It came from the ocean

It came from the Ocean

by andro6657


This happened in 1993, I was around 12 years old. My Uncle Max picked me up and took me fishing with him. He had a decent sized boat with a good engine. We weren’t going out far but I figured we would be gone most of the day. We started early, around 5 am and drove around in the boat looking at the coastal area before we started fishing. We located a good spot next to an oil platform looking structure in the water. It was still a bit dark but we could see the supplies on the boat without a flashlight or any other lighting. We had only fished for about 10 mins when we heard a bump on the bottom of the boat. It almost moved the boat. I looked at my uncle and shrugged my shoulders. He said, “It’s probably some big ass turtle” he snickered. I laughed because just hearing my Uncle cuss was enough back then. But before we could finish laughing there was an odd splash. I turned to my right to see the strangest thing I’ve ever seen. It was a creature. It was like a man but his skin was like that old fish, the coelacanth. Brown scaly skin covered the thing. He had white eyes and a gaping mouth. I swear I even saw fins on him but it happened to fast I wasn’t sure. It had shot straight up out of the water about chest high then sinked right back down again. I was shocked, my heart stopped. In my mind, I thought it had to be prank or something. It surely couldn’t have been a real creature. It was a little dark but I swear that I saw the shadow of that thing swim off underneath the water like a dolphin. My heart was racing as I looked back at my uncle. The expression on his face scared me even more. I had never before or since seen him so scared. I trembled there on that boat. I reeled in my line, dropped my pole on the boat floor and rested on the short bench on the boat. I tried so hard to breathe. Without a sound, we left the coastal waters. We stopped and ate some breakfast tacos on the way home. We never really talked about what we saw. I wonder if that thing was the only one of its kind or if there are more fish people out there. Always be careful going out into the ocean.