Snapchat ghost

I’m an easily scared girl, but most of the time I ask for fear, I watch scary things on the internet and have nightmares at night about what I watch. But I keep on doing it.

My best friend got really sick, so she couldn’t go to school, being a typical teenage girl, I FaceTimed her just to talk. She told me she had a halarious picture to show me, so while still on FaceTime I went on Snapchat to see the picture, it was of her spitting broccoli everywhere, I couldn’t help but laugh so loudly. It was pretty late at night so my Mum told me to be quiet. Me and my friend kept on sending funny pictures back and forth to each other. I took this ecpesialy funny picture while sitting on the couch with the curtains drawn behind me as I was sitting in front of a window. My friend took a screenshot of it and sent it back to me, oh god it was horrible! I took a screenshot of it and saved it into my camera roll. Me and my friend went back on FaceTime on our computers while she had her phone and was in snapchat. My friends face suddenly went black,

“Maddi?” She asked me

“yeah?” I answered

“what is that hand?”

“What hand?” She instructed me to go onto my camera roll and look at the picture I took on snapchat earlier. In nearly dropped in fright, just above my shoulder was a hand. At first my friend thought it was a joke, until I started freaking out. No one would fit behind the couch, the blinds were drawn and I was alone in the room. To this day, on me and my friend believe this story, we both discussed it, we thought the only explaintion is that it was a ghost, a ghost that wanted to go on snapchat.