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A Creep Story at McDonald’s

This story takes place a few months ago at a McDonald’s me and some friends were eating at.

It was a usual Friday night, me, my brother, and some friends would be out and about the town. Mostly hanging out at the mall, and sometimes going to a Good Will to goof off. But every time we went out, the oldest one (Andrew) would buy us all Burger King or McDonald’s, he was the one who usually had money, plus he could drive.

Usually there are five of us, but this time just me, my brother and Andrew were here eating at McDonald’s. I knew there were more of us, but I can’t remember where they were. Anyways, as we entered the restaurant it was completely void of any other customers.

Writing in Red

Hi, my name Emma, I’m a high school student and I work at McDonald’s.

This experience wasn’t the most unusual, but it certainly still scared my coworkers and I.

Stalked for Months

After all this time, just remembering this leaves me nervous. I worked at Mcdonalds while studying at college, both full-time. A few months into this job and I actually enjoyed most shifts. Some were a pain, others downright funny. The managers appreciated my friendly attitude towards customers, so I was behind the counter taking orders like most nights. I greeted the first customer with a smile.

“Hi there! May I take your order?”

McDonald’s Creep

At the time this event accrued, I was a 16 year old junior in high school. I worked at the nearest McDonald’s to my school, so on a week day I can get there as soon as possible to get as many hours in as I could.It was my first job so I didn’t realize the pay was shit compared to what I make now but I made due for such a young age.

Enough with the history, it was Saturday, normal for a winter night, with a light breeze. I was closing that night, because one of my co-workers had called in sick, I was kind of bummed because I was planning on playing some scary online games with a couple of friends.

The Girl In the Restroom at McDonalds

I used to work in McDonald’s around two years ago. I worked the evening shift which was form 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. With just a hour left to leave I had to go to the restroom.

I was doing my own business with no one around when I suddenly felt something weird in the atmosphere. Several times during my high school years I had experienced paranormal things but, I would always tend to ignore them. When I was done, I walked out of the stall that happened to be next to sink and then proceeded to wash my hands. All of a sudden, for no apparent reason at all, I just looked at the stall that was directly to my right and saw the white silhouette of a girl around my age. All I could do was just stare at her.