 12 or 13 years old .

There was around 2 feet of snow on the ground . My grandmother was washing dishes around 9;30 pm as she was washing dishes something caught her eye out of the window , witch looks out towards the barn and a road that comes down from the fields and woods ,

They had one of those dusk till dawn lights on a pole at the end of this road. My Father , My Grandfather and 2 uncles were in the living room when they heard( in my fathers words )my grandmother let out the most terrifying scream he has ever heard to this day . All four of them jumped up and ran into the kitchen to see what was wrong ,

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That’s not a coyote

One night when I went to visit my parents in Sacramento something that will haunt me forever happened. My parents live in the middle of the forest with two neighbors, I had visited them and was driving along the trail to the main road with my sister when my car broke down. We called a tow truck and our dad to come pick us up, the trail takes about 10 minutes to drive along and we had about seven minutes to go.

We were talking when all of a sudden we went over a bump in the road, like we had hit an animal or something, My sister,dad and I got out of the car to see a coyote or something when all of a sudden it gets up, that was NOT a coyote it’s legs were about 5’0 long, we got into that car and started to drive obviously terrified, my sister who was in the backseat  suddenly shouts at my dad “D-dad D-d-drive FAST” I looked into the rear view mirror to see the thing was walking on its hind legs into the trees.

We turned back to go to the house where my mom and little brother were sleeping and didn’t leave for two days, when we told our little brother (he’s ten by the way) he said “Is that not normal I thought all simes did that” I have never been so scared in my life

Creature on the bridge

This story is from my Mother, she told me this a few years ago.

When I was about 12, my family and I went out camping to a place about 3 hours from our home. I do not remember the name of the place, but I do remember what it looked like. To your left, you see a stream and then thick trees. Straight ahead, you see a bridge standing about 7 meters off the ground, 500 meters away. To your right, it is more trees and then a small road we took here. This bridge was abandoned, nobody came here.

We set up our tents and began making the campfire. There was me, my parents, my 3 sisters and 3 brothers. About 4 tents in total, if I recall. The first day went okay. All that really happened was me feeling like I was being watched constantly, by something in the forest. I shrugged it off as no one would believe me.

The second day was when it happened, we all got up and our of our tents to start a fire. My dad, a strong man nobody dared to mess with was with us. My sister, spotted something on the bridge, it was horrifying.

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5 Strange Creatures HORROR Stories

Monsters are real, and there’s more than just Bigfoot and Werewolves out there.

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