The Headless Man

Hello my name is James. I’m now 15 and I’m what people might think as an avid Hunter and just a crazy gun nut. A few years ago I was staying over my brother’s he’s always been older than me i was about 10 and he was in his mid 20s. I stayed at his house and was just me and him I love the mountains of Tennessee and I’ve always had some problem with how his house was laid out it was about a 150yards out in all directions. I remember after school one day it was the weekend and being as I was fairly young about 10 my father had dropped me off there to spend the weekend with him I remember I was like sleep on the couch cuz I liked his TV out there, big flat screen ,I sat there and I will wait I would always stay up late on my phone or something until I heard tapping at the window it was pitch black but a full moon outside I looked out and I didn’t see nobody I went back and laid back down then I looked up again cuz I felt like I was being watched and just a glimmer of the outline of a person I could see that a man was far about 50 yards away and I could make out his shoulders and his legs but I couldn’t see his head and I figured okay it’s just some crazy man as usual or something like that you see because if your imagination. so I went back to lay down and then about 2 hours later I looked at the door and it was one of those doors has windows at the top of it I looked and seen that the body of the person was still there he was standing there without a head and just sat there and in my horror as just the outline is all I can see so I just sat ans stared for it would seem like hours but only a couple minutes have gone by I heard the lights flicker and I turned on the TV again my brother walked in the living room and I said and I told him look outside look outside there’s someone there. he looked out the door window there was no one there but being as cautious as he is we checked all the windows and checked all the doors and a few months after that he sold the house there had been a lot of just creepy things around that neighborhood I don’t know what if I seen was just my dumb imagination or if it was just me being me but all I know is what I seen was real and I hope to God I never see it again.

The man at The M.C.R.’s concert.

Hello Darkness, I’m big fan of the show on Youtube. I love scary stories.

So, I heard you looking for Creepy Concert stories. Well, my story might not be creepy. But it did give me a chill. I’m 26 years old and female. This happen when I was about 13 or 14 I want to say. I am a rocker and my mother was taking me to see my favorite rock band My Chemical Romance aka M.C.R..

My friend went with me. I got her loving the band as much as I did. This was in Charlotte, North Carolina, I’m from South Carolina. I can’t remember the name of the place.

I’m bad with names. Haha. Anyways my friend and I was on the floor. My mother was there but she hang back at the doors. Letting the two teen girls have their fun.

Well, looking around I can see a lot of emos, punks, and some Gothic people.

Something you would see at a show for M.C.R..The show started as the band came out on stage, the lights turn off, and the only lights was on, was from the stage.

I was cheering the band on but I felt like someone was watching me. I look to my left, where the feeling was coming from, and there was a man watching me. He was like 40 feet away from me. Our eyes met, he looked shocked like I startle him, and he looked so out of place there. He look like he was in his late 30s,

He was wearing a black jacket, with a white shirt under it, and black pants from what I could see.

I guess he had black or brown hair.

I couldn’t really tell with the lights being off. He had dark brown eyes. I could see that. Well, I look away trying to not make more eye contact that I already did. I am one who don’t like being around a lot of people. It makes me nervous and uncomfortable. Big time if I’m getting look at.

I can still feel his eyes on me.

But I try to act like he wasn’t there. Well the Singer Gerard from M.C.R. told us to jump. So I laugh enjoying Gerard’s silliness, jumping with him as he was jumping on stage, and everyone else on the floor was jumping also. After I stop, my friend poke my right shoulder, I look at her, and she pointed to the left of me.

I make a confuse look at her, I looked to my left again, and the man is now next to me. He was holding something in his hand, looking at me, moving his hand over to me, and He hand it over to me. As I slowly took it, I notice that it was my phone.

I guess it fell off my belt when I was jumping.

But when I look up to thank the man. He was gone, Like I look around, in front of me, behind me, and He was no where to be seen. It’s like he disappear.

I didn’t even feel his eyes on me anymore.

I look at my friend and yell at her because of the music was loud ” Did you see where that Man went?”. She shook her head no as she look around too.

But She didn’t see him too.

I don’t remember if I told my mom about the man. I kind of think I ran into a ghost Or maybe he was a dad and his kid wanted to leave. I don’t know. Well I hope you and the other fans enjoy my story.

Like I said it’s not to creepy but it’s a chill.

The Man on the Trail

My name is Ashley, I’m 17 years old and I live in Florida. The area I live in is a relatively urban area, lots of stores and restaurants and things to do. But I’ve always prefers just walking around in a quite area by myself, since I’m a bit of an introvert. There’s a bike trail not far from my house, so I take every chance I can to walk it. I’ve never had any strange experiences until today.

I was walking back towards my house, having walked about a mile or so before realizing it was getting late, and I needed to turn back. Not many people were on the trail, just me, a jogger, and a mother and her son. I was about halfway back when I noticed someone walk out from the bushes. Typically I wouldn’t care, seeing as people go on and off of this trail all the time. But the area he came from was a busy highway, there was no way he could’ve been walking on it. For awhile, I was a bit confused. But I just let it go and tried to ignore it.

When the mother and her son walked by him, they paid no mind to him, almost like they didn’t see him at all, the same applied to the jogger. The thing is, I always try my best to be polite to everyone, so I smiled at him and waved.

He looked to be around my age, maybe 17 or 18 years old. He was dressed in all black, and seemed to be taking pictures of the graffiti on the underpass. He just looked at me for a moment, then smiled.

It seemed like a normal encounter at first, and for a few minutes I just sort of lingered around that area, figuring that he seemed nice, and if he struck up a conversation I wouldn’t mind talking for awhile. Some time passed with no luck, and I started walking again.

At one point, I looked over my shoulder, thinking I’d heard a biker coming from behind me. I had only gone a few feet, barely any distance at all. But he was completely gone. There was no way he could’ve gone back into the bushes, since I ┬ánoticed while I was around there that there was a fence on both sides. I would’ve heard something if he had climbed it, and no one else was behind me on the trail anymore.

I have no clue what I saw, or if it was even paranormal, but for some reason I just feel… Off. I just really wonder what it is that happened when my back was turned.