McDonalds Creeper Guy

Back during my freshmen year of high school, my friends and I would get together on Saturday nights to sleep over at each others houses. We would stay up really late, and sometimes even pull all nighters, just playing around. I have a lot of good memories of these nights, but one stands out as the scariest moment of my life. I will never forget it.

It was late, we all were very tired, but we did not want to waste a perfectly good night of precious weekend. We thought that if we went and got some grub, it would wake us up. So, we decided to go to a McDonald’s which, conveniently, was just down the road. About four guys and myself started walking down the road to the restaurant. As we were walking, I just had this eerie feeling that I was being watched. When I told my friends this, they just called me vulgar words that would describe “chicken”. I then took a moment and grasped my thoughts, calming myself down.

As we walked into the McDonald’s, we noticed the emptiness of the place. There were only two employees working at the time. One by one, each of us ordered, until a man with a long, black trench coat came in and stood behind us. Thoughts of fear went through my brain. Could this be the man that was “watching” me? I kept looking back at him, each time he was glaring with big eyes directly at me. I was growing more nervous by the minute. Towards the end of our orders, the man rushed mysteriously out of the side door. “Relief at last.” I said to myself. We then walked out, back to the house.

As we walked through the parking lot, I tried to piece together in my head what that guy’s deal was. Was he just trying to stay warm? Was he looking for a friend? I didn’t care anymore, it was all over. We continued walking down the road laughing, already excited for the night ahead.

As we were walking up a storm, I felt at ease. I was safe at the house.  As my friend reached to turn the knob of the door, we noticed that the door was already opened. Instantly, fear rushed through me. I was scared for my life.  My friends tried to make sense of it, by saying that my friends sister got back from her job late, but her car was nowhere in sight. We all decided to just walk in and confront whatever was in there.

We walked into a completely dark house, it was dead silent. We explored each room one at a time, each one was clear. Only until we peeked into the dining room, this was the darkest in the whole house because there were no windows. All of our eyes scanned the room, and in one dark corner there was a dark figure. We all stared at the figure filled with fear. I knew this time it was the creeper from the McDonald’s! We all yelled, as the man lunged at us with a shiny object in his hands. In a matter of seconds we all were out of there. We ran for what felt like years. After awhile we stopped and called 911.

The police checked the scene out, but never found anyone. The only thing they found was a silver crowbar on the floor of my friends house. The guy hasn’t been caught still today. Lets just say, we had our overnights at another person’s house in a completely different neighborhood. I will never forget that night, that dark figure is forever burned into my brain.