The Girl in the Mirror: A Campfire Story

I was at a camp out with my youth group once, and we sat around a campfire and some of the others told scary stories. I remember one, but I don’t recall it word for word. But I do remember the basic idea.

Went something like this…..

A young boy was given the task to house sit for a couple who were going away on their honey moon. He had nothing better to do in his spare time, as it was in the Summer, and he didn’t have many friends to hang out with, or things to do.

Also, he could really use the extra cash, so he was more than happy to accept this job.

They gave him a list of all the chores that needed to be done each day. He assured them he would look after the place well. They thanked him, and went on their merry way. He made sure all the chores were done that were on the list.

Take out the trash, check. Sweep and vacuum, check.

He went down the list, checking everything after he did them. There was one last thing he had to do…the laundry in the basement. (The couple hadn’t had time to do it all) He sighed and just decided to get it over with.

He never liked basements much. He was fortunate enough to have grown up in a house without one.

He mentally prepared himself, and walked down into the dusty, cold, dim room. He couldn’t find a light, but there was a tiny bit of sunlight coming from the basement window, just enough to see his way around.

He got to work on the laundry, his eyes adjusting to the darkness.

After folding the dried clothes and switching the wet ones to the dryer, he carried the now clean and folded laundry with him on his way to the stairs.

Then he noticed something…..a mirror sat on the wall. He stopped for a second to take in its beauty.

It was an antique mirror, with artistic designs in the rusty metal frame. In the reflection, he could make out what appeared to be the silhouette of a little girl with a knife in her hand in the backround. It spooked him at first. Then he realized, it might just be the way the stuff back there is stacked, the shape “coming alive” as a result of his imagination.

He shrugged it off and continued upstairs to complete his task. He would do this every day for a week or so, and each time, he would glance in the mirror, and the silhouette of the girl stood behind him. Each time, however, he noticed it seemed as though each day, it was getting closer…..and closer….and closer. He was kind of unnerved by this, but still just assumed it was a bunch of stuff.

Perhaps it was his perception getting the better of him, his eyes playing tricks in the darkness. He decided to look behind him to check it out, but didn’t see anything at all.

Just the washer and the dryer, and some other items here or there, but nothing to make the shape that he saw in the mirror.

Somewhat creeped out, he sped upstairs and closed the door behind him. After pondering on it for a few minutes, he decided he was just seeing things.

Curse his over active imagination! The last day finally came at last. The homeowners came back home, paying him for his service, and thanking him for a job well done. He decided to ask them about the odd situation with the mirror.

They looked at him, puzzled. They looked at each other, confused. What they said next sent chills down the boys spine. “Um…..we don’t have a mirror in the basement…..”

Black Eyes In the Night

This is something that happened a long while back – back when I was still living with my parents. I’ve long since moved out and am now 19, engaged, living with my fiance, and we now have a child on the way. Enough about that, though. Let’s get back to the main story.

I can’t quite be sure what I saw that night, but I am convinced that it was something paranormal. No human could possibly look like that, and I am absolutely certain that no one, not even the world’s greatest prankster, could pull off something so terrifying.

It was about 3 a.m. and I was wide awake. I’d been up all night, crying. This was normal for me at the time, as I was going through some tough times, which was partly why I’d moved out. I had school later that day and was extremely tired. I knew that if I didn’t get any sleep, I’d most likely fail the four exams I had later, so I decided to calm myself down by splashing cold water on my face, something which always makes me feel better for some unknown reason.

The way my room was set up, I had to walk past my closet – two doors that slide open, which takes great force to move – in order to get to the conjoining bathroom. My closet is in a short hallway, leading to said bathroom, and every time I walk past it, I get a creepy vibe for some unknown reason. Even my friends were freaked out by it, despite it never actually doing anything.

When I got to my bathroom, I did what I normally do when I calm myself. I turned on the tap and leaned down so the water wouldn’t make a mess, and splashed some of it onto my face, gently rubbing it in. Then, after shutting off the tap, I turned to the towel hanging beside the sink and dried my face. Doing this helped a lot, and I felt much better. Maybe, I’d even get some sleep. Well, I thought I would, until what happened next.

I looked into the mirror, expecting to see my puffy eyed face reflected back at me in the dim moonlight from the small window nearby, but what I saw instead has haunted me since. I saw my face, only different. My reflections eyes were solid black. They looked like the most impossible black, like the dark vacuum of space without stars had been places in two marbles that served as someone’s eyes, and its lips were curved into the most menacing smile possible – the kind of smile that would take you back to ancient times, when fear was stronger than anything else. The intent behind this smile could not possibly be good.

Then, before my eyes, it winked and turned, walking into the side of the mirror as if someone was walking off screen of a movie, leaving my terrified reflection staring back at me.