Late Night Scare

This is easily the most terrifying moment in my life, this happened about a year ago. We live in a small apartment complex in North Topeka with my sister, my dad, stepmom, my German Shepherd Sheba, we had a few neighbors,

The metal heads up above us in apartment twelve, Ceno in Apartment four which was one apartment down from us. Then a weird black guy named Harold in apartment three. A few weeks before the incident, is he walked up and said: “Roblo, Roblo! do you got a cigarette, Roblo?” (we laughed when he said that) my dad handed him a cigarette, they both sat down in front of the apartment window.

After about thirty minutes of them both talking about what was going on in our families then the creepiest fucking thing he said sent chills down our spines “Hey Robert is it ok if your daughter can come see me in my apartment?” then my dad  told him “fuck no, dude get the fuck away from us you fucking pedophile”.

A week rolls by and my sister is walking over to Walgreens several blocks away, she was 15 at the time then he followed her, Harold yelled at her and said “Hey honey wanna come over to my place” Ceno,

he was pretty cool, he helped us whenever he could At the time he was outside drinking a beer, he heard what Harold said, walked over to Harold then told him: “what the hell is wrong with you?

shes 15 stay the fuck away from her you fucking pedo”.

On that Saturday night around twelve o’ clock, the scariest thing happened, thankfully my sister was at her friends and my step mom was at work.

some man was banging on the back window, the window that the room I was sleeping in, it was like a scraping sound like he was trying to break through the thin steel window cover on the outside of the window, about 15 minutes pass and he’s back at the back window trying to pry it open when he screams and says

“WHERE IS MY WIFE!?” and I’m laying down under my blanket sitting still as much as I could and my dad screams back trying to scare him off by saying

“I called the police Harold!” but he didn’t run off he still kept trying to break through, I told my dad to call the police but he responded with a strong “shut the fuck up Zach,

I know how to handle this.”. several minutes pass and I hear the first rip and tear on the steel window cover keeping him out, this is the first time

I started crying about thirty seconds pass and my dog Sheba comes running in standing in front of me preparing to attack him in case the cover gives away about an hour passes and we hear a loud crack and we realize that he was trying to break in through the door and he said again “WHERE IS MY WIFE! IF YOU DONT GIVE ME MY WIFE, ILL KILL YOU!” and my dad finally gets on the phone, starts screaming at the police to hurry up, about fifteen minutes later the police arrive and start questioning him why he did what he did, my dad got questioned by the police they say “do you have his wife?” and my dad responded with a pissed of voice “Are you two fucking stupid? he’s talking about my 15-year-old daughter!”

about a minute passes and they find a crowbar and knife thrown into the grass, the next day he was charged with attempted murder or something, about a week passes and we find out he had a mental disability and he never took his medicine and used marijuana to help it. several months pass and my dad is in his work van, drove by and Harold he looked at my dad with a death glare.

Scary School Experience

So when I was in Middle School we had this weird experience. So this story involves my 2 bestfriends we’ll call Gracie and Penelope. My boyfriend we’ll call Xavier and my Brother we’ll call Jayden. So Gracie and Jayden were in the same homeroom and Penelope, Jayden and I were in the other homeroom across the hall.

Ealier one morning a couple days before the incident when our bus arrived there was this commotion going on. A kid started screaming at a teacher to give his phone back. But those things can’t be used till after school at our school. The kid screamed that he will kill himself or someone else if he doesn’t give it back. The teacher never gave it back.

I started feeling uneasy because that sounded very threatening. But my brother Jayden just said I was being paranoid. And he reassures me that the kid says that stuff all the time. The day went by fine with no complication with the kid.

Five days later

Xavier went to run to the office to turn in attendance for our techer. But a couple minutes after he left we heard the teachers yelling across the hall in the middle of our social studies lesson.

Our teacher went into the hall and shut the door behind herself. The doors at our school automatically lock when closed so people on the outside can’t get in. We heard a teacher yell to call 911 making the classroom break into chaos. The other kids within the radius of us were pushed into the classroom we were in. So Gracie and Jayden ended up in the same class as us.

I ask Jayden and Gracie what’s going on. And it turns out the kid from the other day held some kids hostage in the bathroom. He tried to kill them but was delusional and thought a piece of paper and an eraser would wound them. One of the people held hostage was Xaivier,but obviously he wasn’t hurt.

But I can’t say the same about the kid…

Because they say people were going to send him to a mental hospital. But he never made it there because they day before he was going to leave he hung himslef on piano wire. He ended up decappitating himself says his next door neighbor. Nobody likes to talk about him because they think he haunts the school but I don’t believe that he does.

The creepy middle school

I went to a very creepy middle school. Me and my friends walked to cheer practice in the middle school gym. While we were waiting for practice to start my friend jade asked me to go to the bathroom with her. Me and jade walked down the creepy dark hallway to the end where the girl’s bathroom is.

Jade had me stand by her stall.

Then I herd a bloodcurdling scream from a classroom down the hallway. Jade busted out of the stall. Then we saw a tall man with a disturbing smile. In a distorted voice he said don’t worry little girl you will be fun to cut in little chuck and hiding them around the school. Jade and I ran back to the gym. Practice hadn’t started yet. But I looked in the window and I saw him staring at me.

The next day me and jade found out where the bloodcurdling scream came from. Our janitor body was in one of the classroom. Jade and I are so glade that we didn’t end up like that janitor. But what creeps me out is that I still see that man around the middle school

Math Tutor

I am a 18 year old girl and recently read some stories about school and teachers which made me remember this story I’m about to tell you.

Back when I was about 13 years old, I was in middle school and I really needed a math tutor who would give me classes since I was very bad at math. I consider my circle of friends very big so I asked them for any recommendations for math tutors who would give me classes, and about 4 of my friends recommended someone which I will call “C” for this story. I asked them for his number and they gave it to me, I texted him and asked him all about the classes like the time he would be able to come over and the price per class. I agreed and would have my first class with him within a week from the first time I texted him.

He came over just in time and we sat in a desk I have at my house. He was middle-aged which really made me uncomfortable, but there was no going back since I had an important test coming up in some weeks and I didn’t know anything. He gave me classes and everything went normal, C was funny too which made classes pleasant.

I took classes with him and I took my math test which I got a good grade on, I decided to keep studying with him and start geometry too since I was doing bad on that subject too. Classes were fun with C and everything was normal, my friends gave me really good comments about him and I stopped feeling uncomfortable.

Time passes and everything is great, until one class. My school has guidance class second period and we usually do nothing so I talk to people and fool around. I was talking with a friend about how nervous we were for the upcoming test and she asked me who was my tutor since she knew I had one but she didn’t know who he was and I told her it was C.

The teacher walking pass heard me mention him so she asked me if he was my tutor, I said yes and she gave me a shocked look. She told me that I should stop taking classes with him and she told me that he harasses his students once he gains their trust and she told me the story of a girl who studied with him, she trusted him and C started touching her, she became uncomfortable and started backing away but C would keep touching and harassing her, it came to a point were her mother reported him to the police but they couldn’t do anything since they didn’t have enough evidence and couldn’t arrest him. I was shocked.

I asked my teacher if there were any more victims and she said yes but most of them are too afraid to come forward to the police so they go to the school psychiatrist who was the teacher I was talking to since it was guidance class. She told me he used to do magic tricks to gain trust. I remembered that time where he showed me how he disappeared and reappeared an eraser. I immediately exited class to call each friend who I knew was studying with C and told them everything.

We stopped contacting him and blocked his number.

I’m still scared to get a tutor for classes. I’m still in disbelief I was in a situation like that and I’m thankful that teacher made me know. I don’t want to know what would C do to me since most of the time he came over it was when I was home alone, keep in mind he gave me the schedule he planned out.

I haven’t heard about him since.


Middle School Catfish

Just a foreword, this whole story takes place within the span of about a year. I’ve used fake names to protect those involved. This is by far the creepiest thing to have ever happened to me, and I’ve had a lot of creepy stuff happen to me.

My friends and I were entering our 7th grade year in middle school (we’re all currently Sophomores in high school). We were what you would call ‘Emo’. At least, we thought we were. We were known as the Emo group of the school, anyways. There was Sasha, my best friend, she and I had been best friends since 2nd grade, and still are. Neither of us had many friends, until one of my friends, Annie, introduced us to a girl that she had went to elementary with who was attending our middle school, and was also ‘Emo’. Her name was Michie, and we all quickly became friends right away. She was in Band class with us, and her and I had world history together, so it was great.

Michie, Sasha, Annie, and I all became best friends, along with two other ‘Emo’ girls we’d met named Emie and Katherine. We sat at lunch together everyday at the same table. A couple of months into the school year and we were all as close as could be. Well, for the most part. I had the feeling that Michie didn’t like me that much, but just kind of brushed it off because she seemed really nice. Anyways, since we were ’emo’, we all were depressed (most of us were just pretending, excluding Michie and I), and self harmed because we thought it was cool.

One day, Michie comes into lunch and tells everyone she has a new boyfriend. We all thought it was awesome, because you know, 13 year olds could totally be in serious relationships. She started telling us about him. His name was Trev, and he seemed alright I guess. She told us about his band, and that he was emo and cool just like us. She even told us about his family, and that his mom was a Wiccan and she would go to his house and do black magic with her. I thought she was just stupid and brushed her off, not really caring.

Flash forward to December. She’d talked non-stop about this guy. I mean, she showed us pictures of him everyday and told us every small detail of their relationship. I was happy for her at first, but after a while it just got annoying. None of us wanted to say anything though, she seemed happy and glad to have a boyfriend.

One day, I got a friend request on Facebook from a guy named Trev. I accepted it, as it had the same profile picture as the guy Michie had shown us all. I didn’t think twice about it. The next day at school, Michie came to lunch crying. She said that Trev had broken up with her. This was a weekly occurrence. He’d break up with her every week and by that weekend they’d be back together again. Once again, all of us just sort of brushed this off.

A couple of weeks later and Sasha and I are staying at Katherine’s house. The rest of them had also gotten friend requests from Trev and his best friend Drake. While Sasha and I were hanging out in Katherine’s room, Katherine got a Facebook message from Drake. He was flirting with her. It started off as just normal comments, talking about how pretty she was, but soon the conversation turned into something weird. Drake was saying awful things about all of us, excluding Katherine and Michie. I guess he didn’t know that we were there with Katherine. He mostly focused on me though, calling me mean names and talking about how bad my make-up was. It kind of upset me, but at the same time I’d never even met this guy, so I just tried to ignore it.

The school year was nearing an end, and Michie and Trev had broken up numerous times. One time she came to school and told us she was pregnant, and then the next day came in crying and said she had a miscarriage. By this point, Sasha and I were really creeped out by Michie. There was something about her that wasn’t quite right. Everyone else in the group seemed to believe her, but Sasha seemed wary, as did I. But as good friends do, we tried to comfort her. My naive middle school self just wanted to be there for a friend in need, regardless of the bs lie she’d just told us.

At the end of April, Michie missed an entire week of school. We were all confused, as she never ever skipped school. She didn’t come back at all, not even at the end of the year. She finally came back at the start of 8th grade. She told us she’d tried to kill herself and had been put in our local mental health facility for a few weeks. We all felt bad and tried to comfort her. She never told us why she tried to do it though, I just figured she was far more depressed than she had originally let on. Halfway through 8th grade, and all of us were still best friends. She never mentioned this Trev guy to us again, so we’d just assumed she’d broken up with him for the last time. Michie’s guardian that she was living with passed away, and she ended up moving back to the state she was from with her dad, but we all still kept in close contact.

Flash forward to the summer of Freshman going into Sophmore year. I had an entirely new group of friends, excluding Sasha, who is still to this day my closest friend. My new friend Gwen was Michie’s best friend. They’d grown up together and knew each other for 10 years. I’d heard of Gwen when I was in middle school, but she was two grades ahead of us and went to high school, so I never actually got to meet her until I started high school as well. I’d grown out of my emo phase, thankfully, and so had all of my old friends. That’s besides the point though.

Last summer (the summer before Sophomore year), Sasha, Gwen, and our other friend Clara were all having a sleepover at Clara’s house. She had a pool, so we’d always go swimming when we went over. We were all sitting on the edge of the pool and talking about drama that was going on. I brought up Gracie and made some joke about her old boyfriend, knowing Sasha and Gwen would remember it. Gwen’s eyes widened slightly.

“You do know that she made Trev up, right?”

“Uhm, what?”

“Yeah, she made him up. He wasn’t real.”

“Oh, well Uhm, that’s nice?”

I say uncomfortably, not really knowing how to take that information. The conversation continued on, but Sasha and I kept sneaking each other uncomfortable glances. The next morning we all forgot completely about it.

(One last flash forward) To last weekend:. Once again, Sasha, Gwen, and I were all staying at Clara’s house. We were all laying in her room, having a deep late night conversation as it was around 1 am. We were all ready to go to bed, when Gwen rolls over and speaks in the dead silence.

“I need to tell you all something. Especially you and Sasha.”

She says to me, clearly bothered. I raise an eyebrow and Clara gets up to turn the lights in her room back on. Sasha sat up from her sleeping bag on the floor.

“It’s about the whole Trev thing. I never told you all the whole story. I was thinking about it when we were talking about Michie earlier, but I didn’t know how to bring it up.”

Well, she went on to explain that Michie had been catfishing not just us, but her and 7 other people as well. And apparently, she’d been catfishing them for months before she’d even mentioned this ‘Trev’ to us. All the other people she’d been messing with were in high school though, so that’s why we’d never heard about it until now.

Michie had made fake Facebook and Instagram accounts for not only Trev and Drake, but his supposed ex-girlfriend and Trev’s mom too. I was shocked. I’d known about the Facebooks but I’d just assumed she showed us some guys’ Facebook page and said it was her boyfriend. No, this psycho bitch had been running FOUR Facebook pages all by herself. She’d even put Trev in a group chat with herself, Gwen, and her two other friends Travis and Emma. Gwen showed us all the old chat messages she had. Michie was literally talking to herself in them, because Trev was talking to everyone in the chat. Apparently, Gwen explained, her and this ‘Drake’ person had gotten so close that they even started dating. Gwen told us her and Travis had gotten really close with Trev and Drake over social media, telling them their darkest secrets.

Turns out this nut job had been behind the accounts the entire time. She was the one insulting me to Katherine over Facebook in 7th grade. When Gwen had tried to break it off with Drake, he’d snapped on her, calling her a worthless piece of trash and telling her she was a bad person and insulting her. It was actually just Michie behind the account, insulting her best friend. How could you even do that?

Well, when Travis and Gwen had suspected that something was up, they confronted her about it. This was the last week in April when she missed all that school. Yes, she tried to kill herself because her entire plan was foiled. She was locked up in our mental institution for a week, according to Gwen, as she’d been the one to pick her up along with Michie’s mom and little sister. She admitted to making everything up. There are more insane stories about what ‘Trev’ did to her, including telling Gwen that he raped her on his bed and that’s how she got ‘pregnant’. Also, she once told Gwen and Travis that Trev had tried to kill himself and that caused them both to freak, because he was their apparent friend and they were worried.

Meanwhile, Michie was just manipulating her friends. This lasted an entire year. I still can’t believe I never found any of this out until last weekend. I always suspected that Michie was unstable, but I never guess that it was this bad. Gwen later told me that Michie did in fact hate my guts, and would trash talk me any chance she got. I knew there was something off about her, so did Sasha.

None of us are in contact with Michie anymore. She ended her 12 year friendship with Gwen over text a couple of months back, but that’s a story for another time. She told us all on Instagram that she wanted 0 ties back to her old hometown, which still confuses us.  Now that I think about it, this girl was smart. I mean, she pulled some Moriarty-Sherlock Holmes shit. She manipulated everyone for an entire year, and then attempted to kill herself when her plan was ruined. I still don’t know what would’ve happened had Travis and Gwen not confronted her. This girl is sociopathic. I’m serious, she actually scares me. I’m just glad I never messaged Trev on Facebook that day..