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Creepy Stranger at McDonald’s

This a story of an experience I heard from my friend Breanna back when she used to live in Flagstaff, Arizona. She gave me permission to share her story. These are her words:

“It happened in 2007 when I was 16. After 10pm, I was on my way home from work. My hometown Flagstaff has dimmer lights to preserve the night sky so it gets really dark at night. On the way home, I stopped by at McDonald’s to get some dinner. For some reason the drive thru was closed so I went inside. After getting food, I started walking to my car. But then I noticed a heavy set middle aged Navajo man started walking towards me. So I started walking faster towards my car and I glanced back. I noticed that his pace had quickened as well so I kept going faster and faster until I was sprinting. I glanced back and he had also gone into a sprint. I reached my car and unlocked it in a panic. Then I quickly locked the doors, started the car, and put it in reverse. But then he started knocking at my window and gesturing me to roll it down. I was terrified. My heart was racing and I just wanted to get out of there. He started mumbling something about being disrespectful and said that he needed some help. I just shook my head no, apologized, and pulled out of the parking spot. He jumped back and flailed his arms as I quickly got the hell out of there.”

The Time I Worked at McDonald’s and my stalker found me

My name is Nora, and I’ll give you some background to help you understand my story. I’m 16 years old about about two years ago, I was “dating” someone over the internet. I say “dating” because we were never really in a relationship more of an on and off sorta thing. I was at this place that we call the district, a place that a citizen in Wisconsin owns.

I’m pretty sure it’s one of a kind, not to brag. But it’s a place to play video games, card games, talk/watch anime. You know the geek hangout. I was always flirting with this guy who at the time was 18 or 19, let’s call him Stephen. That’s not his name, but I really don’t want him knowing that it’s about him. I’m a very paranoid person- plus he still sometimes stalks me.

McDonald’s Bathroom Creeper

Just some information, I’m a 15 year old from Scotland and this experience has really shaken me for the past year. This guy was never caught.

My friends and I were having a great day out for my best friend, let’s call him Kyle, for his birthday. A day filled with getting kicked out of multiple stores for silly behaviour, like Primark and Paperchase. So, after an evening of mostly drinking Red Bull and Rock Star, we got really hungry and decided to go to a McDonald’s not to far away from the mall we were in.

A Creep Story at McDonald’s

This story takes place a few months ago at a McDonald’s me and some friends were eating at.

It was a usual Friday night, me, my brother, and some friends would be out and about the town. Mostly hanging out at the mall, and sometimes going to a Good Will to goof off. But every time we went out, the oldest one (Andrew) would buy us all Burger King or McDonald’s, he was the one who usually had money, plus he could drive.

Usually there are five of us, but this time just me, my brother and Andrew were here eating at McDonald’s. I knew there were more of us, but I can’t remember where they were. Anyways, as we entered the restaurant it was completely void of any other customers.

Writing in Red

Hi, my name Emma, I’m a high school student and I work at McDonald’s.

This experience wasn’t the most unusual, but it certainly still scared my coworkers and I.

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